Monday, June 26, 2017

daaaamn girl

 after weeks of trying and failing, and conflicting work schedules, chroma is pregnant again. she ia already huge and only in the second trimester

 what you doing steve? worshiping the microwave burrito?

 third trimester. chroma is absolutely enormous.  she seems to get bigger every pregnancy

 its time! better be twins! (i have the lay line trait)

 eric grew up

 and so did wikked.

and here we have steve junior. (still no twins!!) its really weird tho how chroma keeps gaining weight. she has mom bod now, and im pretty sure she didnt start out that way. is this a normal thing for the game? my only other family hows had children were two dudes, and Koichi didnt gain any weight.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

well i sorta fixed chroma

i took chroma into the mirror at work this time, wondering if maybe that would make a difference. so far it seems to be sticking, so im going to try to avoid the mirror forever i guess. her face isnt exactly the same at it was before, now she is just a brown version of her alien form but its close enough

 steve-o got himself a rock climbing wall. hes been having some fun with that. (and i been having fun watching him fall off of it hehe)

 steve and his best buddy whatshisname. ahh a floating book!

 steve has the most humiliating work outfit ever

 i told steve to skinny dip in the hot tub, so he got naked. it wasnt raising his fun fast enough so i tried the pool.. to my surprise, he was still naked.

 then he went in to listen to some tunes. STILL NAKED. uhm, did you forget something steve?

 chroma is pregnant!

 the front door for some reason. sometimes i take pics with  something in mind and then by the time i post it i forget

 this is their first child, Eric. what a cutie pie! hes a little bastard tho. always being bad and his parents are too busy working to ever reprimand him. well the heir is my daughter's problem not mine haha

 steve manages to get a little potty training into his busy schedule.

 we have an aspiring dancer on our hands!

 chroma had another baby right after the first one. this one is a girl, Wikked.

 spontaneous combustion is real. chroma was just sitting here and burst into flames! (shes fine now)

and here is little Wikked. shes a cutie too! they have tried several more times to get another baby but so far no luck. steve is aging rapidly, so i want to get those heirs out as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

sooo we made a new swap family

since both my daughter an i seem to be playing sims 4 more often than sims 3 these days, we decided to make a new swap family for that.

 so i remade my  wwe wrestler i made in 'here comes the pain' way back in the day (and who ive recreated in every single wwe game since) Steve Awesome. i found almost the exact hairdo he has and got his face almost the same. i even put him in tights and made him bare chested haha. ahh good ol steve.

 my daughter proceeded to make an alien, because she just loves fucking aliens. i said wow she looks like shes made of chrome, he literally has a trophy wife. so she named her Chroma.

 here is Chroma's human disguise. enjoy, because its the last time anyone will ever see it.

 so we did more or less the same thing we did last time. she builds the shape of the house, and i fill in the walls and build rooms, and paint. this is the first floor. (weird fucking house)

and this is the second floor. pretty much just a bedroom and a nursery.

so this is it. then i gave it to her for landscaping

and she added trees and bushes and whatnot, and a pool. it seems really big but at the same time cramped. there is much more to the outside but i dont seem to have a picture

so shortly after putting the couple in the house, my daughter had to change something about Chroma and took her to the mirror. that was the last time her disguise worked properly. or existed at all. now every outfit is the same and her disguise is just her alien self. i really dont understand the point of aliens in this game, they dont really do anything special. at least in ts3  they could discombobulate broken shit and didnt need to sleep. i have this same prob with my vamps too. if i take them to the mirror to change anything, their dark form is broken. fucking stupid ass game

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

lost a big chunk of time

 since my daughter was playing a family on the same save as me, my family aged up without my input. so now i have to get reacquainted with them.

 Tori aged up into a fairly decent looking fellow. he hasnt gained any  skill since i left him as a child. he had such potential too. already read all the vampire books by the time he was a kid. now hes just a regular adult noob

 took him out on the town to meet some people, since he also had no friends. met a lovely japanese girl named saya

 took her home and made her one of us. muhahahaha

 then he proposed.

 gave her a minor makeover. she was already blond so i just left her that way. but gave her new hair and made her look more 'vampy'

 they are so cute together <3

for some reason i couldn't plan a wedding because i 'needed to be engaged' even tho we were. so they eloped in the bathroom. man why do sims always do important life changing things in the bathroom?

Friday, June 2, 2017

and just like that i appeared

i was going into cas to make the golden girls, actually, and this sim popped up.  she looks way more like me than the simself i made haha. even her body was perfect. all i needed to do was tweak a few things.

so i didnt make the golden girls and i just made a new simself :P i deleted the old one

Thursday, June 1, 2017

parenthood came just in time for my first born to become a teen

 Tori aged up and hes a real cutie. unless he gets super fuggo when he gets older, hes going to be my heir.

Faruza is playing with her horsie. how adorable!

 the boys hired a butler cause the maid just never seemed to show up. if it just a coincident that she is also Japanese?

 ooo faruza is being bad! stop that! i sent caleb in to scold her.

 tori is learning to dance!

 and the boys seem to be obsessed with the doll house lately, more than the children. its quite odd. a parenting side effect?

 caleb instructing faruza on how to say please and thank you

 she aged up! and she a little chunky which is kinda weird. shes athletic and her dads are both bean poles

 she can sleep in the coffins now. altho to be honest vampires dont really need to sleep at all.

 dad teaching her how to use those powers

 i couldnt believe this. tori is reading a skill book on the potty. LOL i freeking love the multitasking

 ahh faruza's first meal! this poor schlub happened to walk past the house.

 caleb was teaching tori some manners as well. i dont know if any of these taught skills will actually effect their adult lives at all, i guess we will see