why cant i send my xbox info to my pc and vice versa

you would think we have this kinda technology now. but (as far as i know anyway) it cant be done.
i just want to move my xbox skyrim character to the pc so i can play in peace. the kids are back from spring break and i never get the tv anymore :'(
i have skyrim on pc, but my character is over there and its so frustrating, ARG!
plus if the 2 machines could talk the pc would know i already bought the expansions and they would instantly be on the pc too.

maybe ill play the sims today


  1. There are a few examples but it's rare. When I got Portal 2 for PS3, it gave me a code for the PC version as well (since it's a Valve game and they own Steam) but you can't move your save game. I know you can swap your save game between 3DS and WiiU for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (not that I own a WiiU) if you have both versions. And Skylanders does transfer characters between platforms (but we don't have that either).

    With Skyrim, I think the console versions were done by different studios so that immediately makes it harder. It should be easy with Xbox and PC since they are based on Microsoft technology ... but that would be logical! Someone probably thinks they'll miss out on some money somewhere. Or they just don't think gamers buy more than one version of a game.


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