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so sick of my life

wish i could just change my name and disappear. if i didnt have kids, i totaly would. wouldnt be the first time (well i never changed my name) but im good at disappearing.
i just dont even know why i wake up every day. same ol shit over and over. nothing changes, nothing improves just mediocrity. i need passion, i need excitement.. and im tired of hiding in video games all day because my life is too depressing to look at.

so i thought TSR was free now?

was browzin around in the my sims 3 blog and saw this cool kitchen. it was on tsr, and i usualy hate that site, but i went anyway cause i remember reading somewhere that its free now.
so i push the down load button and i get a 'whoa, you have a popup blocker! you cant download form us untill you pay 299 for a membership!'
im like WTF? im not paying you 2 bucks A MONTH for one lousy kitchen set. and im NOT disabling my ad blocker either, its there for a reason. fuck you, and your crappy content TSR. bite me. now i remember why i hate that site

i wana play the sims. but i kinda dont

i dont know if i feel like loading up the game right now. but i dont really have much else to do. (cept chores whoopee)
i dunno im mildy burnt out on my legacy family and need a break from them, but i am still in a simmy kinda frame of mind. i dont want to start a new town/family cause ill just get involved with them and forget my legacy for a while... and its already been TOO long since my legacy got any attention. due to that game freeze problem they had been having.

just in a stale mate atm i guess. maybe ill build or something. too bad there isnt anything new to download to spice things up

perhaps i spoke too soon.

just when i had pretty much given up on my legacy... i think i may have finaly fixed them
so i saved a copy of the family to the bin, sans house, and moved them into an empty lot. i completely rebuilt the house from the ground up (which im almost positive i tried before) but im not getting any lagg or stop and go now.
whatever it was, MUST have been attached to the old lot. or something on it. so i have had to give up all the generations of treasure, but hey i still got my family and fortune! lol.

i build a frekin mansion and still barely dipped into Sarau's funds

its kinda weird looking but its pretty cool lol


so i never had a time machine before. my ovevil guy is an inventor, so i built one and told him and his girlfriend to whoohoo in it. this guy popped out.

well its time to face reality.

my phone has been stolen. i thought for a while that perhaps i misplaced it. even tho that is somewhat unlike me, because im pretty ocd about where i put my stuff.
after like two week of looking in all the logical places (and some not so logical) i have to finaly conclude that the bastard is gone.

now, i dunno if one of my kids took it, and its floating around in their rooms somewhere. or if one of my bf's loser friends took it.
either way, im extremely pissed.

sure i didnt really use the phone all that often, and it was mostly for emergencies. its not like anyone ever calls/texts me. but i had a ton of pictures and videos on that phone that i cant replace. and since my phone was retarded and only sent pics to my google account when it wanted to, i didnt get to backup all of them.

so now i have to go shopping for another phone, when im flat fucking broke and i was lucky to get that sonoabitch for the low price i found it at.

i been checking my balance every day, and nobody has pu…

thinking about ditching my legacy

things just havent gone right for that family for several generations now. the stop and go lag bullshit is beyond irritating, its 'game breaking' as in i stop playing for weeks because im sick of dealing with it.
im not sure how many more hidden traits i can realistically cram into these sims anyway. they have added so many now, that dont even work together so i cant collect them all even if i tried.
and my blog is just a total failure. it stopped being entertaining like 5 generations ago i think. it is nice ot have just for the family tree/history tho. sometimes i forget who came outta who.
i have tried absolutely EVERYTHING to get rid of this stop and go freezing crap. ive rebuilt the house, ive moved to new towns, ive sold all their stuff, its to the point where the family just isnt the same anymore anyway. i might as well start over.

i DO have my latest heir in the bin so i could kinda sorta start fresh with him. or i could just start completely over. i haven't decided…