oh bother and befuddle

stuck STUCK!

well kinda. so ive been having some minor issues with skyrim that ive been ignoring. im not sure which mod caused it, cause it didnt show up right away. i needed to progress far enough to collect barenziah stones to notice there was a problem, and by then some time had passed and several more mods had been added. (mod testing on skyrim can be complicated)

so about a week ago i come back to the game after a hiatus of playing 7 days to die. i removed some mod or other (dont remember why) and it corrupted my game files so i started a fresh one. everything was going fine and dandy with the new file untill i tried to do the thieves guild quest, where you talk to vex about the unusual stone (barenziah stone). the dialog just doesnt show up. and for some reason,  i can drop the stones. these are usually bound to you as they are quest items. they are not droppable. this quest worked fine on my previous character, so im not sure exactly what broke it. the few mods i did install re…

back to the Hemlocks

after careful consideration,  ive decided Dax is a more desireable heir than Lestat. Lestat is a good looking fellow, but hes just TOO similar to Vivek, and i dont need an identical sim to continue the family line. Dax is pretty unique in his genetics, so he wins.

 i decided to make him a vet. because why not.

  he got himself a dog. hes a dog person. her name is Lilith.

 she goes into the woohoo bushes all the time and retrieves odd boxes.

 hes doing a pretty good job considering hes only a teen still.

Dax and Lilith. whos a good girl. you are!

 Dax snacking on a neighbor.

hes a lev 8 vet now and still has 4 days still till hes a young adult, hes progressing quickly! hes also a master vampire already. his homework book never showed up so hes never done any, but he still managed to get an A. Dax is turning out to be a remarkable heir!

test run is going smoothly.

after a day or two of running jackie i can be fairly confident that the game is working just fine. i can probably load up my other saves now lol. i had to remove like one mod, that effected vampire aging. everything else seems to be working.

 madeover caleb vatore and gave him a dog. he visits the clinic often now

 lilly fang got a makeover and a dog as well.

 ah silly kooki. always sleeping in odd places

 no bad nanny! kooki is a good kitty! that guy is so fired lol

 jackie met and married Mooch from the reality show. they have two children now. this is the youngest, Tia. she loves Kooki :)

 Mooch recently got himself a dog. this little shiba inu was in the adoption tab named dog... let that sink in a minute.. yeah. LOL.  so he named her doge haha. shes lazy too so they get along great. mooch and doge are a team

 hes such a great dad. like i never expected that. jackie is a baby machine so i pretty just much just grabbed the first dude who walked past her house because she wanted kid…

playing with the vet career

so i got my mods and saves back in and well.. things seem to work ok for now. but there are a few weird irks i need to work out. but all in all, its running so woop woop. no one is aging, but ill figure that out later.

i loaded up the reality show save to test things on, since i dont care what happens to those people haha. moved a random sim into a house and i had her buy a vet clinic. its pretty fun so far!

 this is jackie. shes my test subject for today. so i motherlode the crap out of her and buy the vet shop. there were like no instructions whatsoever. but, if you've played the medical career at all, its kinda self explanatory, and works more or less the same way. just instead of having a list of tasks, you have to just have your own ideas.

 jackie did a few various tests on this poor little pup. checked his ears, temperature, etc. each time she examined him correctly, she got closer to diagnosing his illness. when you discover three symptoms you can administer cure!

 then a p…

so far so good!

got the game running ok, so now i can see if i can get my mods to work. i guess ill remove all the major ones like mastercontroler and just leave the custom traits and skins and stuff. made a test guy, and a test puppy.

didnt save them, but they were both so cute!

 my first doggo, Nuknuk!

 my first doggo lover, Luca!

 getting to know nuknuk

and head scratches ^_^ hes so cute. all the pictures ive seen really dont do the game justice. the pets are so much cuter in 'person'

the new town is nice, but really small.. only like 2 empty lots. at least there is another nice big 64x64 tho. its got a house on it but its a pretty good house.

soo cats and dogs is out

so i guess that means all my mods are poo now! and i just got a decent amount of them too >.<
well we will see how it goes. removing all my mods and saves and will fiddle with the game and see how broken it is. might be a few days before i get it all working. or maybe less who knows? ts4 does seem less problematic than ts3 so it might not be as bad as im predicting.

its gonna be hard to play without my custom skins and hair tho

alternative life

i couldnt just not use vivika and maldynado's kid, he was so great. so i moved him into his own house elsewhere in town and ill play him when im bored of the Hemlocks or time is just going too slowly. (like waiting for kids to age up)

i built him an improvised house. didnt go from a floorplan this time. too bad i didnt take any pics. ill get some later. being that hes sort of vampire royalty, the house has a very Victorian sort of style. but since hes NOT a vampire, and the son of the flamboyant Maldynado, i also gave it a whimsical kind of look. its a weird house haha.

he started a club for handsome dude bros, and they meet at a club called 'the man cave'. he met a pretty lady named Sleve McDicheal, and she moved in with him. shes kind of an asshole tho. mean spirited and mischievous.. kinda reminds me of his mother. o.m.g hes dating his mother. he lost her at such a young age hes got some serious mommy issues.

and he decided to be a doctor because he looks sexy af in sc…