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need more power! *insert tim allen grunting here*

so after beta testing ESO (not giving anything away here so im not violating NDA) it put me in the mood for some more elder scrolls goodness. ive already played skyrim TO DEATH so i decided to fire up oblivion. havent given that one a go in a few years.

took me a little while to get back into the swing of things (gah the menus are so different!) but its been tons of fun. especially since i dont remember half of it lol. its almost like im playing it new.

i sure remembered that item cloning trick tho ;)

well anyway, i rolled a thief/archer because i dont think i ever tried on of those on oblivion. i rocked archer on skyrim, that was one of my favorite toons. my khajiit archer could one hit sneak attack  just about anything but a dragon.

the bows in oblivion? nosogood.

my toon is 10 now and has pretty good marksman skill, but still i have to shoot somthing about 15 times before it dies. and i have ot use a summon or just whack it with a sword half the time.

what gives? sneak attack just…

let me be the first to say

that i dont give one flying fuck about a dead cartoon character. especially since i abhor that particular show and was happy when they canceled it the first time. they should kill the rest of them.
no offense to any of my friends who like that show, but i think its idiotic. and i just KNOW im going to hear about this retarded dog for WEEKS and weeks as people whine about it. im not going back to my mmo any time soon, thats for sure

dear game dvelopers

there is a growing trend in games these days, that  requires you to play either online or socially in almost every game. and its getting worse. i dont know where you got the idea that gamers hate playing games by themselves, because i for one (who has been gaming since 1985 btw) LOATHE gaming socially. i hate other people. i hate playing games with other people. i hate hearing them whine, and gloat, and bitch, and i hate hate HATE being dependent on OTHER people to be able to accomplish things in a game. i am a person who has spent my life relying on myself, and learning that if you want something done, you can ONLY rely on yourself. this goes against EVERYTHING in social gaming. forcing me to game with others, forces me to rely on people who are not reliable, to complete game objectives. people who i cannot control, or depend on, to be there.  and to talk to people.. that majority of which, are a-holes.
this is stupid.
whos idea was this anyway?
bring back the single player experienc…

derpy launcher

so i downloaded the new grimmy venue, and a few lots that gurus made from the exchange (so basicaly all LEGIT lots) and my launcher wont install them.
3 times now i have tried and they never appear in my game. MAN i hate when it does this crap! cause there really isnt any way  to fix it that im aware of. i tried updating to the patch (the last patch, not this one) and that didnt work. im not getting this one just yet, but i doubt the patch will help anyway.

sometimes i just wanna bash that stupid thing with a hammer