well that's just SUUPER. so my family already had two kids and then Tanvi goes and has freekin triplets. really?

 shes pretty huge but i never would have guessed she had three in there

 Negan, Tegan, and Megan. i think they are identical, which would be a first for me. i aged them in cas just to see what they look like as adults and the boys are definitely identical. its possible the girl is also. she is currently my heir pick, but i might keep the boys too

omg my client is Barbie!

Tanvi having a snack in the wedding arch/graveyard/garden while her dead father in law is visiting. this is a strange family lol

i completely demolished their castle too and rebuilt it. its more of a manor now than a castle but its decent. lets see how many generations i can go before changing it again! (i get tired of houses fast)

Dax loving on hs doggy <3

well i was quite proud of henry yesterday

he got into several fights and managed to survive each one. which i quite an improvement from previous tries. i did buy him a better weapon, so i guess that helps a lot. got jumped on the road twice. once by invaders, who were quite well equipped. i managed to trounce them both. then by some bandits, who weren't much more than peasants with weapons. i enhanced my gear with what i took from the invaders and the peasants really had no chance. looting bodies is pretty much how my henry gets all his money haha. they all had crap i could sell and coin to add to my collection.

and i finally found the alchemy bench! alchemy is pretty interesting. you dont just walk up to the crafting table and push a button and the character makes things, oh no. you have to do it yourself. you have to put each ingredient into the cauldron at the correct times, heat it properly, time it properly, and so on. if you mess up the recipe your potion doesn't come out right and you lose your ingredients.


of course my luck has run out

there is no avoiding the combat anymore :(. i new it would happen eventually. ive reached a point now where i NEED combat skills to continue. there is no other way around it, its a large battle. after dying about oooh 12 times i restarted a previous save. now im just wandering around, but im going to need to learn how to do this thing, or the game is over.

its just so clumsy. and i have to PAY to train. so i guess ill just have to wander the woods at night and hope i stumble onto a bandit or two (hopefully not more than that) and get some 'real' practice.

in the meantime, there are a bunch of side quests i can distract myself with. i hope the main storyline doesnt have a time limit on it haha. that would be awkward :/

"henry we've been waiting a month and a half! where have you been?"

"uh.. picking flowers?."

Kingdom Come screenshots

well DUH i forgot steam had its own screenshot thingy, so i went back in and got a few.

 this  is my view outside the inn room where im staying. its just becoming dawn now

 a little bit of the town

 my horse, Pebbles. isnt she cute?

 crossing a river. i love how the hooves make a different sound on the wood

 one of the neat things in this game is when you look down, you dont just see the ground, you see your body. and look on the road there, horse crap! nice touch

 passed by a pasture with some cattle grazing

 coming up on that monastery i mentioned

 i love the red stone, it looks really nice

 they are doing some renovations, it seems.

just some medieval brick-a-brak. i swear these pictures dont even go the game justice. it looks so fucking fantastic 'in person.'

Kingdom Come, Deliverance

been waiting for this game for a few years now and it finally released (yay) so ive been playing it for a few days now.

its a really spectacular game but its got some issues

combat is terrible. awkward, clunky,  not intuitive at all and definitely not fun. melee is a nightmare of dodge, push the button at exactly the right time or NOPE you died.
archery isnt any better. the fucking arrow swings around like the character is drunk. who holds a bow like this? sure as shit not me. couldn't hit a dam tree let alone a movie target.

luckily, the game allows you to more or less avoid combat and advance the story, if you are clever at it. so far, ive been in maybe one skirmish. (that i survived) i spent at least my first 3 (real life) days just waiting for the (in game) day i would finally get a horse. i loooove horses :)

i finally do get my horse, and my disappointment in the game continues. steering your horse is, like one fellow put it, like steering a locomotive. when you are just walk…

Demonik 2

i ended up going with Killian, as he had a more interesting personality. i moved Esmerelda into the house next door, which is where i discard all the family members i dont want anymore

 hes a fisherman and a painter. and a pretty happy go lucky guy.

 grandmother came for a visit. keeping those family ties fresh

 killian had a brief fling with a girl he met.

but that ended when he met lia vometaremostro. she captivated him with her beauty

 and her tooty. true to her name 'fartmonster'

 esmerelda is expecting! she is not yet married so the father could be anybody. killian is going to be an uncle!

 not wanting esmerelda to beat him at heir making, he set to work making lia his bride

 he proposed at the romance festival and they were married right there in front of everyone. it was the happiest day of his life

 not long after lia gave birth to a boy

 killians first born son! his name is atreyu

there is no child or toddler hair the correct color palate for this particular family …


ok this is going to be a long one! i have finally decided im keeping my demonik family and they are turning into one of my most played legacies so they deserve a post.  here are most of the pics i have, i hope i can remember what went on

a normal looking enough house, and a normal looking enough family. but they have a secret. a dark secret.

 Nixon Demonik. he lives in town with his parents, Kareem and Carley, and his sister Jaylah. they are different from the other families in town. they turn into demons and feed on mortal souls

 nixon went downtown to meet some ladies. he found a real sexy mannequin and proceeded to dance with her for most of the afternoon. he also forgot he was in demon form, or didnt care

 on his quest to meet eligable ladies, he found a girl at the club with the same hair color as him. they hit it off fast, but she just wasnt interested in him romantically.

 for weeks nixon went to clubs looking for missus right. he had a lot of fun playing pranks on people, caus…