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omg wow

that has got to be the strangest thing i have ever seen o_0

so it WAS hacked

well they seriously need to get some kinda game guard protection like other free to plays. every day at this time the servers get attacked by some douche. usualy gets stable by like noon, but this is getting annoying. i need my fix dammit, dont keep an addict in withdrawl!! ARG!!

 fighting demons

 this was cool. as i was running thru town i realised not only can you see stars in the sky.. you can see the constellations.

 dammit. was a great shot till he went and moved his hand

 wierd outfit

 having a picnic in battle

 this is my wierd little hologram bunny (pet?)

my male toon. *sigh* hes dreamy

so i guess FW has been hacked

by some rival game company cause they are jelous or somthnig lol. i dunno thats the rumor. the servers went down suddenly and now everyone is saying someone hacked them. but ppl say that shit every time the sims site goes down too. so its probalby just some kinda server error or who knows. anyways, here more pics cause im bored and want my game back

 a unicorn! elves can actualy aquire unicorns as mounts later in the game

 me catching demon souls as pets

 a stroll thru a lake. ahh so peaceful

 my nightmare pet. and a guildmate with the same pet

 its a boat. the main city overlooks a lovely harbor


 ima bat!

 this is a wierd monkey weapon that you can win playing carnival games

 just an npc i liked. she has a snake XD

 this wierd crystal appeared during one of the many events. i have no idea what its for

my male assassin i just made. rawr

waa my game keeps crashing

but i guess its to be expected with a brand new beta. still.. waaaa :'(

soo heres some more pictures from my game

 my boyfriends character and his extremely rare pet. next to another guy with the same pet lol

 me fighting with one of my rare pets

 this is my favorite pet, my little demon ^_^. im standing next to a big one haha

 i saw a dragon flying by!

 just wierdness

me and kandykaine. (my bf's character)

i cant believe i missed it lol

well today was the 1 year anniversary of my blog, and i totaly forgot! lol derp. well, happy anniversery, Zeri's Useless Ponderings, lets hope for another year of mindless babble!

what ive been up to

so as you know, i have been more or less gone lately, and ill show you why. a few months back i posted about a game i was beta testing, Forsaken World. well its now in open beta, meaning no more character wipes, and the game is basically open for business.

This is my new assassin character, LadyTarantula. i dont usualy play sins but im really having alot of fun with her.

this is the outside of one of the instances. theres another things about mmos i was never super fond of. instances. but most of the ones i have ion this game so far, were awesomely fun. its good to finaly have FUN playing one of these games and not feel like im obligated to perfrm perfectly or some 14 year old will scream at me and call me noobtard.

this was a vampire i made before i decided to go with an assassin they are the same race so they look very similar. the one on the right is my bfs character.

o here is my elf warrior from closed beta running thru the woods lol. the environments in this game are just stunnin…

welcome back

i dont know about anyone else, but i feel a little guilty. i WAS one of the people who waited daily, waiting for a new mare post, awaiting the news from around the simmerverse. i should have realised how much pressure they were under. i know personaly, i have dropped SO many projects because they started to feel like work. my horoscopes, several stories, some guilds ive belonged to, etc.

so let me just officially appologise to you mares, on behalf of pretty much everyone. i had no idea how much stress you were under, but i guess i probably could have figured it out if i really thought about it. in any case, im glad you are back.

takin a bit of a break

from the sims and most sim related sites. i will still be lurking here and there but my presence will be more or less non existent. getting pretty heavily addicted to a few MMOs atm, and i just dont have the time. i will be back tho, just in case anyone out there might miss me :P