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Forrest working his way thru town

Forrest got invited to a co-worker's party an immediately started hitting on the ladies present. single? doesnt matter. Forrest likes, Forrest gets

 altho he is still trying to lasso these 2 ladies. neither have succumbed to his advances as of yet.

 i dont remember whats going on here. i think he was turning this guy into a toad. was trying to steal a car, and this dork just wouldnt leave the parking lot

 this guy (who happens to be his nephew that he never met) decided to pick a fight with him. and won. Forrest was displeased

 and bound him to his voodoo doll..... wow Forrest really is a bastard lol

 Kandy is Forrest's new roomate. and WILL be his lover.. or perhaps even his wife. but first, he must fulfill his LTW of breaking 10 hearts. and so far its slow going

 well then, i guess we need to resrot to magical means. poof! love spell! he romanced, and dumped this poor girl all in one night. and then another one. and then a dry spell for a few days..

 went to make lunch and…

a small change

an idea came to me last night as i was falling asleep, and it seemed like a good one. i have added pages to the side panel of my blog, to make it easier to find certain things, like certain parts of legacy stories, since i just post whatever im playing at the time and there is no ryme or reason to the general blog itself lol.

so if there is a particular family you are a fan of, it will be easy now to find and read about them. it also helps keep things tidy for me, as i like to use these blog pages as a sort of family history. its very helpful to go back and see what happend :)

so my royal family of dragonvalley, and the ovevil family have their own links now. enjoy

a title of some sort

well i have no idea what Ellamynt is doing here.

 but now she is aging up! that generation sure went quick

 Tero went to the prom and got a romantic interest. unfortunately its Fiona from shrek

 i tried to break it off, but she left the date too fast.

 so ill just go into the bar and flash my fake ID around. yeah im TOTALLY 21 you guys

 met another girl from school, Ada. shes not too bad i guess

 finally got lady shrek to go out with me again, after like a week of calling, what she avoiding me on purpose cause she knew what i was gonna say?

 Tero sneaking out after being grounded for pranking the school. this kid is just bad news lol

 and since daddy yelled at him when he came home, Tero used a voodoo doll on him.

 dance, old man, DANCE! muahahahaha

 Tero's birthday!

 well damn who would have guessed he would be so hot? His official name is now Forrest

 with no particular aspirations, Forrest  is a heartbreaker, and in the criminal career. he is going to destroy this town >:…

and the game issues begin

Demigod finally met his end
 this kid wandered out of the time machine.. i need to stop using that thing lol. hes awful. i used him to move out all the undesirables, and focus on the only acceptable heir

 Tero. he shows of his ballet skills

 and aged up unto this! kinda strange looking but i can work with this

 quite the rebellious punk. yes i think well get along just fine

wah! Ellamynt got hit by lightning! luckily she survived but wow

the town is starting to stutter and be a cranky bitch, so i may have to move them to a fresh town soon... 3 gens, thats all i get

short update. yay she dead!

Leila sucks

 Ellamynt enjoys her holopet

 Leila never bothered feeding herself and died. i wasnt about to force her to, when i hate her so much and my cowplant is broken. so she decided her own fate

 boo hoo im so sad

and Ellamynt brings home their youngest, Zenia. this will probalby be the last, provided none of the kids are uggos. she and Tero have desirable traits and would both make suitable heirs, so let the race begin

history repeats

Ellamynt cast a love spell on her husband, and their marriage is alright again.

 the twins age up! they are actually both pretty cute. but one is a witch, and one is a vampire. no hybrid *pout*

 my old cowplant stopped eating people. the 'grab cake' option just didnt show up anymore. dammit she got tame. time to get a new one :)

 well what have we here. Ellamynt and Dante whoohood in the time machine before he left for work, 2 days later Leila comes out.

but shes ooold. and not very interesting either. bleh what a disappointment. i think she might be my new cowplants first victim.

been having some issues with my game. not technical issues so much, as 'i accidentally deleted a bunch of shit and now i have to try and fix it' issues haha.

so i ran delphy dashboard the other day, and change the files to the entire sims 3 folder, instead of just the mods/packages. well it found a ton if conflicts and corrupted shit, so i deleted it all.

well, now i have no custom towns o…


in addition to her true name, Ellamynt inherited the evil trait when she aged up as well. ive decided it is a must for all heirs. should have been from the get go.

 her LTW is to have the perfect aquarium. so lets get fishin!

 having the lifespan of a witch and not say a vamp or a fairy, she needs to find herself a mate quick, or shell never live to see her grandkids. so i took her to the toadstool to see whos around. and wouldnt you know it, somebody died. since she is evil tho, she laughed. and that made ME laugh, muahaha

 brother and sister, together forever. i still adore these two

 Ellamynt joined the alchemist career in her teens, so she is well on her way to mastering it. she spends a few days at the shop, to make and sell her potions. shes bringing in some decent money

 Spookyday! Ellamynt carves a pumpkin. im surprised her evil uncle didnt immediately smash it

 there seems to be a strange cat convention at the park today

 Ella went down to the vampire lounge (still looking…