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spending my night simming and hangin out with my little one :)
hope everyone is having a good night, and stay safe out there

so hey mares, i was wondering...

i hate to ask a favor of you, considering all you have done for me over the years. and i know that you guys are mad at Simpletons right now.
but you know, that leather jacket you guys made for me way back when? i do so love that jacket ^_^
all my avi's wear it. but since it was made before seasons, it doesnt appear in the outerwear category. i dont know if its a huge pain to tweak that or not, and if it is, forget i asked. but if its not too much trouble, i would really appreciate it :)
bleh, i hate asking for things. i feel so 'beggy'
but i dont know how to do this myself and i love that jacket so much


well i found my daughter's origin, yay! now i can download showtime (and i  hope it doesnt ask me for the code cause the box is gone)

so hopefully ill be able to get all my sims updated today. i noticed on the hair blog that there are a few new nice ones too. aaand i got to update all my mods...

phew lots to do! and i have to figure out a way to get the Gravedigger family and my werewolves off my boyfriends pc and onto mine. uploading an entire town to any file sharing site is not going to work..

he said he would send them to me thru msn but i want it now!!!!! AHHH XD
O Tariq.... how i miss thee

im BACK >:)

my computer is finaly fixed!!! horray! now i have several days of updating and installing ahead of me lol. but oo how i have missed you *hugs PC*

i might finaly be getting my puter back!

a guy came today to look at it. he didnt have the part he needed (my pc had wierd thingys that didnt connect right to the other thingys) so he took it back to the shop with him. so, with any luck, ill have my baby back tomorrow <3

ill have all my simmies back at last! ive gotten 2 eps since that bastard broke lol.

and maybe now i can play my mmo without lagging out trying to walk thru town.. and i dont have to use this stupid old ass laptop all day! XD

Apocalypse now?

gee it was a day just like any other. who would have guessed? o yeah, anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

so i needed new sites to visit..

and i had like no ideas on how to find some. on a whim, i googled 'random.' i found this
 i shit you not. i heart google

need something to internet.

im bored. dont feel like playing anything and i am just killing time till dinner is done cooking. but ive gone to all my links over and over and nothing interesting is going on. anyone got any fun sites they know of i could visit? im not even sure how to FIND new shit. so i sit in my same little circle of internet forever and ever lol

well its about that time

i knowi posted this once before, but it bears repeating! lol my daughter made this and i think tis hilarious. and yes its satire

RL sucks

big hairy monkey balls. im going back to Skyrim/The Sims and never coming back out

nearly sick

i dont really watch the news or anything, i play video games all day long,. but someone shouted something about the shootings in world chat on FW and i had to investigate further. im kinda sorry i did.

as a mother i cant even put into words the grief and horror i feel for those families who lost all their babies. what a holiday... what kind of syko kills children?

and im sure he went out 'death by cop' so he cant be put to trial.. (im trying to avoid any more news on it, its really breaking my heart)
so now society will have no closure... we have to just sit and stew in the horror, grief, and senselessness of it all.

point blank... little darlings coloring, innocent little children.. i cant go on...

nothing to say

so i dunno why im even posting. i got nothin.. nada.... zilch.
so how about that holiday season eh? feelin festive? hey theres something i can post about.

Happy Christmaquanzika! thats like my favorite holiday word. its fun, say it. SAY IT!. isnt it fun?

and a happy new yeeeear