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i feel like im missing out

there is so much happening in the sims world right now, and im like totaly left behind. the official site is just depressing. all the new features and addons and eps that i wont be able to get for who knows how long.
this sucks.

the one place in the world i thought i belonged, and its left me in the dust. .... *sigh*

back to skyrim i guess

well im back

kinda. having pc troubles again. i just cant catch a break it seems. so the uber game rig i just got like a year ago went pthhh on me about a month ago. power supply fried -_-.
so im computerless again.  didnt have any internet on my lappy so i havnt been able to get online. didja miss me??...... whats that? didnt even notice i was gone?? *_*
well i am online again at least, but my gaming rig is still down.
when supernatural is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME my pc turns on me:(

hopefully i can get it up and running again soon.  well in the meantime, its good to be back ^_^