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Harvest Moon- a new beginning

i finaly got this one!!


and it just might be my most favorite harvest moon yet!!
omg its so awesome! you can totaly customize your entire town. even your farm! i moved my barn, and my fields and even my house.
there are llamas and alpacas!

im not even into summer yet but i am already totaly hooked! 
i been playing grand bazarre for like a year or so and im still not into it -_-


well i wasnt really all that excited about it. but my boyfriend got it for 'me'. (he really got it for him)
but i been playing it and its pretty awesome. back to the old feel of the series when it was vice city and san andreas. the last one with nikko, i just couldnt get into that one. the controls, the look of the city, meh i just hated everything about it.

i been playing all day and i been having a blast :)
the cars drive real smooth. takes a little getting used to the new controls tho, i keep hitting the old buttons force of habit LOL.

i even got me a dog. my little cruisin buddy.. i put him in the car and roll the top down (you can actualy roll down convertibles now :D) and drive him out to the beach to chase a ball and shit.

plus i got attacked by a puma... SO unexpected... i blew up my jeep offroading and was trying to snag a new vehical when RAAWR!! outta nowhere a puma lol.


anybody seen HippieDippie lately?

some of us on facebook havent seen her in a while and were worried. at first i thought she just deleted me and thats why i didnt see her posting anymore. (i kinda wondered what i did to piss her off, but i do tend to have that effect on people) but others are looking for her too so maybe she is sick or something.. i hope she is ok.

please somebody tell me shes around somewhere.

a love story that is outta this world (or, my daughter the alien)

it started off innocent enough. crop circles, mutilated cattle, and strange green snowmen.

 then light appeared in the sky

 my farmer, Nick Wantanabe, was curious and went to investigate. he was captured.

 he was shortly let go, but started to feel a little strange. he put on weight, and sometimes his belly glowed

 one day after breakfast his stomach exploded in green light

 a beautiful green baby girl appeared in his arms! He named her Stardust.

 Nick was happy to be a father (eve if he was hijacked into it) and spent every spare moment with his little gift from above.

 a being showed up on the door step one evening. Her name was Shannan, and she claimed to be Stardust's mother.

 just in time for Stardust's birthday!

 His bouncing baby girl was bald as could be.

 Shannan stayed for a while but the atmosphere didnt agree with her, and she passed away. Nick had to raise Stardust alone again.

 She grew into a fine little girl. with hair even!

 Nick adored her

and now she is a…

dont give a dam.

about the sims 4. ive seen the screenies, and the videos and been to the forum. honestly im not impressed at all. it looks like they were making a web game and just forgot to make it on the web.

this is a step up? sorry ill be sticking with ts3 for now. sure its got its problems. its buggy as fuck and you need mods just to run it properly, and some days i spend more time fixing than playing.

but the gameplay, graphics, and features are all awesome.
this is the first time i have NOT been excited for a new sims game. (not including URBZ. that one just looked strait dumb)

maybe im just getting old. thats a big part of it, i think. they are deliberately abandoning the player base that made this franchise, and are pandering to the new generation.  i will never understand why companies do that. is my money not good enough for you all of a sudden? this is my reward for product loyalty?

teenagers do not have more money to burn than adults. they (for the most part) dont even have jobs. so adu…


well today marks a momentous day in my household. we finally have a vehicle :D
i big ass dodge van, to be precise lol. we are thinking of naming her Berta.

she big and run down, but she still runs great and purrs like a kitten. the top is completely rust haha. but its cosmetic, we can give her a good paintjob when we have the money. plus she needs new tires and some other minor tweaks. overall, we got a great deal.

its so exciting to finally have a ride!

my sweet little argonian boy

ive adopted a new son!

isnt he just the cuuutiewootiest? i got a mod that adds an argonian and a khajiit child that you can adopt. im playing an argonian, and thought it would be nice to have one of my own kind :D

im tired of all the potato head nord kids. they all look the same

suck it, Alduin

kicked your ass once again! wasnt sure i really could with this toon. shes a spellsword, and just a bit on the squishy side. she pulled it off, tho. better than my previous character, who had a real rought time. (but Alduin was glitched and wasnt taking damage, so yeah that was fun)

 also, check out my awesome ghost dog pet!

i had a mod from the nexus that lets you tame animals from all over Skyrim.
you can tame almost anything you want. i was doing Labyrinthian when these spectral warhounds come running out. luckily i had no pet at the time so i whipped out my tame beast spell and blamo! ghost dog hehehe. i wasnt sure it would work on him, but it did!
hes so awesome XD


just finished the Falskaar mod storyline for skyrim.
but i think i screwed myself. just after the final battlefiel fight, i went wolf, and munched on a few leftover bodies that were lying around.
(a wolfs gotta eat)
so after snacking on all the casualties, i ran up to my next objective. i paused outside the door, afraid if i went in wolf i would get my allies to aggro me.
so i saved and went in just to see what happend.
they didnt seem to notice, but i was frozen. i could move around but i couldnt attack, or use inventory or activate any buttons at all.
so after sitting thru (another) long winded speech from the Jarl, i had to reload my previous save since i couldnt fight the last guy.
i load up and rest a few times so wolf wears off.
only now, i cant seem to interact with my follower anymore.
shes acting like i asked her to wait, and no other dialog shows up. so i drag her into the dungeon telling her to 'go here' the whole time.
listen to Jarl Yaksalot do his speech again an…