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andy richter does the voiceovers for skyrim

i got magics!!

i havrnt got any enemies yet, so i havent really gotten to try out the voodoo doll.

i love the other things so much!! ^^ and they really fit in well in Zeri's bedroom/secret vamp lair


had to move my legacy family AGAIN

kinda liked the town they were in ,but i got really tired of the CTD everytime i went to the map screen. no guarantee the new town wont do it eventually too, but at least ill get some time ot explore around an visit community lots for a little while.
i cant go back to the sims 2 type 'forever trapped on my home lot' thing... its so claustrophobic!!!

ill keep moving them around forever if i have to, i dont care lol

is it wierd to be in love with your sim?

cuz i think i found my perfect man!!
isnt he just gorgeous?? (ignore the IF)
14 generations of selective breeding ^_^ im so proud. and what a hunk, WOO!
animal lover, future rockstar, and sexy vampire.. yum


if spongebob parents are bother sponges, and patricks parents are both sea stars, and mr crabs mother is a crab, why the hell is pearl a whale???

so EA is down

not sure i care really, but i have have like, ONE thing to do there and i cant do it until they fix their shit.
ho hum..

well it was all for nothing

5 hours of mindlessly dragging files onto rigfix and my stupid counters STILL dont work. i cant even remove them from the game because i have no idea what code they are. so i just have to avoid half my furniture when decorating a house..
-_-  joy

well it only took me 5 hours

but i finaly ran every single thing in my dcbackup folder thru rigfix.... oi.
maybe now my freekin custom counters will work right

ok wtf?

so i was going thru my cc folder last few days, cleaning out bad stuff, doubles, simpacks, etc. and running things thru the rig fix that i missed.
amazingly, my game is running alot more smoothly. but there is a strange side effect. i now have disgusting cc in my game that i dont recognise, and have NO idea how to get rid of it. i dont know where it even came from, i never would have downloaded it.
and i havent downloaded a sim from the exchange in ages. where theh ell are these things coming from? i uploaded a few sims with bad content into custard to find the code to remove them
but they dont match up with ANYTHING in the download folder, or the DCbackup folder.

omg where did this phantom shit come from? and where is it??

not sure im crazy about this skin replacement either

its not bad... its better than the last one.. but its so.. bland. no texture whatsoever. its just.. like it was colored with marker.

i think the old one was better now that i see them side to side. this one had a wierd nose thing tho that bugged me. in this light you cant see it, but in every other light the nose has a huge weird shadow and makes the nose look twice as big.

as demonstrated here. YEUK. i think i might just go back to EA skins for now. i dont need cleavage skins anymore anyway, we have breast sliders now.

flaming skull tattoo

i tried making some tattoos a while back and they didnt come out right. i kept getting this wierd blue outline around them, so i kinda gave up and stopped making them.
well, i had the idea to do them in a slightly different way and it turned out to work! i will have to more or less completely draw the image again myself freehand, but i will probably improve with practice.

so here is the test tattoo i made.

obviously i doesnt look great. but, it was a sucessful test, as in it didnt get the blue outline crap i used to get. so this means i will be making more!
if you want to download this tat its right here.

flaming skull tattoo

wow some game company's DO give a shit!

i had some leftover xmas money so i was looking around online for a way to waste it. i came across an old game i used to love playing, warlords battlecry 3. well, i had played 2, so 3 must be much better! its an old rts game, but it was really cool, and different from the rest in certain ways. alot of rpg elements and you can actualy level up your hero.

well i whip out the bf's credit card and buy it, install it, and get ready for some old school conquering.. and then CTD. D:
so i lower the resolution (as if my computer cant run this 10 year old game bwahaha) and again CTD. so now im getting mad. i could JUST as easily gotten this game off pirate bay, but i chose to PAY for it, and it doesnt even work.
i went looking everywhere for fixes, patches, nothing is helping. and its not compatible with win 7 apparently...

so i write a nie letter to the support team, not really expecting to ever hear from them again. (as per my experience with EA)
today i actualy DID get a reply! not only …

note to the gov'mnt.. dont piss off the nerds

The hacktivist group Anonymous launched its "largest attack ever" Thursday, claiming credit for a coordinated takedown of websites managed by the Department of Justice and organizations supporting controversial antipiracy legislation.
The attack, dubbed “Operation Payback,” came in response to Thursday's news that the Justice Department had shut down massive file-sharing site Megaupload. The attack also temporarily brought down the websites of the Recording Industry of America, the Motion Picture Association of America and Universal Music, among others, in retaliation for their support of antipiracy legislation in Congress, known as SOPA and PIPA.
On Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department said the web server hosting “is currently experiencing a significant increase in activity, resulting in a degradation in service."
“The Department is working to ensure the website is available while we investigate the origins of this activity…

my way of protesting SOPA

im going to post as many copywrite infringment as i possibly can! or at least untill i get bored of looking

suck on THAT establishment

i could give less than a crap

about katy perry. who the hell is she exactly? eh, dont bother telling me, i dont care really. but its stuff like this the cheeses me off. why pander to the preteen players all the time? what about the REST of us who enjoy this game and dont give a flying fuck about katy perry?
media ALWAYS panders to young people, and it annoys me. it annoyed me when i was a teen, too. because altho the media was playing to my age group, it was not the stuff I was into.. it was the 'popular' crap... stuff i had absolutely NO interest in.
so why does media always try to cram this crap down our throats day after day? force feed Americans popular culture. you should like this, you should listen to this, you arent cool unless you wear THIS.


i guess i should look around more often lol

was looking thru some of the settings and realized for the first time that there is a spam filter lol. i found messages in there from over a year ago! and none of them were spam lol. (except a few from sesert) so if anyone had posted and it never showed up, it should be there now.

whoopsie! lol

let them eat cake!

delicious cake. cmon, you know you want to try some

i dont think sesert realizes..

that ultimately, his action only lead people, from all over the simmerverse, to get along and work together, unite against a common evil.
he isnt creating evil and chaos, hes creating community, and cooperation!
HAHAHA!!!! your the failest troll ever!!!!

i want my sim to dance like this


well all is not lost

i did manage to find a backup file, even tho the master copy had been deleted. i restored it and the family is intact, altho i lost a few 'years' of gameplay. not a big deal tho, i can live with this ^_^

sonovabitching ARRRRG!!!!!!

so i went in my game today to play and decided to take the ol legacy family out for a spin, as i havent played them ion a while. i look thru the saved game list and they ARENT THERE. i looked thru it again and again and my family is just GONE.
FIFTEEN GENERATION IS GONE!. where the fuck did they go? did i accidently delete thme when i was clearing out save games and backups? wtf? and now i dont even remember the name of the town they were in so i can go into my backup save folder and just get them.......

omg im so pissed!!! 15 mtherfuckin generations gone!!! i have my latest hier on my simpage so maybe i can do something to salvage the family, but hes a teen. 

but the family tree will still be gone, and the house and all my unicorns... GRRRR

not a happy camper right now

just a pet project


well so much for that

Elygium is a turd. decade old graphics, interface, and serious lack of character customization. thats a big deal for me. plus, there are 10 thousand asswipes in there clogging up the game so you cant get quests done. and they are all whining "this sucks!". so turn it off and give us room!

ill be back in there later when its less congested, but so far, i dont think ill be playing this one for an extended time

finaly got my beta key, wooo!

for Elygium. so if i can mange to get it downloaded today, ill be gone a while lol

so my plan seems to have worked

last year around this time my snake got very sick. she stopped eating for months and got this crusty looking face and i thought she was going to die. i called a vet and he gave her some vitamins and fluids and she did eventually perk up (300 dollars later) and i thought maybe she was just old and sensitive to the winter cold. It didnt help either that a few days before it started getting really cold, her heat lamp broke, and it took me nearly a week to find another one.

so this year, when cold weather started coming around, and she started to lose her appetite and get crusty face AGAIN i thought all was lost. i can NOT afford 300 dollars a year to keep a snake alive, its cheaper to just get a new snake. I was about to give up on her when i had the idea to move her to the bathroom.

my house is very old, and just about all of the windows are leaky and drafty. i have to cover them with plastic every year, but that doesnt really help tremendously. Since the table where i usualy keep her w…

just got back from giving blood

and as i was laying there, staring the the ceiling, i couldnt help but think of all my poor simmies houses, and how i always neglect to paint their ceilings.

i just never seem to have any ideas as to what aught to go up there. the church basement where i was had a very nice ceiling. i think ill try a design like that.


my sim doggy just had puppies today. my first litter ever

 Riley gave birth to two little puppie,s a boy and a girl. they look just like her
 Ginger and Dalton

they dont look much like their dad lol

to keep sessywessy entertained

since he likes to visit so much. in case you missed this episode while trolling. 

gay animals

has anyone had a gay pet? id be willing to bet yes, most of you either have, or know of one. homosexuality is fairly common in nature. but i was very surprised by what i saw this morning.

i keep mice, as i may have mentioned before. they are primarily snake food, but there are a few set aside as pets (or breeders)

to control the population, i have my males and females separated. While feeding the females this morning, i noticed one of them was mounting another one, and i thought, 'oh no theres a male in there!'

so i go into the tank to grab this 'male' only to discover is a female! now i have seen alot of male on male before, but i dont think ive EVER seen a female do this.

how interesting. i will be observing her to see if she does this kind of thing again. and i wonder what would happen if i put her in with the males?

WEW! Chris Jericho is back!

i love me some Chris Jericho. if you dont know who he is, hes a wwe wrestler. im not extreamly into it, but my bf is, so we watch it together. im more into the game,s cause you can make your own wrestlers.
well in any case, Jericho has bene gone a long time, probalby on tour with his band Fozzy. now hes back and im so happy XD

ive missed him. hes a great fighter. one of the reasons he is my favorite, is because no matter what odds are stacked against him, he can usualy pull it off. even tho hes smaller than alot of those other guys. hes a weasel, and he knows what hes doing. hes very talented. and hes cute too ;)

(and yes i know wwe is scripted, so spare me your lectures of 'oooh its fake,, boo)

i knew it was fake when i was 10. it doesnt make it less fun to watch

well look whos back

there is absolutely NO link to click on to report this. EA get more fail every day

what a turd. his insults done even make sense.  what a joke this loser is

but wait, THERES MORE!
gosh i feel loved. doesnt it feel nice to be noticed?

not one place to report this crap anywhere... not ONE place. EA douchebags

had a disturbing dream last night

ever have one of those dreams, the eerily way too realistic, but the subject matter is just twisted?

yeah it was one of those. i would have sworn while dreaming that that shit was real. it even followed a logical timeline, like dreams rarely do. regular dreams your sitting in a treehouse one minute, then shaking hands with abraham lincoln the next, and its all part of the timeline. this one was kinda like a movie, each scene set up the next scene and the theme was consistant.. and disturbing..
i wont divulge the actual contents of the dreams.. not really sure i should.. but needless to say, its gotten me a little shaken up today.

what to do...

sims, or skyrim? sims or skyrim, sims or skyrim......i just cant decide... i want to play both so bad!!

maybe.... somehow... i can play both...
ill have to remember to stop playing at some point and switch lol

why geiko, why

they just HAD to bring back that stupid pig, didnt they? i HATE that friggin pig

well im in a mood

i DARE someone to pick a fight with me.. cause im pissed off for some reason and need somebody to tear into....
time to troll facebook i guess