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updates from the Ovevil clan

Mark is getting older all the time. but dont worry, you wont be the only choice for long

 Demigod threw a woohoo party. they drank some beers, had some laughs. then the moon came out and one of the guests transformed.

 Deity tried getting a little flirty with the werewolf

 things started going well, and she took him out to the tent

 dod some game file cleaning and delphy dashboard deleted a lot of shit.. now my greenhouse is gone.. had to improvise.. i dont like it

 Axis aged up! eeeuk. she is icky.

 Deity invited the werewolf over again. but he seemed insulted when she flirted with him.
that night she went out to the club, and found another guy to flirt with. they woohood in the photobooth, but when she started flirting with him, he got insulted too. turns out those 2 guys are actually dating each other.

 midlife crisis time.. both twins are going thru it.

 ohmyy. one of those gay guys is going to be a daddy!

 not to be outdone, Demigod calls up one of his lady friends, and riskys…

heir hording

so far Mark is the only one. he is doted on

 cj daniels is kind of irritating. ho not only irritates me, he irritates Demigod. and its not a good idea to irritate Demigod.

 Aristi went and ate the cake when i wasnt looking. dammit

 but she is a loser, so grimmy brought her back.

 and Spawn's ghost drank her cowplant milk hahaha. thought it might revive him for a minute, but no

 this happens every time i go to the vampire club. why do so many sims like to give birth there?

 aaand Aristi ate the cake again. i really need to keep a better eye on her

 once again she came back

i got fed up with the both of them, and threw them out. Deity and Demigod will have to just sample the town goods once again.

 Mark growing up fast. will he be the ONLY heir?

 nope! there is another! Deity has a fling with some random fat guy at the club, and Axis was born. they will be aging up soon, so they really need to pile up the heirs quickly. now comes the baby-a-thon!

its a boy!

Demigod got invited over to a party and the guy wasnt even home. doncha hate that? so did he. he set the guys house on fire.

 Master comes by for a visit!

 Demigod invited Aristi to join the band. but i guess that hologram lazer thing doesnt count as an instrument. too bad, it sounded kinda cool with the drums and guitar

 uhoh, whats this? Aristi seems nauseous!

 horray! she is officially preggers! the first potential heir is on the way! still nothing from Deity yet.

Demigod is the first to add to the gene pool. a little boy was born, Mark. hes got the futuresim hidden trait and is also a witch! if hes not fugly he might just be a fine heir indeed.
who will be the next one?

2 come, 2 go

Deity's LTW is to master advanced technology so she jet packs whenever she can. it still goes up wicked slow

 Fortress is growing up, and still isnt interesting

 i dont remember why i took this pic.. hmm

 Deity has an annoying personality. unstable. which sometimes can be fun, but she keeps getting avant gard which is just irritating. so Mistress threw a personality adjuster at her. shes a gathering slob now. meh slob will have to go

 the twins go to the vampire lounge almost every night. they romance everyone in that place, but so far, no pregnancies

 Diety even got asked out on a date.. to an empty field.. wow you playa

 the robot keeps getting abducted.. wtf

 Mistress is a frog again! this time Demigod did it. he is an evil little shit, and well he was bored

 an adorable evil little shit

 being a toad must have kept her alive, because once Mistress used a cure potion on herself, she died pretty much the next day

 Fortress couldnt deal with the loss of her mother and apparentl…

unexpected windfall

perhaps the curse is over? Mistress took her robot to the future, to tweak her a little and give her a new name. while they were there, both Mistress and Caretaker bought lotto tickets. turns out, Caretaker has a lucky streak. she won 300k!

so now we can fix the house. cause living in a basement with some shitt walls above it was depressing

 its coming along nicely :) still a long way to go tho. cant have all the big fun right away

 happy little family dinner.

 the twins are closer than ever. they frequently have magic battles. Deity always loses.

 there was a brief time when they had drifted apart a bit tho, thanx to a crappy fortune reading. that stupid thing..

 birthday time already? Demigod grew into a fine looking young man.. its almost a shame not to keep him

 and Diety grew up very nice as well! omy.. this is a problem. who do i choose? both twins are attractive, both have shitty traits, and both have an appealing occult.

 took them to the future for some shenanigans.

 had D…