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a little girl died yesterday

i didnt know her, but shes my daughters age, and she lives very close by. my neighbors' kids apparently knew her. there is a very somber shadow over my neighborhood today.  i dont know if my daughter knew her... i guess ill find out today if she comes home from school crying.
i read in the local news yesterday that someone had fallen into the river and rescues crews were on the scene. i didnt think much else of it, when i read they had rushed someone to the hospital. i assumed since they had gone to the hospital, they would probably be ok. i had no idea someone died.. i had no idea it was a child.
altho this was not anyone i know, it has effected me. a child is dead. she lived nearby, and the kids in my neighborhood knew her. this is real. its hard to shrug off something like that. ive always had a very cold -matter of fact- way of dealing with death and hardship in my own life. but for some reason when it happens to someone else, it really messes me up

you make me sick

Texas prom queen arrested for allegedly faking cancer, raising $17,000 By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow – 4 hrs ago Angie Gomez has been accused of faking cancer (Image credit: El Paso Times)A Texas prom queen whose fellow students donated more than $17,000 to her charity has been arrested and accused of faking cancer. ABC affiliate KVIA reports that 19-year-old Angie Gomez faces a felony charge and is being held on a $50,000 bond after being arrested on Friday. She is charged with starting a fake charity after falsely claiming to be suffering from leukemia.
Her fellow students donated to the "Achieve the Dream Foundation," which Gomez set up. She was also treated to her own prom by Da Vinci High School after missing the school's prom due to her alleged illness. That same month, police received an allegation that Gomez did not actually appear to be ill.
A subsequent investigation found that Gomez had never been a patient at the hospitals where she claimed to ha…

I officialy HATE Katy Perry

just gonna keep dragging this infantile bullshit on and on, eh EA? fuck you to every long term player and supporter of this franchise. you know, i was like 23 or something when i first started playing the sims. i would have hated this shit back THEN too.
why pander to the teenyboppers? they have an attention span of like 2 minutes. you think you are garnering new long term customers here? no, you are only pissing off the people who already ARE.



for like 2 years now i have been eagerly awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2. now that the time is almost here, i find myself extremely dissapointed. ive been listening to what people who have beta tested it have been saying (i didnt get in to the beta) and ive read about the new features and game structure. they seem to have completely destroyed EVERYTHING about guild wars that made it special and stand alone from other online games. now its just like every other open world douchebag fest in the world.
what happened to our private maps? i LOVED that feature. i hate being pestered by every dipshit with an internet connection and a copy of the game, running his mouth on the chat channel to anyone who will listen (and in alot of games, you are forced to because you cant turn off world chat)
GW2 now has an open world, just like every other mmo. yawn. they also got rid of the duel class feature. i dont know why, i LOVED this! i made almost all my characters mixed with ranger so i could h…

y u no tell me?

lol ok i have apparently been out of touch for a while (ive been addicted to my mmo and ive had RL things going on)
why didnt anyone tell me about this golden poo thing? i SO would have voted XD
im so pleased EA has come in first! huzzah! finaly an award they deserve!

people are dumb

i have always thought it was pretty stupid when people name their MMO characters after their profession. (supermage, nuker, elitetank, etc) but its really REALLY stupid, when you misspell it.

saw a guy in the world chat earlier named Pirest.  ... a priest... who obviously misspelled his name. it also buggs me when people misspell guild names.

you know, im not a terrific speller. but if im going to be sporting the name on top of my head for months/years to come, IT HAD FUCKING BETTER BE SPELLED RIGHT. it doesnt take too much effort to open up dictionary .com to double check

testing Tera again this weekend

and i finaly found my screenshots! lol. here are the screens i took of it (my last toon and my new one)

it really is beautiful. and i LOVE being able to use the xbox controller to play this game. so far tho, im finding a slight lack of gameplay, but its early yet and im still getting used to things. im not a person who is drawn by grinding. so if this is all this game has to offer, it will not hold my interest very long. but i have a feeling that once you dive in a little deeper, there is alot more to do.. (i hope)