Saturday, July 16, 2016

fun with skyrim

just became mistress of the vampire castle in the dawnguard storyline again, and was sitting here kinda disapointed that you cant really fix the place up after you take it over.

so i went on nexus to see if there was a mod or something that fixes up the castle and OMG there is.
found a mod that lets you build up the castle however you want. set different decor, add beds or coffins, clean up the debris and broken crap its amazing!

and i used my move family mod to move my hubby and kids and bard there too. poor dears have to live among vampires, but im sure they wont get bitten ... much XD

hehehe i love mods

Thursday, May 19, 2016

ooh the drama

i love my sims, man haha. there is more drama than a soap opera goin on in my game :P

i didnt feel like playing any of my established families, so i started fresh. made a family with two kids, cause i wanted some genetics goin into the game. didnt do any money cheats, just moved them into a starter house and plan on moving each gen heir into an new house (if they can afford it) rather than keep a legacy home. i figure ill get less bored this way.

so got rather attached to the eldest child, and decided she was my choice. met a few cute guys online, and one in particular caught her eye. after chatting a bit, soon realized the jerk is already married (with 2 kids even)

so she went off to college! her family was flat broke and if she was going to move out on her own she was going to need a serious career boost. she keeps chatting with the married guy while she is there (but they are just friends)

she gets her degree and comes home. still making piddle squat, and the 2 bedroom starter house is getting a little bit too small for her parents, little brother, and her. desperate to move her out now, but the family finds are only 8k

snowflake day arrives! she gets invited over to married guys house for a party. its a house boat, and its delightful.
chatting him up and being friendly when i get the notice that married guy is asking her to move in with him!

ah this never happens! i couldn't believe it! and how could i say no? cramped little 2 bedroom with mom and dad, or kicking houseboat?
so i moved in with him and his wife and kids. and thats when it got really interesting.

the ol ball and chain was cramping my style, so i had my sim flirt with him right in front of the wife. she predictably gets pissed, slaps him, and the marriage is over. i kick her and the kids out, and its just me and jerkface alone on a houseboat.

a few days later they were married. she works on her career a bit, and i completely forget to check his age. he had a teenage daughter when i moved in, so he was getting on in years. soon after the wedding he aged to elder.

and since i have settings on my mod to prevent elders from breeding, i couldnt try for any heirs, no matter how many settings i fiddled with.

eh, he had a big ugly nose anyway. noticed that one of his interaction was 'confess to cheating' even tho im pretty sure he only cheated on his previous wife, not his current one. i did it anyway.
my sim got made and wanted to beat him up. she started a fight and he won. well, that woman beater was tossed out before he could say 'holy shit the bitch just stole my houseboat'

so newly single, got a beautiful houseboat all to myself, and moving up in my career. but times is a wasting now, gotta start crapping out kids!

went to the arcade feeling all depressed and had a fling with a guy in the bathroom. ding ding, somebody is pregnant! so now we get to raise a baby alone. on our free houseboat :)

LOL i love my game

Friday, April 22, 2016

been busy

and i have so many screenies! lost my old keyboard  and got a new one (that i hate) but the printscreen button works at least.

so without further adoodoo, my latest black desert pics

 hangin in my house

 i discovered that if you back into something you can sit on it

 my majestically fluffy tier 4 horse. her name is nebula

 made a ranger. she was cute as hell, but i found the combat kind boring so i deleted her

 got LadyT a new outfit

 and my tier 6, Storm! the highest tier horse currently is 7, so shes is a pretty great horse. but im currently breeding up for another t6

 t5, farfegnugen. hes such a lovely horse i dont mind that hes only t5. he and storm came from the same parents

 sold my one house at elda farm and moved all my stuff to florin

 its nice and cozy.

 bad dog!

 got another fluffy t4! her name is Pikachu. i seem to only get female t4s

 nebula and farfegnugen pulling my wagon

 just made this toon. shes a maewha, or the female blader class. so far shes SO much fun

she just might end up replacing my current main. but ill still need ladyt for horse breeding for now anyway, since her skill is higher
but zeridwyn is getting there eventually :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

got a few

not great tho, cause its REALLY hard to get my capture program to work right with that damn printscreen button.

 so here is me. im a tamer. im kind of like a martial artist. i do some sick sword play in battle. i havent learned how to tame anything yet tho.

this is my house! i finally found the perfect spot. its a delightful little farmhouse. it has a trader right on the property, a parking spot for my horse, and a pond in the backyard i can fish in. its everything i could want!

 my horse parked. (turnes out Ginger is a boy, whoops!) here he is in his little horse garage.

this is the inside. i dont have much furniture yet, but ill get more as the game progresses. i also learned that i can have up to 5 residences, so maybe ill have other houses someplace too

my little pond! there are monsters in and around the pond so i dont really afk fish there much, but i do like to fish there. this game is just gorgeous.

hell you can spend hours just riding your horse around, looking at everything.

i dont even have a boat yet, but i hope i can travel the oceans one day as well. there are traders on island and probably houses too.

i am having the best time

Sunday, March 6, 2016

started playing black desert

so far its pretty cool. cant take any screenies cause my printscreen button doesnt work on this machine for some reason. i can only take pics in skyrim thru steam :(

since im not running BDO thru steam i dont have a backup screenie option. bleh.
but its pretty fun, character customization is pretty involved. the world is beautiful. i got a free horsie :) shes a pinto.
and i just discovered last night that if you afk fish you can make a fortune. so today im going to go cash in my 'winnings' heheh.
cant really swim tho. i mean you can, but you tire and drown pretty easily. not like in arche age where i could swim the entire ocean haha (and have)

but also like AA you can have boats and houses. the houses are instanced (yay!) so no more fighting over land or paying taxes. you get a house, you own it, end of.

and its not boring instanced like in everquest, where everyone goes to the same location. there are different houses all across the land that you can buy. its like GTA. you find a house somewhere that you like and you can buy and live there, and so can anyone else. its pretty cool.

i havent bought a house yet, waiting to find the perfect location. dont wanna just drop down in the first place i see just because i can. you can only own one house so i want ot make sure its a place i really want.

the combat is REALLY fun. you dont push the actions on the bar on the screen like most mmos, its action based, like ESO. you just face the enemy and hit the mouse button and attack. BUT you can use more advanced moves with various keyboard keys, its gets pretty complicated but its pretty damn fun.

i will continue to try to figure out how to take a screenshot. even my image capture program didnt work because surprise! it uses the printscreen key! -_-

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

not a super huge update

Sonia gave birth to twins!

 Shitar and Ishtar, both girls, both vampire witch fairies.

 since thye now have 3 children, i ages both forrest and sonia to elder. because they were still YA and not even halfway done with it and omg is it ever time for them to move on. vampire/fairy lifespan SUCKS

 what a delightful old couple

 Xander was invited over to a friends house who decided to not be home. leaving him on the doorstep in the cold for an hour.

the twins birthday! huzzah!

 and shortly after, xander

hes uhm...
odd looking. lets hope the girls are a bit more attractive or im stuck with some uggo heirs hahaha

Thursday, February 18, 2016

ovevil adventures, the house loses weight

getting re-acquainted with my family, havent played them in a while.

 getting his boogy on with the new wife while pops looks on. and granduncle? i dont remember what relation demigod is to him.

 ate a jellybean and caught on fire.. smooth.

 asmodiar, the demon! forrest has a new best bud. well its not new, only the demon skin ^_^

 ahhh finaly! after weeks of risky woohoo there is finally a bun in the oven. forrest is actually excited. he has settled into the family man role rather well considering his past. hes is a devoted husband and  hes looking forward to being a father

 he even took it upon himself to befriend the child. happy birthday, xander!

 hes a redhead.. huh..

 not many interesting developments to report. things are just chugging along smoothly. its bound to go smoothly when you live to be a thousand and life never changes lol (i need to change that) so i got bored and renovated the house a little. its a good house with everything i want and need, but it is just a tad too sprawling.

so i removed the secret vampire/magic room and instead, made it underground

i left the bookshelf door exactly where it was, but now instead of a small room that leads into the crypt, there is just a small room with a staircase

that leads DOWN to the crypt. the room is otherwise exactly the same as it was before. just underground. plus i added a little secret hallways connecting it to the other part of the cellar, but the hallway is hidden, and the doors are hidden. teehee.

so now if someone other than me were to play this house, they would not know this hallway is even here unless they started exploring the walls

ive tried using the WA secret doors for vampire rooms in the past, but since the sim has to unlock the door EVERY single time, it got on my nerves and i abandoned that idea.

well now since the main entry to the crypt is the sliding bookcase door, (which sims have no trouble finding on their own) i can put the other passage there as a sort of backdoor. i think its neat, and it really give this house some more personality i think :)

i doubt i will ever use the hidden hallway, but its just cool that its there. i guess is i really HAD to get from the crypt to the basement in a hurry, now i can, altho i cant foresee a scenario where i would need to.