Friday, September 30, 2016

well i never would have expected this

 well college went well. driving the motive magenta everywhere was super helpful

 she woohood random dudes

 and set the bowling alley on fire.

 she still cant sing

so after a fairly uneventful time at uni she graduated and came home. she got into the military and is advancing quickly. but she needs to find a husband fast. times a wastin!

 went to vargs tavern to check out the locals.. omg some old couple just woohood in my car!

 i invited the paparazzi in so she could 'meet' the cowplant. poor thing got sick and barfed her back up :(

 after a week or so of just clubbing and going to work, it seemed likley that she wasnt going to find an available man during her breeding window its gotta happen now or you will end up with more orphans cause your ass is gonna die of old age. so she made a wish on the genie for a big family too bad the genie cant just give her a husband

 she invited over a guy she met online since she was 'feeling fertile'.  turns out hes got a girlfriend (dammit dont they all?) but she fooled around with him anyway.

 success! her one dalliance prooved fruitful. but she is still unmarried. she needs to fix that, and fast.

 oh no..... QUADS! and she lives alone! this is a disaster! Andromeda




what will she do? bonehilda is broken and she doesnt have a plumbot! well at least she got plenty of heirs to choose from hahaha

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

just a quick update

Nedira has had a more or less uneventful teen-hood. she went to school, got good grades, yadayada. once or twice got caught by police for being out too late, but who are they going to tell? hahaha

met an sorta cute boy at the club one night. but hes got a girlfriend :/

 (using cheats) she got her classicly cool car back again!

 and its time to age up! both she and her brothers missed the prom. i might need to adjust the age manager, because the prom always seems to come like 4 days after teens age up

 wow she is lovely. really a perfect blend of Mandrake and Tisha. i have like 0 goals for her to accomplish in life, so ill send her to college and see what happens

she took a technology degree path because she rolled the LTW to be an astronaut. shes got herself a roommate and lives in a really swanky future pad. nothing interesting usualy happens in college, so she might not be updated for a while

Monday, September 26, 2016

maybe im just cursed

or whatever family i deem my favorite, anyway.
so now aurora skies is crashing too. but not in the same way it was crashing in that other town. now its jut freezing up and i have to task manager out.
i havent added anything that i can think of, so i dunno why its doing this now.

well its tolerable for the most part, just irritating. other than that the game is still running pretty good.

 Davaro aged up and im not impressed.

 Mandrake accidentally became a celebrity, so now paparazzi are camping out on the deck. what better way to practice witchery than to have an endless supply of toad prospects!

 Nedira wanted to go sing some karaoke. there just happens to be a karaoke place right across the street. unfortunately, she is terrible. please never sing again Nedira

 Nedira sat in the classically cool fixerupper car, listening to tunes. her dad promised to build it for her for when she was a teen

 and he worked on it frequently.

 a burglar came. Bonehilda beat the crap out of her! haha

 Lucien is all grown up! he and his brother are seriously unfavorable, so i moved them both out. its just Mandrake and Nedira now

 and Mandrake is aging rapidly! hopefully he can hang in there to accomplish all his goals before he kicks the bucket.

 Nedira turned teen soon after. huzzah.

 as he was out fixing up the car, he suddenly died. the car glitched and died too. Nedira lost her father and her birthday present.

 now shes forced to ride her hoverboard everywhere, as she never got taught how to drive.

 its not easy being an orphan, but shes getting by, hanging out with her cats and holo buddy, and building skills

light saber umbrella!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

well no more custom towns.. for now

after suffering from several random crashes, error traps and other nonsense, i decided to evacuate the town the Samhain's lived in.
besides, all the community lots were empty and that annoyed me. the BIG problem was, i build them a house in a custom sculpted coastline, and finding a spot for it in a new town will prove to be challenging.

i ended up on aurora skies. its a lovely little town that i havent really played in enough. plus is has a lot of beach, and this is a beach house.
BUT this house was built on a hill, that slopes gently down to a beach, and all of aurora skies is pretty much flat,.

it did take some landscape sculpting to get their house to fit, but i think i blended it pretty well. of course, now its up on stilts WAY above the ground and thats kinda odd haha.

 Mandrake is a good little stay home pappy. since hes an alchemist he can stay home all day. and using magic and elixirs to keep his motives up, hes on call 24/7.

 the second born is about to age up!

 Mandrake is so fucking cute sometimes. i wasnt going to make them have anymore kids, but he rolled the 'have a child' want so i said screw it. lets do this.

 their back deck overlooks the sea now. its very peaceful.

 a little girl was born! (the first girl child since i  reinstalled)

 i think Tisha is losing her mind. she was originally build to be the town bimbo, now shes been roped into this family life.

 i guess it really took a toll on her, because as i was doing something in another part of the house with Mandrake, she killed herself. cowplant ate her right up.

 Mandrake didnt take it well. he showered affection on his little girl, who looks like her mother. then when the eldest child became a teen, he just left.

hes been at the casino ever since. drowning his sorrows in slot machines

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Adventures of Mandrake

 Mandrake is getting off to a good start. hes an alchemist, being a witch and a gatherer it seemed a natural choice

 hes got a nice little garden room in his home. and insisted on adopting a kitten. this is Kohl.

 playing with the hypto machine. still not sure what it does lol

 one day, Mandrake met a boob monster named Tisha. they hit it off really well and she moved in the very next day. shes a bit slutty, so i have to change some of her traits/LTW if i intend for her to be the marrying type.

 the town im playing has like 0 community lots. so i added a casino and sent the young couple down there to have some fun. turned out to be VERY worth it, as Mandrake won 5000 simoleans on a slot machine. now he can pay the rent! to celebrate he married Tits Mcgee right there in the casino

 and for a while things were just fine. Tisha fit into the household well enough, they were happy and somewhat prosperous for broke people.

 lucky for Mandrake, there is a spawn right outside his beach house, so he can collect ingredients for his potions.

 will the maids EVER stop trying to eat the cake?

 i changed Tish's LTW from community girlfriend to renaissance sim. so she needed to master 3 skill lines. randomly she chose martial arts, so i got her the items. shes is kicking ass

 Mandrake has almost mastered alchemy! but time is ticking and we need to stop poppin out heirs soon. they've been risky woohooing since their wedding night, and so far nothing. i know its not Tish, she has a baby with some other guy from before they met. so maybe Mandrake is sterile?

ahaa! it finally happend! Tisha's feeling barfy :D with only 2 days to go to aging up to adult, shes sure is cutting it close.
they are still broke as hell and cant afford a kid, but that legacy train has to keep chugging haha. hopefully these two blend well, they both have pretty good genes. but you can never tell how badly genes might mix together

and Mandrake adopted another cat! this one called Sooty. another all black one with a poofy tail