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looks like imaginary friend wins

so i can have some kinda direction in my legacy now. this will be kinda exciting, as i always wondered if you could marry/breed with those things. now i just gotta hope he gets that opportunity to make her real. thanx for the input everyone :)


Which hidden trait should be next for the Ovevil family? Asian French Egypt Pizza Imaginary Other? Acepolls More polls: over 60 datingHotel AtlantaHotel Gran Canaria

so ive come to a little.. standstill of sorts. my latest legacy heir has come of age, and now i need to decide what hidden trait to pursue this generation. his genetics are perfect, and i really dont want to sully my fine lineage with yet another bleh EA NPC, but i guess i hafta.
so my current traits are pyro, rocker, vampire, apprehend burglar, can salute, makes no messes, and burglar.
since asian culture trait was lost from the line a few generations back, i was considering taking him to china to find a nice girl there. but ..well i only found 1 nice looking girl there the LAST time, and it took me 3 generation to get rid of that nose.
i could try for the french culture trait, or egypt, but havent found any desirables there either. :/
then there is his imaginary friend. its a girl, and she kinda has a crush on hi…

a very merry turkey day to all

whether you celebrate thanksgiving, or its just another day to you, i hope all my friends out there have a wonderful day :)

more adventures in Skyrim

so i am lev 32 or so now. i only had 1 toon in oblivion that even made it that far. the leveling system is a bit easier this time around i think. you level doing things you.. well.. do. performing just about any skill will level you up, and the more you do that action, the more you level THAT skill. its awesome :).
oblivion was similar, but i think they cut away alot of the extra stuff and got  it more pure. meh, im bad at explaining things.
anyhooo... my toon got married today :D wee. there is this mercenary guy in the town of Marcath who i like to hire. it costs 500 gold, but hes a good fighter and hes got some amusing commentary. after the Kajiit henchmen i had wouldnt marry me (no option came up for him, im not sure why) i went and talked to the mercenary, and he was interested :D
so now we are married and i can hire him for free, muahaha. and he lives in my house.
i have several. im not sure yet which towns all have houses, but so far i have houses in Whiterun, Riften, Solitude…

im a werewolf XD

i had seen a few werewolves running around skyrim, and wondered if it was possible.. in oblivion you could be a vampire.. but it was only rumored whether or not you could become a were wolf.
well, it turned out werewolves were NOT possible in oblivion, but they ARE in skryim! ive become one, whoopee!
i think there is somthing terribly funny about a kajiit werewolf lol.
i just hope it doesnt suck. being a vampire kinda sucked. it made your toon really ugly and it was hard as hell to get quests done when everyone feared you.
it DID make you super strong ans awesome tho. so here hoping my new life as a werewolf goes well ^_^

my adventures in skyrim so far

so ive been playing since early friday morning (about 2am) on and off cause my bf plays too and i been trying to sneak in some sims time. i made a kajiit. i have always like the kajiit people.

(this is a kajiit from  elder scrolls oblivion)
the graphics are WAY more awesome in skyrim. 

my character looks similar to this.  (im not playing on pc so i cant get any screenshots of my own)
her name is Kaligraa. since i knew nothing about this new map, or the game mechanics, i decided to go with the main storyline for a bit to help me learn the ropes.
it wasnt a bad plan, as now i can lev 10, own my own house, and have a slave girl.

ive just started finding some nice magical gear, and hooking my toon up with goodies. (and killed a few dragons too) but im stil a LONG way off from being uber. there is plenty in the world running around that can kill my ass quick lol.

the hot slot inventory system is a little different... and not as easy to get used too, imo. im getting the hang of it, but im dy…


its here its here! goodbye everyone, ill be gone a while hahaha

just when i think i finaly find the right one

the right hairmesh i mean, for my simself. its so hard to find one that resembles my real hair. but im extramly picky.. this one is too poofy, that one is too long, this one is too wavy, etc.

well i found one that looks really good in CAS. its not exactly right, but its the closest one ive seen so far.. well doesnt it just figure, i get in in game and it looks like shit.

gaps in the mesh everywhere, huge bald space  on the hairline, color is dreadful... man im so dissapointed. 
looked GREAT in CAS.. thats like ll false advertising :(

cant see all the flaws from this pic, but you CAN see the hairline baldyness..

why you do this to me, why?

i had just gotten the game stable and everything was working pretty well, and now its CTD again
what did i do to incur your wrath, o game. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo

i reached my picture limit?? :O

just tried to update my banner on my legacy blog, and it said i had exceeded my picture quota! omg theres a quota? does that mean i can never update that blog (or this one) with pictures ever again? how will i go on?
and how exactly did i exceed my quote when i was replacing a picture that was already there with another one? stupid blogger!
if i cant post pics anymore.... i dont know how i can continue.. ill need ot make another blog with a new account i guess.. this sucks


bla bla bla.
here is a blog post, do de do de do.

still really enjoying pets. not really enjoying the new bugs and irritating issues i have to deal with. but such is the life of a simmer. we suffer for our love.
how is everone else getting on with the new EP?

just sharing some of my adventures

so ive been playing this sim named Lin Mu Bai (well attempting to play her, with all the CTD)
ive grown quite attached to her. for some reason, i dont have many pics of her. wel anyhoo, i made her basicaly just to play with the white unicorn i made in CAS. she was never intended to be a vampire. but the random sim that rolled up in CAS was a vampire, and i said, hey why not, and just went and sculpted her.
of course, if i had been thinking clearly i would have realized that an equestrian and gardening oriented sim was going to be a considerable challenge if she can only come out at night.

sure i can go to the science lab and cure her, but i love her as she is way too much. well anyway, she started with the unicorn, like i said, then she wanted to adopt a horse from the newspaper. so i did.

 i got this funny looking mare. she bred with the unicorn and i got 2 funny looking colts. one had a horn, but he had no unicorn powers. so, i end up selling all 3. then i adopt a few more horses and …

hey yoo mares

i cant find that world you mentioned by RFlong. it looks like its right up my alley and i want to try it! where is itttt???
i looked all thru the world index, and on the CAW forum and i cant find it. :(

well that didnt last long

played for about 20 minutes and then the screen froze up while trying to move my simbot out of the house. yay. i think im done with sims today.
and wtf is the point of simbots, when ALL the sims seem to be grossed out by them? every time he walks into a room, the whole family is like 'ahh a simbot!' its kinda stupid

so lets see if i get to play today

without CTD every 10 minutes. i dont get it. when i start up a new town (or old one) and play a family, the first day or 2 goes great, no issues. but, it seems the longer i play any given family, the more CTD i get. i get about 1 generations worth of play. so, the kids would just be about getting to toddlers, and CTD, CTD, CTD. over and over.

its irritating. i have to keep abandoning my favorite familys to go play another one, just to actualy PLAY. maybe ill try my Ovevil family again today. they were CTD on me a few days ago, and i moves to the Goth's, then they did it, and i moved to another house.

so lets see if i can play today without throwing a shoe at my screen