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the adventures of castle gay vampire

Faruza is growing up! shes a terrible singer tho.

 the children eat snacks on the couch with the nanny. how adorable

 bella goth invited koichi out to a dance party in the ruins. he got bored and played with some fire. wooo hot stuff!

 tori is such a little cutie pie

 caleb got invited downtown by his sister, and saw some nerd named zeri walking around. so he made her a vampire

 later that same day, koichi saw her across the street. he bit her as well. shes not having a good day

 i have no reason to take this pic, other than i really enjoy looking at him

 made a few alterations to the castle.  figured out how balconys work so i fixed the stair problem, and build a moat. also removed a hallway and made the study bigger

 poor faruza has a monster under her bed

 koichi likes playing with the violin when im not looking. these sims are extremely disobedient. i tell them to do something, go look at something else and they have already stopped what i told them and are doing another thing. …

Koichi and friends

finally got a pic of my castle.

 little faruza is a toddler now! what a cutie pie

 she climbed on the couch to talk to the neighbor lady. aww! then demanded food and the neighbor lady gave it to her AWW!

 Koichi is dancing with faruza ^_^

hes got almost all the vampire tomes. hes not a master vampire yet tho

aw caleb is reading her a story

thne for some reason sits and reads a book while she sleeps

aw flash cards! the toddlers are so much fun now!

still slightly obsessed with Koichi

i got bored of the goth house (as i often do in EA houses) so i decided to go try my hand at building. so i found an empty lot in the spooky town. it seemed small, but i went and built a castle anyway. it didnt come out too bad, considering how small the lot is. it doesnt have a lot of the fun goodies his other lot had, but its a nice location, i like it. i moved him and his thrall Bella to the new castle. i didnt take any pictures of it apparently.

not long after moving in, this vampire guy just strolls into my house. well stroll isnt quite the right word, as he moves so fast he could probalby break space time. he is actually the brother of the vampire who made me, so i had Koichi befriend him.

Caleb is freeking adorable. i couldnt get enough of him and didnt want him to leave. Koichi had not had much luck with the ladies. there were a few he sorta liked but he didnt really connect with anyone. he and Caleb clicked.. so Koichi went gay and Caleb moved in. i kicked bella out. back t…

first impressions of sims 4

so i did eventually break down and try it. im still not leaving sims 3, but i needed something new to get excited about so i figured lets give it a chance at least.

i was really impressed with the sim creator. its so fun and easy to make sims now. i could make new dudes all day! but the fact that there no lots really to build on kind of annoys me. and there few that are around are pretty small.

i miss being able to just build 64x64 monster castles and shit. how can i make a castle on some dinky shit 20x30? bleh. super huge disapointment

the sims and the environment do look super cartoony and kinda crappy. but you get used to it pretty fast. i found it almost adorable after a while.

feeling a little claustrophobic being stuck on my lot. not like i really ever went anywhere. but the future and WA i used a lot. will need to adjust to the sudden LACK of anything to do. building sims and houses is pretty fun so far.

the first sim i made is Koichi. the personalitys and traits and things are…

soo thats a thing i made

one of the weirdest critters ive made in spore yet lol. and ive made some weird shit

swap family experiment

so my daughter and i had a family that we shared on my old computer. she made the dad, i made the mom, and we switch off every generation of the family and see how they go.

well i lost them when my computer died so we decided to make a new swap family! altho this time,m we build a house as well. in fact, we built the house first. (last time we just tossed them onto a lot and built from there)

she started with the foundation. it was all kinds of crazy shaped. then i was in charge of putting up the walls and making rooms. then she did the landscaping. than i did the painting and flooring.

the resulting house was so 'white middle class america' that it creeped us out. so we decided to make a very not white family to live there.

 she made the dad again, because she is better at making male sims, so she says. this is Amil. (affectionately nicknamed Dadladdin) cause hes rocking that dad bod. hes is your typical middle class dad type of guy. and he wants to be a fire fighter.

this i…