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not for a few hours yet for me, but



just got a new solar powered keyboard and im just giving it a test drive. seems pretty decent so far :D. and its completely solar powered! how fucking cool is that! no batteries no wires. its so nice and thin too. i hate bulky keyboards. well typing seems to bne going ok, lets just hope gaming goes smoothly as well. the keys are slightly farther apart than im used to, but o well. at least the back space is the right damn shape, unlike my last one that shit bugged me. i kept hitting the \ key by accident.

i can control the volume with the keyboard again too, YAAAAY. since i got new speakers and there is no easy to get to volume control :D

preliminary tests seem positive so far

happy holidays everyone


well thats just super!

so i had found this cool house, and had it all fortified and was finally feeling safe from zombie attacks. it was like day 12, so almost 2 weeks in. my computer shuts itself off for no reason... and corrupts my data.

i load the game back up, nothing , nada. day one, bag is empty, i have nothing. all my adventures, my house all gone D:

now i have to start over... AGAIN. im doing a multiplayer game now tho so maybe it wont wipe everything if something goes wonky.


brand new fucking computer

more 7 days to die

so he got me the game on steam now, so we can play together in the same game.. i dunno why he didnt just do that to begin with. i hate buying the same game twice! but whatever.

attempted to try my hand at a single player game with zombies on again. been practicing a lot on the ps4 in  no zombie games so i really know my way around the controls and weapons now.
but the controls are different on the pc? well great!

also discovered that you can tweak your game options. so i turned zombies on low, never run, and left on 'cheat' mode.
i cheat rarely. as the scavenging is the fun part for me. BUT its almost a necessity for construction. if im going to build any kind of decent base that zombies cant eat thru, im going to need the cheat menu.

tried doing it legit for the first few days. holed up in an abandoned gas station. there was a ladder to the roof and a fence around the backyard. seemed like the perfect place! i set up camp on the roof and prepared to shoot em when they c…

7 days to die

so my bf has been playing this game on steam recently and wont stop raving about it. we were at gamestop picking up something and he saw it there for ps4. he practically BEGGED me to get it so i could play it too.
i was like uh.. no i HATE zombies. survival horror is not my genre.
but he insisted i try it, said it was like skyrim, id love it! so yeah i broke down and bought it.

right off the bat the controls made me a little motion sick. there is little to no tutorial whatsoever so you are basically on your own trying to figure out how anything works or what you have to do to survive.

luckily i didnt get attacked right away, and nate helped me get some supplies together before i even saw one.
the combat is dreadful.
IF it had controlled like skyrim, now that would be something. but the weapon swings are all haphazard,  the enemy mechanics are dreadful, and its damn near impossible to take down ONE zombie let alone a hord.

which is what i experienced on the 7th day.. a FUCKING HORD. no…