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HDTV.. overrated?

i recently got a new flatscreen hdtv, since it seemed i was behind the times and all, and needed an upgrade. i had my previous tv for about 13 years or so, and didnt really have any issues with it. it was a great tv for its time. but now that all the xbox games are in hd, some things are hard to see or read.

so, we upgraded, and now.. now.. regular tv looks like SHIT. before, everything looked the same, hd programming, and regular programming. there was no differnce. everything looked dandy. NOW HD programs look spectaular, but regular programs look like some awful shit filmed on an old circa 1970's camera.

omg its just awful! NOW i understand why all those satelite commercials keep goin on and on about how many HD channels they have. now it makes sense.. but.. unless you actualy HAVE an hdtv... it really doesnt matter! HD really worth it??

its like gaining sight for the first time, and realizing everything is ugly..

well its official.. im pathetic

i have returned to the EA site, even tho i swore to myself i wouldnt go back there. those capitalist nazis piss me off. but, sadly, i have NOTHING else in my life to do all day.

NOTHING. i tried going on other sites to make some friends, yeah fat chance. tried playing some other games, that is fun for a while. but i just couldnt quite 'fill the void'

so, i guess im just stuck with EA and their bullshit, and thats just sad. i even dropped out of my competitions because i didnt really expect to come back.. and now here i am.

im so dissapointed in myself right now.

The knights code

this is actually the code i try to live by. i think the world would be a better place if everyone tried to be more chivalrous. but i seriously doubt THAT is going to happen. It isnt always easy to follow this code, especially when it comes to bonding with other females (they do love to gossip). But i feel very strongly that that sort of thing is wrong, and try hard not to indulge in that behavior. Treat others as you would like to be treated..
This code is one of the reasons i am mostly misunderstood by alot of people. and why i simply do not get WHY some people act the way they do.

Laws to Live by.. the code of chivalry

This above thine own self be true...

A Knights word must have the validity of a signed and witness oath. Thus, give thy word sparingly, but adhere to it like iron.

Refrain from speaking ill of others, for not all truths of the matter may be known.

Pass not unverified words about another, for hearsay is, in a large part, a thing of falsehoods.

Be thou honest w…

well i did it

i went and cut my hair. it didnt come out too bad i guess. been a long time since ive had bangs. maybe ill try to get a picture one of these days.

meanwhile, i been playing fable 2 alot. its pretty awesome, and im totaly addicted lol. too bad my character is a hideous brutley she beast. i mean OMG is she UUUGLY!
it make me wonder how i ever got her married! lol. married the tattoo guy. hes covered in tribal tats, and probably the best looking guy in the game lol. better than all the farmer jims she sees all day

Dont fear da reaper

a random cartoon i made

I love meeces to peeces

got some mice that were supposed to be snake food. but they wernt all white, they had spots! no one wanted to see the snake eat them lol. so now we are keeping them. just what i need, more critters!

cute little things ^_^


im wondering if i should cut bangs into my hair. i used to have them long ago, and got annoyed with them, but maybe they just werent done right.

i know im tired of my hair hanging in my face fo sho! lol

Lallie Callie the shitty shoes oh yeah

one of the drawbacks to being a mom is having to sit thru the idiotic advertising aimed at your children.
(capitalism pisses me off, dont even get me started)
well the newest annoyance on the kiddie tv is these stupid lallie callie shoes. they arent even real shoes, they are more like toys. and they some with this little makeup kit and whatnot. yeah ok..

well the most irritating part of this advert is the SONG. its sung in this annoying nasaly voice. and the lyrics are... about the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

'were lallie callie, the pretty shoes, oh yeah. you can play with us, you can be cool, oh yeah!'


This has got to be the most astoundingly stupid song ive ever heard. and is this REALLY what our society wants little girls to be about?
im pretty and cool, look at meeeeee

as if shoes make you cool. and why is it so important to be 'cool' anyway? isnt it more important to be yourself?

i hate this ad.
its as if all females are good for, is all looks and no su…

less angry today

sure was pissed at EA yesterday. they fucked up the forum real good. well im tired of that shit and i doubt ill go back. well if i know me, i prolly WILL go back. but itll be a while.

im depressed now. haning around that forum was like MOST of my day.. i dont know what to do with myself now. well, i got my MMORPG i guess, but i cant make friends there. mmo kids are all such asses.

'stfu noob, gtfo' why do they speak to ppl this way? and if its not people being rude, its people being stupid. 'how do i do this quest?' look at your quest log, sheesh. i do try to tell all the newcomers how to do things, but its every 5 minutes. some ppl get really nasty with them.

there is this one character called stinky mcnasty or something like that. he is really terrible to those new people, but i cant help but laugh at some of the things he says.

does it make me a bad person to enjoy the mockery of others even if i dont participate? i always try to do the right thing, but alot of t…

so alone

im really beginning to wonder if ill ever find anyone i can relate to, or who can relate to me. isnt there anyone out there who is like me at all? and if there is, where the hell do i find them at?

the sims has been my passion for years, but most of the people i meet on sims sites are teens... theres no way i can have any kind of meaningful friendship with teenagers. we have nothing in common.

even my bf i dont seem to have a lot on common with.. sure there are some things, but i always get the feeling im just alone in my way of thinking.. like im in my own world. maybe im just TOO weird.

the sims forum was the only place i had to hang out with and meet people and now thats gone... where am i supposed to go now?

im too 'old' to enjoy the things i love, because everyone else involved with those things are half my age...

Weee Ebay is fun

well my BF Nate got some money from his taxes, and he decided to let me buy a new TV. (my old one is like, 13 years old lol) so i went on ebay to see if i could get a nice flatscreen HD dealie.

well i found one, and it looks nice! used, but so what. i was the only bidder and i won! hehehehe. i bid a penny lol. Not that i paid only a penny, i bid a penny more than the listed price.

still it feels good to win something,

i just hope it works when i get it lol

EA has done it again

so, over on the EA sims forum, there has apparently been some drama going on. i missed it all, as i have been playing other things recently.

but for some goddam reason, vidkid20 has been banned AGAIN. and dylsoccer and probably more ppl who didnt deserve it.

im DONE with EA's nazi crap. i thought i could make a difference there, helping people who need help, but im really beginning to think i should just give it up.

i really dont know if its worth my time anymore. ill have to think about it...
i HAVE made some friends there, and i dont want those new possible friendships to languish.

im just so mad!! and i wasnt around for any of it, so i feel so out of the loop right now. seriously, i doubt if anyone would notice if i never went back anyway...

In the land of maybe

Im thinking about maybe pursuing becoming a tattoo artist.. Im not really sure i can do it tho. My artistic skill is limited.. but i might be able to at least so simple stuff.. or stencils. They guy who did my tattoo used a stencil and STILL fucked it up.

Its something to ponder.. I need something to do with my life. something i can actually handle. I wonder if i can handle this?


Good morrow. Not much to write today. Im a bit excited because the MMORPG that i was beta testing is going into open beta.. so i can finally play it again.

Was awoken by my moron cat. He is a siamese, and these are very active cats. Well, even tho my bedroom door was open, he felt the need to scratch at it anyway. Its so pleasant to wake up to MRRORRR *sritch scritch* MMRRooooooww!
The dumbass actually succeeded in closing the door, locking himself in. He's lucky i love him lol.

Tis a slow news days otherwise.

Welcome to my domain.

Well, since i am a big fan of talking to myself, i thought a blog was right up my alley.
I am an opinionated person, so i WILL be discussing controversial issues here from time to time.
This blog will be a bit of fun, a dash of serious, and a whole lot of random lol.

Be forewarned, im a weirdo. If your OK with that, enjoy my blog!

This blog is an offshoot of my sims blog. I felt this was a more appropriate place to put random chatter, so i can leave my sims blog about the sims.