Wednesday, June 7, 2017

lost a big chunk of time

 since my daughter was playing a family on the same save as me, my family aged up without my input. so now i have to get reacquainted with them.

 Tori aged up into a fairly decent looking fellow. he hasnt gained any  skill since i left him as a child. he had such potential too. already read all the vampire books by the time he was a kid. now hes just a regular adult noob

 took him out on the town to meet some people, since he also had no friends. met a lovely japanese girl named saya

 took her home and made her one of us. muhahahaha

 then he proposed.

 gave her a minor makeover. she was already blond so i just left her that way. but gave her new hair and made her look more 'vampy'

 they are so cute together <3

for some reason i couldn't plan a wedding because i 'needed to be engaged' even tho we were. so they eloped in the bathroom. man why do sims always do important life changing things in the bathroom?

Friday, June 2, 2017

and just like that i appeared

i was going into cas to make the golden girls, actually, and this sim popped up.  she looks way more like me than the simself i made haha. even her body was perfect. all i needed to do was tweak a few things.

so i didnt make the golden girls and i just made a new simself :P i deleted the old one

Thursday, June 1, 2017

parenthood came just in time for my first born to become a teen

 Tori aged up and hes a real cutie. unless he gets super fuggo when he gets older, hes going to be my heir.

Faruza is playing with her horsie. how adorable!

 the boys hired a butler cause the maid just never seemed to show up. if it just a coincident that she is also Japanese?

 ooo faruza is being bad! stop that! i sent caleb in to scold her.

 tori is learning to dance!

 and the boys seem to be obsessed with the doll house lately, more than the children. its quite odd. a parenting side effect?

 caleb instructing faruza on how to say please and thank you

 she aged up! and she a little chunky which is kinda weird. shes athletic and her dads are both bean poles

 she can sleep in the coffins now. altho to be honest vampires dont really need to sleep at all.

 dad teaching her how to use those powers

 i couldnt believe this. tori is reading a skill book on the potty. LOL i freeking love the multitasking

 ahh faruza's first meal! this poor schlub happened to walk past the house.

 caleb was teaching tori some manners as well. i dont know if any of these taught skills will actually effect their adult lives at all, i guess we will see