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got a few

not great tho, cause its REALLY hard to get my capture program to work right with that damn printscreen button.

 so here is me. im a tamer. im kind of like a martial artist. i do some sick sword play in battle. i havent learned how to tame anything yet tho.

this is my house! i finally found the perfect spot. its a delightful little farmhouse. it has a trader right on the property, a parking spot for my horse, and a pond in the backyard i can fish in. its everything i could want!

 my horse parked. (turnes out Ginger is a boy, whoops!) here he is in his little horse garage.

this is the inside. i dont have much furniture yet, but ill get more as the game progresses. i also learned that i can have up to 5 residences, so maybe ill have other houses someplace too

my little pond! there are monsters in and around the pond so i dont really afk fish there much, but i do like to fish there. this game is just gorgeous.

hell you can spend hours just riding your horse around, looking at everything.

started playing black desert

so far its pretty cool. cant take any screenies cause my printscreen button doesnt work on this machine for some reason. i can only take pics in skyrim thru steam :(

since im not running BDO thru steam i dont have a backup screenie option. bleh.
but its pretty fun, character customization is pretty involved. the world is beautiful. i got a free horsie :) shes a pinto.
and i just discovered last night that if you afk fish you can make a fortune. so today im going to go cash in my 'winnings' heheh.
cant really swim tho. i mean you can, but you tire and drown pretty easily. not like in arche age where i could swim the entire ocean haha (and have)

but also like AA you can have boats and houses. the houses are instanced (yay!) so no more fighting over land or paying taxes. you get a house, you own it, end of.

and its not boring instanced like in everquest, where everyone goes to the same location. there are different houses all across the land that you can buy. its like GTA. you fi…