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stupid sims.... spent like ALL day building this house. and it wasnt an easy one either. and just about got it finished and saved the game... aaand the game crashed. mutherfugginsumbetch

no escape

i wish there was some other society to escape to. cause this one seriously sucks. there is just no place in this world for a person who doesnt have any interest in backstabbery, gossip, and useless small talk. EVERYONE around me seems obsessed with shit stirring or judgmental asshattery.

ill have no part of it.

too bad there is no place i can go where people arent douchebags.

i wish i could stranded on a island somewhere.

death is life

i could never be a vegetarian. i just couldnt, there are way too many meaty things that i enjoy. and i have always believed in the circle of life, as it was meant to be.

we are not special. we were made the same way as everything else on this earth. we must take in other lifeforms to continue living. that is just the way it is.

some people prefer to eat plants because they think plants dont have feelings. or perhaps it just because they dont have cute faces or invoke feelings of pity in you.  but plants ARE alive, and unlike that rabbit, they cant run away.

ive always had some sort of .. im not sure how to describe it... affinity for trees and plant life.
i still think trees have a sort of sentience.. not an intelligent one, but at least have a sort of awareness. and why shouldnt they?

plants know when they are being attacked or damaged. some release toxins to repel predators. they BLEED as well.

someone once told me it was impossible for a tree to feel pain, because they dont have b…

Hearthfire-Falkreath home just got a new bard

well hes the same old bard, but i gave him a makeover hehe. i been messing around in creation kit a lot lately and its getting addictive.

 there he is! he needed a new everything. that dude was buttugly, and i was tired of looking at him in my house. hes got a new face (limited to what i can do in creation kits face maker) hew custom hair, and hes wearing Sheogoraths outfit lol (the mad god aint gonna be happy when he hears about this)

he still functions normally. i did get a crash tho, a few minutes after leaving my house. not sure if it is mod related or not, since i was no where nearby. will do more testing tomorrow

meet Serabi

was fooling around in creation kit and made a new custom follower (accidently erased my S'vala follower, and didnt have a backup :( ) well i made this one originaly to be her sister, now i guess she is her replacement.

i managed to get her to not have that stupid hunting bow, and i cranked up her stamina for carry capacity (altho i dunno how well that will really work) and shes marryable too :)

 This is my guy Rajah, and the original follower S'vala. she had some awesome custom weapons :(

 here is Serabi. pay no attention to the green lizard dog in the background. they both have custom hair, that was converted from the sims. if you are a skyrim player who uses mods, i highly recommend apachii skyhairs.

 her default location is dragonreach. its such a BIG place and people always put all their followers in the bannered mare; NOT a big place

 her battle stance lol. she uses forsworn armor and duel wields. i always love a duel wielding follower and there is only 2 vanilla ones to…