Saturday, July 31, 2010

well got back from the county fair

and it was fun! what an exhausting day tho. and not the 90 degree heat, blazing sun and constant walking. my kids had me running this way and that, lol. lets play this! oo i wanna see that! can we ride that one? then they dragged me all over the yard when we got home!

still, it was a fun day. we won prizes, got to see some horses, went on rides. my kids have never been to a fair/carnival before so it was great. i havent been in almost 15 years either. i used to go EVERY year.

we won some goldfish too. my daughter dropped one and the bag burst open. she  cried for like 10 minutes tho lol,  but we managed to save him.   hes swimming happily in out tank right now ^_^

well this is a cool find

remember the gothy top and jeans from TS2? well someone converted it!
looky here

i always loved that outfit!

Friday, July 30, 2010

tired of people

so just when i am about to just give up on this so called 'internet social life', real life gets more interesting. and by interesting, i mean unpleasant. so my new neighbors, such LOVELY people, with their loud partying at all hours, and driving 30 miles and hour in and out of the driveway (where children play) and their kennel of barking dogs, have declared me the neighborhood bitch! because i had a problem with their dogs running loose all over the place and shitting in my yard where my kids gotta play. you know i dont know how they can STAND living next to me.
so even tho the sims community is full of jerks and drama is driving all my friends away, its still the only pathetic social life i have.. i sure as hell cant go outside.
im just about ready to crawl into a hole somewhere and not come back out.
well tomorrow i am going to the county fair, so i have at least THAT to look forward to...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cat Flushing A Toilet Music Video - Parry Gripp

oh haha very funny mare!!

i about had a heart attack when i read this post.
dreadful news about Twallan

naughty mare, making me have heart attacks!  Bad Girl Smiley Sign

men suck

so find one and punch him.  Photobucket

(ok obviously there ARE a few good ones out there, so dont go on a punching spree lol) but my boyfriend buddy has got me really pissed off. He comes over last night, talking a mile a minute, about some messege he got on myspace with a half naked girl (the pig actualy printed the picture to show everyone) claiming it was some ex girlfriend he got pregnant when she was 15 (dont even GET me started on THAT topic) and the girl wants him to go and be with her.
yeah ok, whats the big deal you say? HES GOT 4 FUCKIN KIDS AND A GF AT HOME.
and this peice of shit, wants to abandon his 'wife' and 4 kids, to go lay some dimwit slut who sent him a dirty picture on myspace??? i wanted to fukin punch the guy!!!
its non of my business and im trying to stay out of it, but i got half a mind to go tell his gf.... she can probalby do alot better than a twit like him. altho with 4 young kids all close in age it will be hard for her to find a guy. they are only 20 for crissake.. which means they got started early..
yano, THIS is the reason teen should NOT have babies.. your not even done having fun and living your life, and you wanna tie yourself down with kids?? WAKE THE HELL UP!!!
this asshole doesnt even help her around the house. he plays video games all day and hang out with his buddies and just lets her cook, clean, and raise their litter. like hes completely not responsible for ANY of the children and the woman should just do it all.. i tell ya, im about boiling fucking mad at this guy.
why is it so hard to find a DECENT man who will actualy care about you? ARRRGGHH!!!!!        Photobucket

Saturday, July 24, 2010

sexy rocker guy

Dev Harley. my hot rocker tattoo'ed biker! isnt he delicious?

download him  HERE !

Pastafarianism... holy meatballs!

i came across this wiki on stumbleupon. i must have lol'd at leat a dozen times.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is the deity of the parody religion[1][2] the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism.[3] Created in 2005 by Oregon State physics graduate Bobby Henderson, it was originally intended as a satirical protest against the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to permit the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in public schools. In an open letter sent to the Kansas State Board of Education, Henderson parodied the concept of intelligent design by professing belief in a supernatural creator which closely resembles spaghetti and meatballs. Henderson further called for his "Pastafarian" theory of creation to be allotted equal time in science classrooms alongside intelligent design and evolution. He explained that since the intelligent design movement uses ambiguous references to an unspecified "Intelligent Designer", any conceivable entity may fulfill that role, even a Flying Spaghetti Monster. After Henderson published the letter on his website, it rapidly became an Internet phenomenon and a symbol for the case against teaching intelligent design in public schools.
Pastafarian beliefs—generally satires of creationism—are presented both on Henderson's website, where he is described as a "prophet", and in The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, published by Villiard Press in 2006. The central belief is that an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe. Pirates are revered as the original Pastafarians, and Pastafarians facetiously assert that a steady decline in the number of pirates has resulted in a significant rise in global temperature. Pastafarians celebrate every Friday as a holy day. Other Pastafarian holidays include Ramendan, Pastover, and a vaguely defined holiday near Christmas named "Holiday".
On Henderson's website visitors can share ideas and purchase crafts devoted to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Such communal activities attracted the attention of three religious scholars, who organized a panel at the 2007 American Academy of Religion meeting to discuss the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Due to its popularity and exposure, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is often used as a modern version of Russell's teapot. While generally praised by the media and endorsed by individual members of the scientific community, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has received criticism from the intelligent design hub Discovery Institute, the ministry Answers in Genesis, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Self-described Pastafarians spearheaded efforts in Polk County, Florida, to dissuade the local school board from adopting new standards on evolution and have engaged in other disputes.

read the whole wiki here

more 'what would you do' questions

You are shopping in a crowded supermarket. You come across a shopping cart alone in an aisle. At the bottom of the cart, wrapped in a jacket, is an infant. Altho the store is crowded, you see no signs of the parent nearby. What do you do?

You are walking down the highway under and overpass. You spot something shiny on the ground and go to investigate. Its a gun. It has a silencer on it, and appears to have been dropped recently. what do you do?

You are walking down a pleasant suburban sidewalk with a small child. Suddenly a large dog runs up to you and begins growling. It seems to have a collar, but there is no apparent owner in the vicinity.  What do you do?

You are driving down a dangerous curvy mountain road and loose your grip on the wheel. Your car spins out and comes to rest balancing precariously over the edge of a cliff. The front end is over the cliff, but the back tires are on solid ground. Do you climb over the back seat to try to shift the weight back to the road? or attempt to jump out of the car? Or try to back up?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

so whats with all the theivery?

seems lately on the EA forum there is post after post about things being stolen and reposted as someone else's creation. is this some new trend for bored people? or are the copiers only just now being caught?

how loser-y do you have to be to blatantly rip off someone's creation ad re upload it? i mean, WHY? whats the point? recs? who cares? what will they get you? a cookie? NOTHING. zip. NADA.

so why friggin bother? i guess its just to be a thief then. the 'thrill'. grow want a thrill? stand on the top of the stairs and throw yourself off.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


well im a bit confused now. here, i have been following this james guys 'troll' career for a few days, but last few days hes been making a real impression on me. i even told him earlier that i respect him. and i do. hes an intelligent person who happens to be an asshole lol.

i dont like all of the things he says and does, but he seems to at least just be a person speaking his mind. not necessarily out to start trouble.


Ea has finaly officialy announced the new EP, LATE NIGHT. with hot tubs, vampires, musical instruments, vampires, night clubs, bartenders, vampires, and did i mention vampires???

im am just so YAY!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


my kitty just had another seizure... i was hoping maybe it was an isolated incident, but clearly hes got some kinda issue that needs attention. i just dunno how im gonna be able to afford that kinda thing!

at least this time, it was right in the living room so he got him restrained and calm so he couldnt hurt himself. the last time was just awful...

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

You may want to reconsider getting out of bed today, Aries. The powers that be are imposing strong forces in your direction, and you just might find yourself on the wrong end of a meteorite. Thats right, the sky is falling. Grab your ass in both hands and run like your life depended on it.

A sort of confusion sets in today, Taurus, and your having trouble finding your path. Should you go out? Should you stay home? Should you wear plaid? One thing is definitely for certain. You should really make sure you buy your fresh mushrooms from a REPUTABLE source. Drink some tea and watch pink floyd videos untill the dizziness passes.

Today you will receive a fabulous offer in an email from a sender you are not familiar with.You have just inherited 3 million dollars!! We just need your social security number, birth certificate, bank account amount, credit card numbers, phone number, home address, location of any spare house keys, and regular work schedule.. Fill it all out im SURE its legit...

Today is a great opportunity to get together with those other guys in your clan and play magic the gathering in your mom's basement. You can chat about how cool you are, how many chicks you'll get, and How you will all be big shots one day.  Nothing turns a girl on like totinos pizza rolls stains on a grown mans tshirt.  Your lucky charm is a pewter hobbit figurine

People just seem to want to keep you down today, Leo. Dont let those crybabies ruin your good mood! So what if gramma died, its a nice day! They will get over it. Its perfect weather for a nice joyride in the monster truck. Just be mindful of pedestrians. They are difficult to pry out of the axels.

A sleepy day for Virgo. You may find yourself nodding off now and then today, so make sure you've got a steady supply of caffeine on hand.   Especially if you are Driving a big rig, operating a carnival ride, or piloting a 747. Today might be a good day to take a few dozen  No-Doz. Perhaps you shouldn't have stayed up so late watching dirty movies?

Your in an odd mood today, Libra, but be careful what you say and do. Your loved one's offend easily.You just might find a 'dear john' letter waiting for you on the front door.  Take a few days to reflect on where it all went wrong. Maybe it WASNT cute when you shaved her name on the dog? Perhaps the next time you want to profess your love, you should just buy flowers, instead of arranging all of her undies in a heart in the front lawn.

 Today will be filled with bright, caring people, Scorpio.. You hate that. Have fun going around and giving random neighbors wedgies, wet willies, and indian burns. Not enough mayhem to get you arrested, but just enough to annoy everyone. That will teach them to tell you to 'have a nice day'

You woke up in a funk today. You feel like making the world pay for your crappy life, and you just may have a good plan. Just make sure that when you climb to the top of that belltower with your sniper rifle, that it isnt close to the hour. Being 3 feet away from blaring bell chimes can make you permanently deaf. Then how will you enjoy those gunshots?

You feel just wonderful today, Capricorn, and you have no idea why. Your all light and fluffy and smiling at everyone... Its kinda making you sick actualy. Maybe you should switch to decaf.

You have been searching for meaning in recent events, Aquarius. And you may be on to something. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, all point to something ominous on the horizon.. Youve put 2 and 2 together and are now convinced the end is nie. Good thing you have that bunker prepared under your house full of twinkies and gatoraid..

Today is a good day for love. Pisces. Post your profile on a dating service, or place an ad in the personals. Your in box will be overflowing with love notes from lonely sailors, 40 year old basement dwellers, and the occasional tranny.
You have your pick of the litter when it comes to love today. There is sure to be at least ONE winner in that kennel club!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh God! The thread that would not die

Simcrazed was upset about his thread being moved... And rightly so. Its not the first time its happened (and wont be the last). this thread had potential to become thermonuclear.

Simcrazed33 is a bold fellow. Admitting to restarting the same thread when Ea had already deleted it once already.

Lady Vampire pointed out the obvious

fasd throws in a snarky comment that is mostly ignored. Simcrazed admantly tells everyone he violated no rules (and he hadnt) And that it wasnt right to move/delete his topic. It went on as such for several pages.

To which Jessamine had this to say.

Rockersimgirl suggested reverse physycology

Vidkid21 pointed out the reason gurus wont give us an off topic section. Zeri responded thusly.

Little V popped in to add her two cents (and potential stir up trouble) butub111131 interjected with logic

paco discovered WHY they had moved simcrazed thread to the fashion section. It all makes sense at last!!

after a few more attempts to turn the thread ugly, Crazycatldy broke her vow of silence

Several more pages of general good hearted fun ensued. Till the discussion of the EA sanctioned off topic threads came up.

And there was much rejoicing! The topic continued for many more pages, with cookies, and group hugs and comradely all around. Who says we cant handle off topic without being jerks to each other?  lol

The newest EA troll battles Kelly_Blake

ok so, earlier i was perusing the EA forum while my daughter napped, and i see this really long thread called 'Unbelievable!' started by Darkslayer.

pretty reasonable argument. And most people were in agreement for the first few pages.. Till THIS fellow showed up.

As many of us regulars know, this guy has been quite the little shit recently. He comes in, makes a completely offtopic and unprokoked attack, and sits back to enjoy the mehem he caused.. and ohboy did it cause meyhem. The first to bite, was Kelly_Blake

of course this was just the sorta thing he was looking for. So we have several pages of back and forth between James, Kally, Darkslayer and Hippie.

Chemical was right on the money there. plenty of people were actualy TRYING to post on topic, but this twit kept insisting on a flame fest.

This guy just didnt seem to know WHAT was going on.. is he agreeing? or disputing? i cant tell.

He really is trying hard to get Darkslayer to react. But shes alot smarter than him.  And he keeps insisting on calling her a 'he'. so obviously hes a noob around here.

Kelly (and just about everyone else) knows all too well what this guy is about. But Gagamummy ended it all with this.

and the thread died, whooopie!

isnt it interesting...

my kids were telling me about a commercial they saw where a guy had a snake on his foot and he kicked it up into the air and ran or something like that... and i got a bit offended by that idea.. you know, it make me angey the double standard human being have about most of our fellow earthlings.

if this were a puppy, EVERYONE would flip out. but since its a 'yucky' snake, its ok to abuse it? its ok to fling it across the room because most of society thinks they are gross?
im sorry, but thats fucked up, plain and simple. if ANY animal has rights, ALL animals have right. cute OR yucky. why do bats and snakes and bugs and mice get 'exterminated' as pests? yet stray cats get sheltered and pampered.

im not suggesting cats deserve less treatment. im only demonstrating the way we as people prejudice against certain creatures in this world. i think it sucks. all creatures deserve our care and protection. not just the 'cute' ones

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dear Mare,

i have noticed you recent posts being a bit.. well flat, and i am concerned that maybe some of the negativity you have received from the more vocal population may have gotten you down.
Ill tell you what i tell everyone else. Dont let the hurtful words of others get you down. I for one, would like to thank you. Yes thank you.
if it werent for your informative posting, i would not have known the truth about comrade rich and co.. and i was getting myself drawn into that mess without knowing..
if it werent for you, vidkid would more thank likey still be being harassed and bullied by that jack character, and who know HOW many more people he would be torturing.
if it werent for you sticking up for the little guy, we would not have the pleasant community we have today.
i think its time someone focused on the POSITIVE you do for once, instead of the constant negativity. i think the sim community is a better place with you in it, regardless of what others may think. and i know i will get some disagreement here, but i dont really care.
i would just like to say to you (cause i dont know where else to say it lol) thati appreciate what you guys do, and dont give up :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

a depressing poem i wrote once

how do you know when a soul dies? is it quick? like a flash of lightning, bright and hot, and leaving behind only darkeness. or is it slow. a thick noxious mire that bogs you down untill you no longer desire to fight. perhaps it just slips away, unnoticed. like life blood, empt upon the battlefield.

my heart has grown so numb. i should feel pain, i should feel love, i should FEEL. all that i was is gone now. my chest aches. my heart has died, and all that remains is a fetid corpse of meat and rot. i no longer desire happiness. i no longer desire love. i want only to be numb..

Cat Face 4

To all my friends on here


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For anyone living under a rock..

they redid the simpages on the EA site! we can customise thme now and it looks like they may possibly be adding PMs in the near future XD

check out my page!

its now alot more my style ^_^

Jessamine, where are you?

perhaps its just the nervous nellie in me, but you havent been around after making your blog private and now im getting a bit worried. i just hope you are doing alright. believe me i KNOW how negatively some rude comments can effect your whole feeling of self worth. So if it has somthing to do with the haters on your blog, just forget those jackasses.
what kinda person flames a 14 year old girl anyway? i guess i should have defended you. but im seriously noon confrontational and i guess a bit cowardly.
im sorry jess. you didnt really deserve those comments and i should have said something to that poster.
well naught can be done about it now.. i just hope your doing ok and your just out having fun or something ^_^

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just a few random screenies

dont feel like uploading them to photobucket right now, but feel like showing them off.

Ahhhh Mehrunes... Maniacle laughter at the beach at midnight.. can this guy get any sexier? og yeah he can.. when his shirts off XD

some old guy decided to just kick the bucket right there.

for which of course, Mehrunes took great delight in

after which, He and grimmy roasted a few marshmallows and shared a brewski

Monday, July 12, 2010

EA headquarters hard at work

SimCrazed32 posted this pic earlier and i about died laughing

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Its time to come out of your mother's basement, Aries, and shake off those cobwebs. You find yourself in a lighthearted mood today, so feel free to poke the dog with that stick. Tripping old ladies is tons of laughs untill someone calls the cops. Be sure to keep a pack of firecrackers in your pocket, just in case you find something fun to blow up.

Other people's opinions get on your nerves today, Taurus. They should know better than to argue with you! Try to ease the temptation to burst through the screen and strangle someone. There is power behind your words today, so select some juicy ones! All your adversaries should just accept the fact that you are always right.

Today is a good day to run, Gemini. Running is good for the body, the soul, and for escaping the neighbors doberman. You will bring a smile to the face of all you meet today, as people can hardly contain their laughter. Hold your head up high and face the world without fear. because  that dumb look on your face it just hysterical.

Your as cuddly as a crab today, Cancer. Your in the mood to give out hugs, and you insist on groping everyone you meet.  Most people  give you a wide berth, as your touchy feely ness and mis matched socks send out a 'creepy stalker' vibe. Your lucky color is prison jumpsuit orange

Things are going your way today, Leo. All the stoplights are green, there is no line at the bank, and the teller hands over the money without question! Today is a good day for travel. I hear Aruba is nice this time of year. Ignore your accomplices who try to tell you how to do things. After all, your the guy with the gun.

You might as well not even get out of bed today! The stars see misfortune in your future. Slammed fingers, stubbed toes, and lost keys are in store today. You might want to stay home, or risk being taken hostage by a leo. Build yourself a bunker and lay low.

Today is a good day to practice your powers of hypnosis. People are putty in your hands as you play with their minds.  Get a virgo to flop around like a fish! Walk confidently down the street knowing you are in charge of so many. Just beware the crosswalks because you may be hit by a bus.

Today your feeling hostile, Scorpio, but what else is new. Find some small children and tell them there are monsters living under their beds. Have fun hiding grandma's glasses and watching her stumble around the house looking for them. Pushing a friend off the roof however, might be taking it a bit too far. Squashing innocent insects can brighten up any day.

A good day to  go for a long ride in the car, Sagittarius.  While sitting in traffic you may get caught picking your nose. Try to smile and not look embarrassed at the pretty girls laughing at you. Smile, instead of giving them the finger. At home do some gardening. Just remember where fido is buried, or you will get an unplesant surprise when planting those tomatos.

Your feeling competitive, so challenge a loved one to an arm wrestling contest. Enjoy calling them wussies when they lose. Your feeling romantic, so be sure to smack your partner on the backside to show your affection. someone close to you may draw a mustache on you in sharpie while you are passed out in front of the tv. Your lucky nickname is senor.

Today you cant help but wonder why everyone doesn't just let you have your way. Dont they realize you will just throw a giant temper tantrum if you dont get it? Your 'me first'  attitude rubs people the wrong way, and you have more enemies than you know.  you may find a scorpion in your bed, or anti freeze in your jello.Your the sign most likely to be assaulted by a Scorpio.

You feel great today, Pisces,  and you want to share your good feelings. Your the kind of person who gets punched in the face and just keeps on grinning. A dog may lift its leg on you on your way to work, but thats ok! The smell isnt as bad as everyone complains it is.  Even after stapling your thumb to your shirt, you just keep smiling.  Dont let that scorching case of diarrhea get you down, its a great day!