random Goth ness

 Gunthar aged up! hes a grumpy old fogy now, and he often has wants to go shake his fist at the world. i happily oblige.

 Cornilia adopted a horse. it has a hideously big butt. i hate those big butt horses

 i took big butt down to the place to have her mounted. i mean, studded.

 more happy fun festival time! but as they were partying, Mortimer aged up and returned from military school!

 Gunther immediately wanted to send him back. he hates this kid! i let Morty stay, because i like him and fuck what Gunther wants.

 big butt is about to have her foal. hopefully its got a smaller butt!

 it didnt. -_-. the orange one is her foal. Morty adopted the black foal the same day. so they are buddies now :). the black one also had a big butt.... ok NRaas time

 i cant decide who is uglier

 Morty had the odd wish to buy a potion. so i go to the place and they had a witches brew. i made him drink it. WITCH MORTY! <3 hes so much more awesome

 Morgana grew up and shes... interesting. i cant decide if shes kinda pretty or kinda putrid.

Ol Cornelia aged up too.wont be long before these 2 are pushing up the daisies! and Warlock Morty can take over the estate muahahaha


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