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so just about everyone in the household except the child got abducted today lol. the elder father, the adult son, and even the damn plumbot.
my town has a serious alien problem lol

Moray Lake

well its been an irritating day! tried so many times to get edit in game to work, for even a few minutes to change the things that need changed. and it will absolutely NOT work. so, the world is done. there is nothing else that can be done to it on my end. its not finished, but its as finished as its ever going to get.

on top of that, i cant log into my file sharing site anymore. since its been a long time, and my firefox had that meltdown the other day and lost all my cookies. and it wont let me reset my password either it just wants me to make a new account .

so i uploaded my world to the exchange.. only, where the hell IS the exchange anymore? (and it took me another hour to figure out how to log into origin since my cookies are gone)

well all that done i think i found the damn thing. i dont know if the exchange even works anymore, but here goes.

Moray Lake

some info!

this is a large town, but it is minimally populated with lots so lag shouldnt be a big problem. i was unable to add…

well Moray Lake is almost ready

there is nothing else i can do with edit in game being all crashy like it is, so the town will have to be released as is.

its more or less done, but the player will have to add a lot of lots because i just couldnt do it.

ill be testing more and taking pics over the next few days and them ill have an upload for anyone who wants to try it out. its a nice town imo.

its got a city area, large enough for almost every EP lot, lots of country side, lots of beach front property and plenty of ports. even dive lots (which i couldnt get finished, so they are just empty)

there is more than enough room in this town for every singe ea store lot and ep lot you could have your little heart set on. and plenty more room for custom stuff. i love big towns! and its not super laggy, at least not on my machine.

so far im enjoying living there, and i hope you will too :)

i would have given up if i hadnt already gone so far

usually im quite the quitter. but i was feeling particularly persistent the other day so i tried fiddling with CAW AGAIN. i readon somewhere that changing the fog settings in CAW might make a difference. the problem i was having was not the exact same problem that person was having, so i dismissed that solution at first. but, being out of other options , i went ahead and tried it anyway. it did seem to help a little. and it seemed to effect my ingame worlds, without even exporting anything. here are some comparison pics.

 not the best representation of what i was seeing, but the only pic i have. this was taken from my house in game. you cant even see down the road, it all sky and fog. driving anywhere looked like sims 2. just emptyness.

after changing the fog setting.

things are much crisper, and vibrant, and you can actually see buildings now. there is still some hazyness in the distance, but thats fine. at least i can see now! it was IMPOSSIBLE to try to place lots when the entire w…

screw you right to hell CAW

i dont know what happens or why, but CAW is all but useless to me now. got the finishing touches on my town and pretty much DONE with it, and now i get this edit in game fog bullshit. everything is white, everywhere. its does it in edit game, and it does it in the actualy game too. and now even my OTHER town, which i have had installed for a good while now, has the fog. only MY towns have it, other custom towns and ea towns do not.

and i googled around, and there is basically no fix aside form editing the ini files which im not about to do.

so yeah, fuck you, CAW. fuck you right in the ass. i spent a YEAR working on this town.

now i can never use it, and neither can anyone else. fuck fuck fuck YOU