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Lynx Beastcaller

this is my new charr ranger.  ranger seems to be my favorite class. i havent really gotten any of my other classes very high lev. my first ranger is max lev and Lynx is well on her way. the only character i have higher is my charr warrior. (i love the charr)

shes so cool ^_^

any mod creators out there?

i cant make mods, and there is no way i could learn lol. but there is something i think would be a cool mod, if its even possible (it probalby isnt)
would it be possible to change the form the sims take as werewolves? like make a new model for it?

also, is it possible to make a skin for a horse so it look like another animal? might be cool to have a big lizard or something for sci fi stories.

sometimes i forget

how much of my personality is driven by my disability. i realized the other day that my name 'thing' is probably a part of that as well.
ive never liked using my real name. to me, its like a personal, secret code word, only reserved for people who know me well. acqauinteces and strangers get my nickname or a pseudonym.

even before the internet, i always went by a name other than my given name, and i never really could understand why i did this.  im not trying to be dishonest, im still ME, and i dont hide anything else about myself. i am always me no matter where i go. so why is name so secretive?

i suddenly dawned on me that this must be part of my severe social anxiety.  a way to protect myself from those without honest intentions. i dont really have any logical reason for it. but it is something that puzzles me.

and i always ALWAYS feel very uncomfortable using my real name, or introducing myself as such.

i feel so.. naked


wanna play skyrim but my bf is watching wrestling so... no xbox for me. nothing i can do on pc right now. i got into the wine and im a little tipsy hehe
cant play sims or build a world in this condition, ill fuck something up.
sooo trolling facebook is the order of the evening i spose.... nothing much happening there either.. *sigh*

ok ladies (stay out fellas)

am i the only one here who absolutely HATES going bra-less?  it really irks me. its not comfortable and i feel very self conscience. like i KNOW everyone knows im not wearing a bra and they are judging me. 'look at that nasty skank not wearing a bra'
i had on an old underwire (omg are they torture or wat?) on the other day and the fabric tore and the wire came out and started stabbing me. i tried to deal with it for a while but it was becoming dangerous so i had to just take the bra off and go without for the rest of the day.
man i felt SO weird walking around without a bra. i dont have many either, so there wasnt a replacement available. its so nice when i finaly get to put one on again, ahhh.
so am i the only one?




thanks to Miss Tickle's tip i was able to get the missing stone and continue on my way.
only 2 left. and i know exactly where they are. only problem is, i havent touched either of those quests haha.

the thalmor embassy.. i need ot do the main story to get in there (already tried breaking in, wont work)
and the mages guild. i need ot get into the arch mage's chamber. probably cant break in there either, but that one will be easier to get to.
only 2 quests til that one opens i think

woo im so close!



spent the last 2 days hunting down the stones of barenziah because i never completed that quest before. i had gotten just about all of them, but on different characters.
so my current toon is in between missions and i wanted to get them. since she is a thief and they are a thief guild thing anyway.
so i find a list online of all the locations. i had found most of them already (on various toons) but there was maybe 1 or two i never found
so i bust my ass running around all over the place and i got 20 out of 24.
the only 4 left are the markarth house, a hagraven den near markarth, and a mage guild quest and a main storyline quest.
i havent even BEGUN either of those questlines so i went for the one in the markarth house.
all you have to do is BUY the house and there it is on the nightstand. (just like in Solitude)
but i buy the house and stone.
i furnish the house
no stone
i RESET and do it all again NO STONE.
so i have been running everywhere collecting all the barenziah sto…

i just cant stop. i need an intervention or something

began my third town. this one will be my crowning achievement! i hope lol. my first town was too lumpy and as a result, i ended up with lot clipping after smoothing the roads. my second town, came out nice, but its too flat and boring for my particular taste.
for this town im trying to combine what i liked (and learned) about the other 2.
this one will feature alot of shoreline. (just in time for Island Paradise ;) lol )
because my last town felt too 'constricted' for me. all i could see was mountains. so this town has a nice mountain backdrop and lots of open beaches. should be fun.
im also trying to be more creative with my landscaping. getting a little bolder with hills and placing roads and lots on top of them.
i have high hopes for this project, and so far all is going according to plan


cant upload to EA for some reason

tried last night, and this morning, and noting ever showed up on the site. so i dunno if it is their problem, or mine.
i uploaded to mega tho and i was able to install it fine from there. so maybe it IS just an EA issue... surprise surprise

well here it is, if anyone would like to try it out

Pine Valley

its a very roomy world. lots of space for big lots, to customize it however you like.
that was one of the things that always pissed me off about EA towns (and many custom ones) there just isnt any room to put anything.
and if its a pre-EP town, forget it.

this town will have ample room for everything. you couldnt fill it up if you tried! (ok you probalby could, i personaly am just too lazy to try lol)

it has all the necessary rabbit holes as far as i know, and several ep lots. it contains store lots, so i dunno if those will go thru, or if they will be replaced by other things. some lots i just stole from other (EA) towns.

lots of fishing area and should be plenty of spawners too. will …

Pine Valley is coming

putting the final touches on the town now. should be up in a few hours hopefully. it not, then tomorrow. i might build a few houses while im in edit in game mode


having some upload issues. tried uploading it to the exchange yesterday and it still isnt there. dunno why. had to install it 3 times to even get it in my game. something funny goin on

well trees make a difference

the town seems to be looking more.. town-y. im still not overly happy with the vistas, but the town is coming along well

my last town had open areas that led out to 'sea' so it seemd much more scenic and vast. this town is technecly the same size but feels so much smaller.
i  had just gotten done putting down almost all the community lots and CAw crashed... hopefully it saved when i saved cause if i have to redo it all ill be very annoyed.

doesnt seem to be any lot placement problems so far, but this map is flat flat flat.

kinda boring really.

the more i play in my first town

the more i like it better than the one im building. i really wish i could fix the few issues with it cause its a hellova town. the clipping things seems to actualy get WORSE over time. (one lot has sunk into the ground over a 'foot' now)
its bizaare, and i have no idea why its doing that. but the views are incredible. and just look at town square in winter

i just hope my new town looks as beautiful when its finished. right now its kinda disappointing me

started a new town

and its coming along pretty quick this time! i think Stonewall was really good practice.
im using a flat map, so i wont have too many clipping or wierd lot issues this time. i just hope it doesnt end up looking TOO flat or boring.
since its going so fast, i havent evne thought about what to name this town, or what other special features i might want it to have.

i was thinking maybe a house on an island. or maybe just a spooky mansion surrounded by cememtary :)

i might use the monte vista lots again cause well they are just really cool. probly not the castle tho.

i dunno, i supose i stil have time to come up with ideas. and i actualy have bridges this time!

no trees or anything yet, so its kinda plain. ive just gotten the mountaqin done and the river/lakes.

cant decide if i should do trees next or do lots first

my simself's son, Damian

hes almost a clone of his father, Beau Merrick. but hes not exactly the same. hes got wierd features and a bumpy face but hes just adorable anyway. i cant help but love this guy

im a widow!

the cops tried to arrest Beau as he was raiding the supermarket. while waiting for them he starved to death

 he had JUST planted his one and only death flower that afternoon... he didnt come back to me D:

 Zeri is so heartbroken

but at least i have my indoor horse to keep my company

moved to another lot

and still cant decide if i like it. :/

i was having some odd routing issues with bonehilda. she kept stomping her foot and complaining and then she would get error trapped. it just started one day, she worked fine before so i dunno what was causing it. tried replacing various things i thought  she was tripping on, but nothing helped. plus it was winter so i couldn't see if anything weird was in her way outside.

well i was bored and decided to try moving my lot to another area of the map. there was another scenic lot i made near the islan, and it was alot flatter. so i went there.

honestly, im not sure i like the view better over here. sure it is nice, but its just not AS nice.
well my bonehilda problem DID go away in the new place, so it worked. and this lot is alot less hilly so i dont have that huge weird cliff in my front yard.. but, my back yard is now almost completely underwater, as this lot is closer to sea level.


ill probably stay.. but im just not sure im really hap…

uh oh

I love my little Gandalf

 Beau and Zeri adopted a dog too. It says mixed breed but it sure looks like a husky to me. His name is Cerberus

uhoh.. when did that happen? no chime, no nausia, nothing lol. wee risky is fun :)

 enjoying the winter view

 and that is some interesting maternity outerwear you got there

 Beau tried to upgrade the stove and caught the house on fire.

 the baby is coming! its a boy, Damian :)

 ah more beautiful winterscape

 Zeri and little Damian ^_^

uh oh.... whats that? (the look on his face is priceless lol)


well this town is ruined

i dont know how, or why, but almost every lot now has a clipped border and there is nothing i can do to change it. i removed every lot, rebuilt and replaced EVERY lot, and it all looked fine, no clipping, no edge wierdness. but after a day or 2 in game its clipped again wtf.

so i give up.
this town is shot. im still gonna play in it. (it is a pretty dam cool town despite my fuckups) but i dont dare unleash it on the public lol.

instead i will take what ive learned and apply it to my next town. which will NOT be a prefab map without a flat area in existence anywhere.

i kinda ended up doing half of what i was supopsed to do backward (cause i didnt know WHAT i was supopsed to do lol)

well dems da breaks when you are trying something new.

 its an almost nice place for the Colosseum. too bad the lot is so bumpy and wierd. but the view is incredible

 so smoothing all the roads fixed my minor tire problem where they were dipping into the road. however it BROKE EVERYTHING ELSE

 ahh i just lov…