Original Goth family meets Monte Vista

i recentyl aquired monte vista, and didnt want to drag any of my legacy families there. so to try it out, i plopped the default Goth family down. and im actualy having alot of fun with them (which i never really did before)

 there was a nice empty lot over looking the ocean. (like most EA towns, this one is really small and has almost NO room for improvement or ep lots. unless you really want the pizza oven, i dont recommend it) i tweaked the house a bit to my liking. removed the garage (cause its in the back now anyway) flattened the graveyard and bottled up the old bones in a WA box, and made a horse paddock. no horses yet, but im ready if a good one comes along
 Gunthar immediately wanted to send Mortimer to military school. so who am i to get in the way of a sim's wishes? lol off he went! HAHAHA. i sent him and Cornelia to the festival to celebrate. I got to work trying to get them to have a second child. since they only have days to aging up (thanx EA) i had to make them go at it like rabbits to make the deadline.
 finaly i said fuck it and just adopted. i REALLY dislike the hideous Goth genetics anyway, and i havent EVER adopted before so it seemed as good a time as any. Morgana was delivered in this cute little basket. awww.
it has since glitched and it stuck there permanently lol.
i figured id let Cornelia join the painting career since i spent all their money on renovations haha. she went up 3 job levels with this one painting
Ive never found this family more interesting, and im not sure why. Usualy i focus on Mortimer, maybe thats why. now hes completely out of the picture and i get to 'get to know' the parents a little. i still need to try to add the ambitions lots ot this town.. uhg.... i HATE new town lotting. its gonna be a bitch of a time finding a place for them all

*one reason i might be having more fun with them, is all the new ep items and stuff. there is so much more to do now since the last time i played this family*


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