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my macho pencil

i found a colored pencil in the drawer earlier today. its a nice big fat one with all different colors swirled together. but since its so think, i dont have a pencil sharpener big enough to fit it into.

then i remembered, my dad used to use a knife to sharpen pencils. i dont think we even owned a pencil sharpener when i was a kid. i can remember when i needed to sharpen pencils and my dad wasnt around (i wasnt allowed to use a knife) i had to bite the off the wood around the lead with my teeth.

so i got one of my pocket knives (one that my dad gave to me, coincidentally)  and i start sharpening this huge ass pencil. and im musing, as i carved, as how manly it is to just hack away at a pencil with a knife.

no no, pencil sharpeners are way too mainstream for me. i sharpen my pencils like a real man. WITH A KNIFE. and i had a sort of new macho view of my dad. what a manly man he must have been. then i felt kinda manly too.

im like wow im so macho.. cutting this pencil with a knife like a…

elder scrolls online

the NDA has been lifted! we are allowed to talk about the game now :D i will share a few pics that i managed to get in there. (i didnt take too many cause of nda).

 this is my orc dragon knight. shes actualy pretty! dragon knight is pretty cool, its like an all in one badass machine. tank/dd, any kind of heavy fighting type class you want to make

 this is my khajiit templar. hes my favorite  <3

 the landscapes are beautiful. i had the graphics cranked up pretty high, and i got no lag. everything runs nice and smooth

 my templar again. templars are kinda like paladins. its a warrior/healing class. but in true elder scrolls fashion, all classes can be customized to your liking

hes a hunky shirtless khajiit lol

i also played an argonian mage, i guess i forgot to get her picture
mage is alot of fun too. plus, mages get to summon deadric critters to fight by their side. you start off with a scamp and you can level him up and morph the spell to get stronger creatures.

the spell morphing …

i guess its a good thing the sims 3 is done

cause i tried to install that free stuff pack from origin, and it says i dont have enough disk space! my computer is actually FULL.. of pretty much just the sims lol.

so i guess its a good thing i think the sims 4 looks like total shit, because i couldn't play it i i wanted to

what a bizare dream

i dont think ive ever dreamed in 'opera' before.
the opening scene was like powerful music and someone singing about the bad guys (i think they were vampires for some reason) who had conjured up some giant monster from the sea.

the hero, i think his name was Atreides, was visiting his tragic star crossed love, named Heron, who was a mermaid. she couldnt leave the water, and he couldnt join her in the sea, so they sang and cried about it.

then for some reason atredies got a letter from jimmy kimmel (dont ask me, dreams are weird) that said 'i made this, and out your name on it, love jimmy kimmel' and it was a collage of pasted magazine picture, but for some reason atreides knew that the sea monster was attacking.

so he steered his ship towards the thing (the whole dream was still in song)
and an epic battle ensued. atreides was thrown from his ship and presumed dead, but heron saved him.

and then i woke up, dammit. ill never know how it ended :'(

wow tho.. that dr…

dja ever notice

animal right activists love to throw paint on rich bitches wearing fur, but never once do you see them accosting a leather clad biker gang. so is leather NOT murder?  go ahead, make a stand. wait till i get my camera tho