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go to hell, huh?

well sesert, it looks like youve finaly showed your face on my doorstep. i dont know why, im not really a prominent figure in the sims world anymore, but whatever. let me tell you something, you little dipshit.

you can write 'go to hell' all fucking day long, it wont matter one bit to me. im twice your age, and my the look of things, twice your IQ. you are less then a piece of shit under my shoe. you have been harassing everybody and everything for months, because your a dickless little freak with no life. why dont you leave those innocent kids on the sims forums alone. you want a war? bring it here, pal

you cannot break me. your pathetic words do not make me cry. they make me laugh. because your a joke.

wow we finaly did it

we had some bumps in the road, and some 2 faced deserters, but our guild Carnage, finaly got our guild base!! i took many many manhours of doing guild quests, and saving all our gold (doing midas touch quests and selling EVERYTHING we could get our hands on) but we won our bid and its ours!!!

 here is our base.. isnt it fantastic??

 this wierd creature was walking around,, didnt quite catch it in the shot

its at bare bones right now, but we can build it up. we are currently constructing a castle. soon we will have al sorts of structures and features.. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

buncha drama queens

who might i be talking about you ask? some teenage girl gossip gone wrong? no. some high school interwebz cry fest shenanigans? no again. grown men throwing hissy fit temper tantrums over stupid shit? BINGO
so last weekend my ex was suposed to take the kids out to dinner. i get them ready, they are jumping around impatiently waiting to go, we are all getting agitated.. and hours go by.. nothing. finaly his sister comes over and say that hes not coming. something important came up? not hardly. apparently she asking him to help her fix a shelf. after which he huffed and puffed in an aggrivated manner, and after giving a half assed attempt, finaly throw the tools down, swore at her and left. apparently completely foregetting he promised to take his children to dinner..
well this is pretty typical from him so i pay it no mind. then my own boyfriend is getting mad at me because i dont play my instances exactly the way he wants me too. ive 'abandone him' apparently if i dont have th…

well im not really sure what to do

i dont really want to take this blog down, ive put so much time and effort into it. plus is DO still read the blogs im following.
but im not really planning on posting about the sims anymore. this blog will be about whatever i feel like posting about since i have no other outlet to do so. but i know since most of my followers are simmers, i will probably lose readers fast.
so whatever.. ill post what i wanna post and if someone reads it great if not...

but i am more or less done with the sims community. i will always have Simpletons and i still care about the freinds i have made around the simmerverse. but the EA site really sickens me. and it only gets worse, and i really just dont want anything to do with it anymore.

perhaps im hiding in my game. the sims community took up the majority of my time for a very long time. but its pretty clear im not needed, not anymore. there are others who help the new people, and usualy get there before i do anyway.  and trying to keep up with the con…