The Kingdom of Stonewall

my town is done! well sorta. its just about done. done enough to share. i still need to add lots and whatnot, but im tired and i can do that later.

i am really syked about sharing m first town! i havent done anything big like this before.

 town square. all the rabbitholes and community lots are here. i left out a few things, but there should be room to improve. there is also ample room thru out the town to add more lots

 rustic lake views

 lots of countryside

 plenty of farmland too

 lake front condos

 beautiful vistas from every direction

 many traces of the old kingdom can be found. broken down buildings scatter the landscape

Stonewall Castle (city hall)

Kingdom of Stonewall

this is a large town, so slow machines beware.  it will require WA, supernatural, and pets. not sure what other eps, but maybe a few. it is CC free, but i did use EP items.

ther may be some store items too, that may or may not come with the file. (this is a test run)
so if half the town square doesnt show up please tell me about it lol

i think i did the routing right, and i have added spawners all over the place. bugs, fish, etc. 

since i have to add plants to lots, there are only 1 or 2 places to find those. seeds can be found in lots of places tho.

well, i really hope you enjoy my town! i spent alot of time on it, and altho i know its not perfect (im no RFLong thats for sure) i put alot of heart into it and i really hope someone out there loves it as much as i do :)


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