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Sims 3 Generations?

new EP unofficially blabbed by google! look here for the info! oopsy!

Dear Mare's

i just want to say, that i hope everything is alright. its been a while now, that your blog has been down, and for whatever reason that it IS down, i just hope that nothing serious has happened. quite obviously i am awkward in the way i word things. just know that IF something is going on, in private lives or whatever, their are people out here who care and wish you well.

my anxiety is killing me

literaly.. i havent felt like this since i was 19 and suffering from that severe anxiety ulcer. i think its back. why would my ulcer come back after all these years? i dont think im under an extreme amount of duress... at least not consciously.. wth is going on? i dont want to bother going to a doctor... i see enough friggin doctors with my kids. and im really not a doctor person. i usualy do a better job diagnosing myself anyway. doctors are idiots. all they are good for is performing operations and prescribing pills. i havent found one YET who actualy gave a shit about somebody. well, except my kids old pediatrician. shes was great.
why cant you get an adult doctor like that? who remebers you, knows your issues, cares about your welfare.. nobody gives a crap about you when your an adult. they think beacuse your old enough to take care of yourself, that your just on your own.
whos idea was this anyway? human beings are social creatures. we are designed to live in small groups, and he…

my hit counter died AGAIN??

wtf? thats TWICE now, that the hit counter got up into the thousands, and then stopped working on me. sonofabitch! now i have to start over AGAIN! ill never get an accurate hit reading on this dam site!

very disappointed

so i finished Fable 3 last night. and i cant say that the ending left a very sour taste in my mouth. ill try not to give any spoilers, but i think its pretty stupid that the game punishes you for doing the right thing. in addition to the ass backwards ending, there was a complete LACK of fun mini games like before. there is the jobs you can do, that is still there, but where are the fun little gambling games? even the demon doors were a snore. you can no longer do the emotes on command, which makes for a much staler existence, and to top it all off, YOU HAVE TO PAY REAL MONEY FOR CONTENT THE SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE GAME. sound familiar??
seems most game companies are being cheap money hungry asswads these days.  less content, less gameplay, less fun, but you pay extra. hooray.

overall the game was fun.. but compared to previous titles, i was very unimpressed

well AFK is cancelled lol

so i havent quite yet beaten fable 3 (almost) but i went and got my bf the new star wars game for valentines day, so ive been booted off the xbox lol. ohwell, i guess its back to sims for me :P

sha-sha-sha-sha-sha shelby!

has anyone ever had one of these? its related to the furby, shelby was kinda furbys cousin. i always thought the shelbys were cuter, but they cant dance like furby can.
you dont really see these around much these days. its a shame, cause they were so much fun.
ANYWAY, i have a shelby that ive had for probalby 5 years or more, that ive had just sitting on a shelf collecting dust.
i never let my kids play with it very much, because if you drop them, they go all exorcist on you.
i had a furby once. when my first born was a baby. i used to play with him all the time. till my daughter was a toddler, and i made the mistake of letting her play with him. she dropped him. and after that he was like.. possessed 0_0

his eyes would freak out and he spoke in tounges. hed be talking normally and just be like aertnewfjhJKHDsa!!!
it was scary lol.

well this is why i never let my kids play with my shelby. well, a few years back a neighbor boy came inside to play with my daughter. he saw shelby on a…

might be AFK a few days

or weeks lol. my bf got me Fable 3 for valentines day <3
so ill be playing it over and over and untill im sick of it XD



my mother put my brother's ashes in a christmas tin

i found it just a little distasteful. but, i am still looking around for a suitable urn type thing to keep him in. actual urns are freekin expensive. well i have him in something that sorta suited his style and personality, but im still hunting. anyways, the reason i mentioed it.. my little 2 year old daughter just found the christmas tin my brother used to be in, and brought it to me. and i looked at the bottom for the first time, and its got his name and date of birth/death on there on a little peel on/off sticky tab.
really? a sticker? is this the best she could do for my brother? a FUCKING  CHRISTMAS TIN AND A STICKER????
i dont know why, but this is really bothering me

567 Beach Front Drive *updated*

so, once again my launcher does NOT upload or download anything, and im sure as hell NOT updating to those glitchey patches just to use my launcher.

so once again, i must post my creations here, instead of the exchange. this is a house i built today, from a floorplan book i have. i took some liberties with it tho.

i didnt get any interior shots, because i wasnt expecting to post more than one picture (altho i should have KNOWN the launcher wasnt going to work. ill load up my game later and get some better pics.

this house has many custom/store windows. so that may be the only thing that doesnt look right after downloading. unless you already have the bas haus set. it has a large family area, fireplace, 5-ish bedrooms, large kitchen, and a pool in the basement.

the back of the house is a cliff overlooking the beach. i have NO idea how the landscape shape will effect a lot in another location. but this house where it is, is really cool. :)

here is the link, if you are interested. Downl…

Three Cheers for Twallan

Lets face it. the sims 3 would be nearly unplayable without him. and some simmers on the official forum, wanted to show their appreciation to him.

...... And so on, and so on....

Here's to you, Twallan. you are the most awesome person in the simmerverse. hip hip hooray!

my snake has a new home

i finaly got my snake terrarium from ebay!

its SOO much bigger than the 40 gallon tank she used to be in

doesnt she look happy? XD

now i just need to get her some decorative sticks and whatnot so she can climb. its always bothered me that her tank was flat and she couldnt climb. rat snakes are semi arboreal, and they are good climbers. now she has more than 3x the room she had before if you count up.

yay new fonts!

i didnt know they added new ones. im so BORED with new times roman, verdana and trebuche. SNORE!

of course most of the new ones are pretty bland too, but theres one or 2 that are cool :D one of my all time favorite fonts is papyrus. theres also a cool fantasy looking one called huffinton or herrinton or something like that. plus there is always creepy XD

but i like comic sans and similar fonts, ones that are larger, easy to read and have just the smallest hint of personality. this one is ok

you know what annoys me?

the misrepresentation of ninjas. our modern society likes to paint ninjas as heros. saver of the little guy, rescuer of maidens, defeater of evil. and sure, ninjas are cool and awesome and who doesnt love ninjas??? but REAL ninjas were NOT heros. real ninjas were assassins... killers.. MURDERERS. ninjas were hired by other people to exterminate a particular target. they did it swiftly, and silently, and then they disappeared. they did not save the day.  they had no particular care for good or evil. they simply got the job done.

ahhh i cant wait!

my mmorpg is getting a big EP/update in a month, adding an apocalypse kinda thing and 2 new classes. it looks so freekin epic!! XD

murphys law... gets ya every time

so i have been wearing this one pair of earrings for probably 5 years now. ive switched on and off with others, but i always go back to these because they are my favorite. long and dangly, and have a locking clasp in the back.

well, i was chatting with the receptionist at my sons therapist while he was in his meeting. we started talking about earrings. she mentioned her little niece just her first earrings, and i told the story of when i was a kid my dad would buy me all these beautiful sterling silver unicorn earrings (i love unicorns, btw) and all the time i would lose them. because i was a kid, and kids lose things. they would fall right out of my ears and id never find them. i would get into SO much trouble every time, but its not like it was really my fault.

i remember one when i was around 7 years old, losing an earring in gym class. (and they were my FAVORITE) i crawled around on my hands and knees for an hour on that gym floor looking for it. not only did i really want it back…

soda.. the fizzy killer

this is an interesting artical, and its very very true. a few years ago, i went on a diet where i cut out all sugar/carbs. just by stopping the soft drinks i lost TWENTY POUNDS. not exercise, no slim fast or supplements, just quitting the cola and sugar in my coffee.. luckily i never went back, and i only use splenda now..
 then you see this and it REALLY makes you think, and wonder if you should pass it on

Health Officials Unveil Explicit Anti-Sugar Diabetes Ad| By Catherine Donaldson-Evans

An overweight man is shown drinking a bottle of soda in the morning, a sweet tea at lunch, a giant frothy iced latte in the afternoon and more soda with dinner. The number of packets of sugar in each heavily sweetened drink appears, ending with the staggering total of 93 packets gulped down that day.

But then the PSA abruptly shifts gears, going into shocker mode. An obese man, presumably the same person later i…