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ive failed as a parent

i just realized last night that my children have never seen ghostbusters. or beetlejuice. OR the addamns family. wtf is wrong with me??

surgery and vendetta

well its been a busy weekend. so i tried to get my bf to play that in-game forsaken server i mentioned, and he got annoyed at the lack of leaves and left. i was still totaly willing to stay there. but he discovered that our old private server, forsaken world vendetta, is back online. they apparenty renovated the entire site and the game, and now its back in beta.

so i reluctantly went back there (not because i didnt like it there, but because i HATED leveling to 80 in an hour, there is nothing to do)

but they lowered the xp rate, so its not as crazy as before. not like in-game, but i might be able to live with it.

and my daughter just got back from the hospital. monday morning she had belly pain and a fever so we took her to the ER and it turned out she had appendicitis. so 5 years old and had to go thru surgery :(

she is doing ok tho and recovering nicely. its been an understandably very unpleasant experience for her. i dont think ill be able to get her anywhere near a hospital in th…

i need more people

and i have no idea where to find them! i wish i could just send some random 'ad' to google that would go to anyone who was interested in it. technology hasnt quite gotten there yet tho lol.

you may remember for a few years now i have playing an mmo called 'forsaken world' (on and off)

the official version of the game is blech and pay to win. i was on a private server for a while that i really enjoyed but it got deleted.

now ive found ANOTHER private server and its completely empty. its brand new!!
low drop rates too, you dont get to 80 in an hour (that always annoyed me)
but you do get free leaves.
im so excited to play again, but the server is empty. i cant do instances all my myself lol.

i wish there was some way to shout out to all the old Vendetta server gang and tell them about it.
not that most of them will care, since the drop rate is so low, but ive been LOOKING for a server just like this. PVE, not PVP, and decent drop/xp rates AND free leaves.

its perfect!!!

utorrent never seems to work anymore

i dunno what i might have done to break it :/
i keep getting some error popup whenever i try to download somthing. i thought utorrent was corrupted or something, do i deleted it and downloaded it again.

and it still doesnt work. :/. altho, i tried saving the url of the game to the thing in utorrent and that seemed to work fine.. just clicking on download links doesnt work i guess.. i dont understand this thing.

might have finaly found a skin thats a keeper.

ive gone off on tangents before about how i am REALLY picky about custom skins and not finding any that suit my taste perfectly.
well i think i may have finaly found one that makes me happy. its as perfect a skin as i am going to find, i think.

the last skins i was using were 2 different ones, because i couldnd fine a default replacement that was for male and female that i liked, so i had one for male and one for female.

the female ones were a little too shiny, but other wise very nice.  the male ones were almost perfect, but the cheeks had very dark 'blush' areas that kinda annoyed me.

so i came across this kurasoberina

it looks great on both male and female. the females have a slightly bright area on the face, but its not real noticeable.

the muscle tone is good, and suitable for all weights. (i dont like painted on abs)
the shading is very subtle without being puddingly.too dark shading just makes sims look dirty.

and the big thing for me (for some reason) the belly butto…