well, fuck tumblr

i dont know why everyone seems to have flocked to that website cause its trash. took me over an hour to make a post only 5 pictures long cause i was typing in slow motion. and then the 'post' button never lit up. i seriously waited TWO FUCKING HOURS and never got to post my story. so whatever, im just going to keep posting my annoying shit here. if no one ever reads it, well..  no one did anyway haha

my new baby

introducing, Dookie! the duke of dook

hes only 9 weeks old <3

this might go back to being my personal blog

and ill start posting my game stuff on tumblr. its confusing over there tho so it might take me a while to get comfortable with it.

i tend to not do well with change. but the internet (and life) moves fast, so i need to get myself out of the comfy little ruts ive dug for myself and try new things.

still not sure i like it over there, so i just may end up back here anyway lol

why do i do this to myself

i started another legacy. yes another one, thats.. i think 5 ongoing legacys now. i must be manic. there is no other explanation for why im rapid cycling thru sims families. i started a new town and everything. oooh but the new town is cool. i deleted just about all the ea sims and added all our custom ones. that and the mods that i have to control everything its going to be awesome. i almost moved the hemlocks and just played them in the new town. but instead i made a new vampire family that is slightly different. all of their dark forms are demons >:)

they are the demonik family. hahaha hehehe MUAHAHAHAHA

Goth Legacy 3

Salazar got himself a cat. her name is toonces

 alec was already growing cat nip in the garden so he gave some to toonces. she likes it :)

 she is sleeping on the fridge for some reason

 is that?

 yes indeed. kierra is getting abducted. right out of the house haha

 kierra was true to her word and has been faithful to alec since they were married.

bonding over breakfast

 bella has been around long enough. its time for the reaper to take her

 uhoh.. it looks like kierra's alien adventures left her with a souvenir

alec knows kierra didnt exactly cheat on him.. but hes not exactly happy about another pregnancy that isnt his.

 donte got a cat as well. this one is called apollo

kierra is huge! after 4 pregnancies she is starting to put on a bit of weight. the alien baby was a boy, and she sent him for adoption as well. now alec and kierra can focus on having another child of their  line. so far there is only salazar, who is a pretty good heir, but there really should be a backup. so t…

Goth Legacy 2

Kierra and Bella have a nice breakfast on the patio by the pool. why the nanny invited himself is beyond me.

 i let my daughter decorate for me (since im terrible at details like that) and she poshed up the manor pretty nicely

 kierra's adventures around town got her an unexpected pregnancy by some random dude. this is donte. alec knows this isnt his child, but he seems to love him anyway. the third of kierra's children, the first illegitimate child she had she gave away for adoption. alec was upset about it. not about the infidelity (he is used to that) but the fact that she took this child away from him. so when donte came around she decided to keep him

 the idiot nanny managed to set himself on fire.

shortly after the nanny burned up, mortimer died as well.

so grimmy was hanging around for a while

and young salazar went into a depression. he lost his caregiver and his grandfather in one day

 kierra has all but completed her ltw of being the town whore. there is only one mo…

The Goth Legacy

last thing i need is another legacy. but here i am, starting another one. ive always been fond of the Goth family, but not their genetics, so i guess i like the 'idea' of the goth family but not the family themselves. so i decided to remake them on my own terms.

i took the premade family into cas and deleted the children. then i rolled randomise untill morty and bella had faces i could live with. then i aged them to elder and rolled them two children. the legacy will begin with them. starting out on gen two haha.

 we also renovated the house at hounds tooth in brindleton bay. its now new goth manor.

 the new bella

 the new morty

the eldest child, Victor.

 his sister, Kierra. shes a bit of a floozy. already hooked up with half the guys she had met. one of which is Alec from my Gallows legacy. they hit it off so well i moved him in. well, he knocked her up on their first date so it seemed logical to add him to the family. his sister maritza will be the heir back at the gallows h…