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a while back i got an email at my hotmail address saying that someone was trying to hack into my world of warcraft account, and i should change my password.
which wouldnt really be a big deal if i HAD a world of warcraft account. (i dont)
so apparently someone signed up for the game using MY email address. which is weird enough by itself. i ignored it and went on my merry way.
fast forward to today. i get an email on my AOL account saying my diablo account is being accused of breakin TOS and may be terminated...

again, i do NOT have a diablo account.. now this is getting really weird.
both of these games are owned by Blizzard. and i do not have accounts with them, for ANY game.
so who the fuck is making accounts using my emails?? who the hell even KNOWS my emails?

it MUST be the same person, considering both games are blizzard.
i cant even think of anyone i know who would know both of those email addresses and who wold also play WOW in the first place.
maybe one ex comes to mind.. bu…


well since my pc is still out of order i can do pretty much only 2 things with my time. Skyrim (got the new eps and loving them woot!)  and forsaken world on my daughters computer.

the official server was a little too money hungry tho, so we moved to a private server. where you can have all the fun AND all the gold you want. its so nice to actualy be able to pimp up my character, my pet, and get whatever mounts i want.

we have restarted our guild, Carnage, and we already have a base too :)
should be alot easier to keep now, that money is essentially free. no more needing to do trade runs all day just to get a meanly 9 gold guild funds. we still have to do construction and base quests, but there is no like, any rush on those we can take our time and just relax.

im really enjoying it. ive remade all my storm legion characters and they are all max lev pretty much. (the ex and drop rate is insane)
just gotta work on my jobs, they dont lev as fast. there is still lots to do :)

if you like …


i may or may not have mentioned in the past, one of my all time favorite games (before the sims even) was Creatures. this is where my love for 'virtual life' began.
i played this game way back in 1999-ish. you hatch little critters called norns and take care of them and breed them.  they are alive, think, act, and react all on their own. they are not programmed to do certain things like sims. sims arent alive. creatures ARE. you are basicaly just a parent, you guide them, teach them, and help them survive. and when the game was off, they kept living.
they have DNA and can inherit traits from their parents, and even develop mutations. they can get old, sick, and die. there is even a little monster called a grendal that can attack them or make them ill.

i have been missing this game for so long, but most modern computers cant even run the old game cd. (and mine was destroyed and i cant even FIND another copy anywhere)

ive been playing a version on my laptop, the creatures dockin…

John Carter

has anyone seen this movie? i just watched this last night. i remember hearing so many jokes and scoffs about this movie being terrible. Conan O'Brien picked on it almost every night lol. it apparently did horribly in the box office.

well i thought that it looked pretty decent from the previews, so i wanted to watch it anyway. (i rarely give a shit what reviewers say. they only think a movie is good if its popular)
my opinion on the whole situation was it probably did bad in the box office because the title isnt exactly interesting.

well, back to the point. i watched it last night. and my first impression was wow.
this is actually a pretty decent movie. at face value, its a very exciting, visually appealing adventure.
but a closer look and the story seems kinda.... dejavu.
it DID kinda seem to be Disneys attempt at making Star Wars.
instead of a space samurai movie it was a space cowboy movie. (the similarities to the phantom menace are uncanny)

it also seemed reminiscent of Dune…