Pazuzu and Kimberly's big day arrived

 it was a lovely ceremony. except for the part where she kept getting leafy hair

 half the guests were still arriving. i wanted to hurry it up because kimberly needed water. right after the 'i dos' she jumped in the pool

 refreshed and hydrated, it was time for cake!

 oops. lost another sibling. i shouldnt have too many events during the day time

 downloaded a buttload of new hairs and gave kimberly a makeover. i love her

 they finally had a child of their own! little Sithra. looks like my mod to allow weird hair colors be genetic works just fine. was tired of all the blonds in this family.

 i just cant get over how cute she is.

 pazuzu is making pretty good money doing almost nothing. he gets 3-4 k for random artifact mailings. plus the  3-5 k he makes whenever he feels like opening his store. and kimberly is bringing in that sweet criminal money.

 caught the ghost of nixon getting freaky with the nanny, what the hell

 so hard to ge…

Demonik- new blood

so very much has happened! the household has gone thru many drastic changes since last we met.

 pazuzu has aged up and settled into his demon form. all other children have moved out, and its just him and killian now.

 this fishing spot seems to be in backwards. and another one on this island doesnt even work. great job EA. he is still working on getting that one last fish he needs for his LTW. im about to give up. hes been to every single fishing spot in the game

 pazuzu has taken his dad's brief hobby and turned it into his career. after reaching a sufficient level in vampirism so he is immune to the sun, he goes to the jungle to collect relics.

 he has very few needs that need refilling in the jungle so he can search uninterrupted for quite some time. one quick little nap and hes on his way again.

 he then takes his treasures home and sells them in an antique shop. 'demonik artifacts' is the new family store

 one day, this interesting lady came into the store to buy some…


been fiddling with updates and mods so things are a little up in the air right now. but for the most part, the game is functioning.

 Atreyu, the eldest child

 he and Nuada bonding while miko sits on the damn table again. i just cant get her to stop doing that

 killian has been all over the place trying to finish his fishing ltw. sylvan glade, jungle town, forest land, he still needs just two more. ARG

 killian 'accidentally' cursed lia with an artifact he found in the jungle and shes randomly catching on fire now. good thing grimmy was here to put her out

 shortly after that,  lia burned to death on the sidewalk after coming home from work. whoopsie. maybe next time dont have the insatiable thirst trait, because it pisses me off

 everyone ran out to gawk at her. some didnt bother putting their snacks down. *munch munch* 'aw, lookit that. so sad' *munch munch*

 and this was right after lia gave birth to triplets. i didnt want triplets. i didnt even want any more kids at…


decided to get back into the sims again. kinda not feeling my hemlock family right now, so i went to check in on my demoniks. but their house is boring and small so  NEW BUILD TIME!

 i used the same lot that my hemlocks live on. its a good lot and its large. i had no real ideas for the house and just winged it. this is what i ended up with. its odd but im diggin it

  set up the backyard almost the exactly same as the hemlocks.


i barely remember what i was doing with this family, its been so long. so i aged the toddlers up because i dont care.

the picture of the first born, Atreyu, seems to be missing. i KNOW i took one. :/. here is the second born. Nuada. he kinda looks like Spock lol

ive mostly just been building and playing with all the new shit i downloaded, so not much has happened.


so after my disappointing start in the new town, i started another new game with the same name as the old one. SparkleParty.  its the exact same map :o. i popped into existence in pretty much the same area i was living in before, and i found my way to my lot near the beach, and began building my fort again lol. same fort, same location. this time its a multiplayer game because every time this crap has happened to me its always been a single player game. so lets hope that makes some kinda difference. i build my fort on top of a graveyard, so this time i also filled in the graves with blocks instead of just paving over them. maybe it needed more support or something.

so far so good, but its only day 6 and it was almost day 14 when the other one went kablooey. but ive got most of it built, i just need to fill in the wood frames. it has a kill floor and two lookout towers, and a great view of the lake behind me. it will be fun to live here. :)

heres hoping the save lasts more than a week …

fuck you, 7 days to die

started a new game (again) the other day and found this really great spot on only day 2. little beach on a beautiful lake, just a stones throw away from a trader AND a town. and neither visible from my lot. so i spend the first red night on top of a shamway in the town, and im slowly clearing my lot, and preparing my building plans. went to sleep thinking about the lot and how cool my fort was gonna be.

got the basic structure made this morning and completed the steel front full of spikes and blade traps. laid out my floor plan and got all my crap moved in and was so excited to start fixing it up and finish building it.. and the game has a critical error and corrupts my fucking data.

ARG! why does this only godam happen on games im REALLY happy in? last three maps i was bored to death and hated the location my fort was in. now i have no choice but to start over AGAIN.

and i already dont like the new map. so now torn between continuing to explore and waste my time, or start yet another…


well that's just SUUPER. so my family already had two kids and then Tanvi goes and has freekin triplets. really?

 shes pretty huge but i never would have guessed she had three in there

 Negan, Tegan, and Megan. i think they are identical, which would be a first for me. i aged them in cas just to see what they look like as adults and the boys are definitely identical. its possible the girl is also. she is currently my heir pick, but i might keep the boys too

omg my client is Barbie!

Tanvi having a snack in the wedding arch/graveyard/garden while her dead father in law is visiting. this is a strange family lol

i completely demolished their castle too and rebuilt it. its more of a manor now than a castle but its decent. lets see how many generations i can go before changing it again! (i get tired of houses fast)

Dax loving on hs doggy <3