Tuesday, September 19, 2017

prom mod test

so i was looking around, trying to find ways to make sims 4 more interesting. while looking at a murder mod, i saw an ad for a prom mod. went there and checked it out and it seemed promising, so i downloaded it. its really pretty cool. the way the girl (or guy) made this is kinda brilliant. it works right along with the vanilla function of the game, and seems like a legitimate feature.

 one of my current families has teens, so i used them for this test. this is Maritza Gallows. she calls to make a social event, like you would any other party. she and her brother are hosts, and she invites every teen in town. you dont even have to know them, every teen in town is available to invite.

 there is a custom prom venue you can place in town (or build your own if you want)

 the atmosphere is pretty promtastic

 a few kids starting showing up and getting on the dance floor. there are custom objectives too. show off your outfit, dance, socialize, etc.

 more and more people began showing up. this party id boppin now!

 there is punch and refreshments and even a bartender. if you bring a chaperone, you can take your teen's prom picture as well.

 it was a huge success. every teen in town came to the prom

 Maritza got her prom pic with her brother since she doesnt yet have a date

 Alec is such a nerd he is doing homework AT THE PROM

not a glitch or a hiccup! Maritza completed all her prom objectives and became prom queen! there are prom moodlets and rewards. and a great way to get your teen out there to meet other teens! really fun mod, and it works great, 5 stars!

you can find it here! Prom Mod

Thursday, September 14, 2017

7d2d moat pit experiment

 so back to my 7d2d game where i built the moat. had some issues with the ground where it wouldnt let me build. wood frames kept exploding when i tried to place them :(

so i had to get a little creative with my build and wasnt able to do what i originally intended to do. but i think the finished product came out pretty cool.

 i build the house on stilts since half the ground seemed unusable. its unusual shape is due to not being able to place the pillars where i wanted to.

the area in front of the house was completely unbuildable. so i ended up just planting a bunch of trees there. which is working out pretty well actually, i have a never ending supply of firewood, and i dont have to take from the forest

 im somewhat proud of this room.  i wanted open and airy so i figured out a way to make skylights. you cant place glass at an angle so i never managed to get it to work before. but with A16 they added glass ramps. they are a little thick but i was able to accomplish what i had in mind. the fireplace chimney is in the way here, i need to move it. its in one of the skylights and that is bugging me

 there we go. fixed the fireplace. now the chimney goes thru the wood and not the glass. the side of the fireplace is RIGHT up against the door now tho so its a little bit of a tight squeeze but whatever.

 dawn. the light coming in just looked so lovely.

 i love this house

im on a sort of little island. all by myself. the road is in front of my lot and water it on the other side of that. the lake is on the side of me and the town is on the other, but up a hill and not directly in my view. its very secluded but at the same time, im near EVERYTHING. i even have two traders in short distance.

this is a great place, im enjoying this location. i also got  a mod launcher (yay!) so i can use mods now. im using  a UI mod that gives you a larger backpack. i can finally loot without having to run home 3 times to empty my pack

Monday, September 11, 2017

well its ruined now...

i cant play the sims anymore. the sims is just dead to me i guess. havent  been able to load up sims 4.. its just so.. fucking boring.

so loaded up the sims 3 for some good ol gameplay... and ugh..  i cant even look at it now. the sims are old looking and bleh. i couldn't even get thru CAS

so now i cant play EITHER sims... the franchise is ruined. i can never play again. good job EA

Thursday, September 7, 2017

well shit

so now after spending a (game) week building that damn pit, i cant even build on the ground above it. all my woodblocks keeps crashing into the ground and exploding.... like they are suspended with no support except they are on the GROUND.

so i cant even build my house now...

and it was such a great pit :(

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

trying something new on 7d2d

i have a great fort on my other save game, but i had an idea (ok stole an ideafromm someone else' build) to make this sort of moat thing. so far i have no house lol. i just finished building my pit moat and its day 7 already. my 'house' i a field, a sleeping bag and a campfire lol. surrounding the field is a 4 block deep pit, with spikes along each side wall. the front wall is lower that the back wall, for obvious reasons. I want the rotters to fall in, but not climb back out on MY side

first preliminary tests are good! red night went smoothly and even the damn zombie dogs didnt reach me on my side of the pit. the ramps didnt work as intended tho. i was hoping the zombies would slide down into the pit, instead they just kinda walk on them. so i might make those spikes too

Thursday, August 10, 2017

well the goths already bore me

this game SERIOUSLY needs some stuff to do. there was SO much you could do in sims 3. if im not currently an herbalist or a musician, its like there is absolutely nothing to do all day. im not going to build skills i dont need. and why would i want EVERY sim to have all the same skills anyway? they cant all be gardener/rocket making/violinists. maybe im missing something but im bored bored bored.

so i killed Cassandra.


took them on vacation to try to alleviate some boredom. didnt work. was as boring as before. so i thought a little death would perk things up. eh. it was ok. i set her on fire. the family cried boohoo.

then bella went into labor so i had to go home because she cant give birth in the woods i guess. they had a daughter named Ariel.

but they are still not very interesting. maybe its the house. ive never really been able to play EA houses for some reason. maybe if i rip it down and build my own thing it will be less awful. dont have any ideas atm tho.. and the lots are SO FUCKING SMALL

why do i even keep playing this?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

oh my goth

downloaded a 'new' town that has fixed up and custom lots, and custom townies. but it still has the original EA townies, so when i loaded it up i decided to play the goths just because i already have like 2 active games and i didnt want to make any new sims to get attached to.

well now im attached to the goths! lol whoops. i took them into CAS to tweak them just a little. the changes are so subtle most people wouldn't notice. i didnt change alexander or cassandera because i plan on letting bella and morty breed more, so ill have a large pool of heirs to choose from.

i also moved their house to the vampire town, as it seems to belong there. after doing that, i realized that house is kinda small so i moved them into the vatore mansion lol

 unfortunately, i didnt notice mortys big ugly monkey ears. ill have to go back in and fix those. i  made the slope of his nose more gentle and i changed his eyes a little. i also gave him a more flattering skin overlay.

 bella telling morty she is expecting! i didnt change much about her at all. i gave her green eyes and a skin overlay. i may have smoothed her nose a little as well. (why to the goths always have horrible noses?)

 i moved the vatores out, but i guess they are still around somewhere because caleb is sneaking into my house...

 ahh he bit morty!

poor morty. so sad. cassandra and alexander bore me. they will be kicked out as soon as they reach age.

 i still havent gotten to explore much of the town yet.  there are supposedly all new community lots and old ones upgraded to have newer things in them like bowling alleys and whatnot. i may end up using this town for everybody if it was done really well lol. (not sure how tho since its technically just somebody's save file)