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long live the king

5 children were had by the royal family.  4 of which are vampires. 3 of which are triplets.

 this is Tyrion. the only boy of the triplets. friendly and genius, and already practicing to be king someday.

 Vlad, the eldest. born on spooky day (and the only non vampire)

 Cercei, one of the triplets. mean spirited. she is not a crowd favorite

 Naomi. not bad, but shes a little funny looking.

 Melisandra, the last of the triplets. evil, evil, evil. she wont do

 Tyrion is chosen. He will be the next king.

 hes also a little short

 but he grows into a handsome lad

 Queen Sakuri wanted to give Falcon a big smooch. so she went over and kissed him and he died.

 Tyrion was distraught.

 Sakuri tried to relieve her grief by yelling at Vlad to lose weight.

 the horses had a colt. Karkat! Tyrion has his own steed now

 not long after Falcon kicked the bucket, Sakuri joined him.

 Tyrion was left all alone. an orphan. a king

 he went out partying the night she died. he couldnt be alone. this fell…

vampires vampires vampires

Lady Nora, who for some reason is pregnant, went into labor suddenly and left the castle. she never returned

 Princess Naomi was born on a full moon... and is a vampire. staring at you creepily from her tiny prison

 shes a cutie pie tho... waiting to pounce and open your vein

 King Falcon decided that some of his subjects were irritating so he put a cowplant in the dungeon. it already claimed a sacrifice

 spending a little time with Phoenix

 Queen Sakuri is about to give birth again! and again on a full moon! she had triplets. Tyrion, Cercei, and Melisandra. all vampires.

 Melisandra seems to be hated by her parents. they keep leaving her on the floor.

 and in the garbage.

another noble bites the dust! they are getting old now, so i dismissed the rest of them so i dont have a bunch of mourning all the time. only 1 noble came back to the castle. with all these children, there isnt any room anymore.

Vlad has come back from school, and Naomi and the triplets have aged up. Falcon is no…

ok lets try this again

so i ran out of reading material for now, so i went back to the gunslinger. i stopped reading it last time because it was just so slow and confusing.
well coming back to it isnt really much better. this is the first thing ive ever read by King that seems terribly written. its just incoherent.

i have to read the damn page 3 times before i understand wtf is going on. omg its so BORING. for pages and pages they are just walking. and apparently hallucinating, because fuck if i know whats going on.

man i hope this shit gets better. ive heard so much about this series, people rave about it. and ive read numerous titles from stephen king, and loved just about all of them.

but this..

im kinda disappointed.

yes, it worked!

finally tried again. time it just right and Queen Sakuri had her baby on the full moon. the mod works! the mystic full moon caused princess Naomi to be born with a random supernatural state.
shes a vampire! muahahahahahaha!

they have maybe one more shot.. next full moon they will try again. and then, we shall see who the most worthy heir will be

curse you!

crashtastic bastard game. Queen sakuri just got pregnant again,, and i timed it JUST right to have the baby born on the full moon (i hope anyway) and some dumb bitch in town started error trapping like a mofo and the game crashed.

i wish i could force kill sims across town. that bitch would have been so dead

the big day!

Falcon had a bachelor party. everyone in  the kingdom came to wish the king well

 and for some reason. the strippers danced in the upstairs bathroom... when there was plenty of room in the ball room

they partied all night, and half the guests were still there when the wedding happened the next day

 there was quite the traffic jam at cake time

 Falcon gave Sakuri her own mount as a wedding gift. a unicorn named Seraphim

 she and Phoenix became fast friends

test run successful!

so Pendragon Castle is finished! im kinda proud of this one. i usualy dont make very good castles. this one seems to have it all tho! well except a moat. moats are always what screw me over space wise
i used what i learned in stronghold and other castle building games, instead of trying to go for 'fairy tale castle' look. cause i know from experience, i cant pull that off.

swapped out the double windows for a more gothy looking window. i didnt want to use the goth windows at first, but they seem to really fit

 the castle is completely surrounded by wall. (doesnt stop the zombies tho darn it) i HAD a large barn archway as a sort of portcullis that i could ride my horse thru, but it ended up just causing some issues so i removed it. now the walls are jsut removed form that area. it doesnt look too much different, and now the courtyard doesnt count as 'indoors'

 castle pendragon by moonlight

 this is falcon's trusty steed, phoenix 

 and his trusty butler! seneca. or …

possibly redoing the royal family

Castle Tarn was cool and all, but i got so many routing issues with it being in the lake, and i had to ditch my horse, so i decided to just go ahead and build a new castle.

since i went out of my way to build a castle this time, i built it in dragon valley (the proper place for a castle)

but i cant decide if i should just move the exported family into the new castle, or completely start over. i wont lose too much. their first child was a terrible disappointment, and i had to get rid of Falcon's horse due to issues, so i might just go ahead and start them over.

and i just love the folks in dragon valley! such a colorful town. this time, my roommates will fit in :P

 so this is the basic layout. (im making this all up as i go) the complicated bits to the right are the keep, the rest is just the inner courtyard. soo much room. its amazing how much extra space you get when you dont have a moat

 added some towers. wish i could do at least one more level. seems awfully short for a castle