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Happy Spooky Day!!

hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween-ween

Hurricane a-comin

so im on the east coast, and in the path of the 'frankenstorm' the media is crowing about. i dont know exactly what to feel about this whole thing... the media tend to blow alotta shit out of proportion, but from what i see, its already done ALOT of damage down south.
im inland quite a ways tho, and in the mountains so it might not be too bad where i am. still a little scary tho... im wondering if i should bother sending my kids to school tomorrow. i think the worst thing that will happen is power outages maybe... which means..

i wont be able to play sims for a few days at least.. D:.. wjat the hell am i gonna do with no pc and no TV????? OMG!!!

and Alina dies unexpectedly!


she tried casting haunting charm on her imaginary friend, and it backfired!! instant death!

luckily her father used the genie to bring her back.. (cause of course, it was the ONE time i forgot to give my heir a death flower)

so shes alive and well again. anf i managed to get this

i said, 'whats that weird blue thing the gnomes are worshiping??' turns out its a ghost gnome! it spawns ghosts randomly on my lot too, hehe. it might be my favorite gnome :)

but i STILL dont have a bing bling gnome or whatever hes called. ive had 4+ star celebs in this house for 4 generations :/

So i went with Alina (the crazy one)

and she turned out gorgeous

she is so much fun to play, i have been giving her life fruit so she doesnt grow up too fast lol. MAN ive missed playing a crazy.

and this is the family's forevercat

 Damiana i believe, adopted Kip from a shelter. he was SO adorable, i used young again potion on him 3 times. then, he died. (didnt have enough points for it that last time) but then,i resurrected him with a genie wish.
now i have used NRass mod to turn off his aging. so hes my forever and over cat. its nice to have a cat around when you have a family a witches.

i also recently got whoohooer mod. i had it before on my machine and i liked it. i love the risky whoohoo option. BUT this one had an addon i never saw before, the kama simtra lol. so basically it gives sims whoohoo skills and they can even do it 'professionally' or so ive been led to believe.

so i might make my crazy witch here. the town bike. i havent had one of those in a while, they are always fun.

and here are the quads

they have grow up! (finaly) my butler quit on me halfway tru their toddlerhood. luckily i still had a bonehilda. she seems to live for the wee ones. gotta put her back in her closet before i rehire the butler. they seem to always quit on me mumbling about turning into the undead or some such nonsense. o well here are my ladies!

from left to right (if i remember correctly)
Alana, Alina, Alora, and Alayna.

Alana is insane. gotta love those crazy chicks. thats about the only redeeming quality hes got tho. her other 2 traits suck. in fact, ALL of them got really sucky traits. i usualy have fairly decent luck aging up toddlers who weren't 'raised right' and getting decent traits. well not THIS time lol.

genticaly tho, Alina and Alana are my favorites. the other two are PU. Alana has the crazy thing and shes got way better features, so i may end up going with her. Alina is a witch tho, and shes the only redhead. both of which can be given to Alana if i really wanted to interfere…

o happy day

well not for my sim lol. they just had QUADS, i didnt think it was possible!!

my four little monsters! and the toddler that came before them. AIYA 4 of them! im glad i have a butler lol. i think i might need another one. and maybe a simbot.
ill get thu this somehow lol.
welcome to Moonlight Falls, Alana, Alora, Alayna, and Alina!

more sim crap

so my previous post i showed a pic of Damiana. this is her son, Zuel. he was out of Damiana and Son Ovevil

 unfortunatetly, i married Zuel to a girl from china, and ALL her children were just clones of her. none of his genetics got thru at all. except his eyes. so i have 4 chinese girls with blue eyes.

 its a shame really, hes  handsome fella. but now i basicaly starting from scratch again, geneticaly speaking.

 well this is the daughter i chose. Ling. she was the only one with the asin culture trait. she wasnt a witch, but Zuel fixed that with a potion he whipped up. now shes perfect. so to speak

she is now living with her high shool sweetheart, Devon Sw0rd. (yes Cyl0n3's son) hopefully i wont get crazy genes outta these 2!

pic spam!

and these dont seem to be in any logical order lol. ok this first one is a foal born recently in my family. his mama was a pinto unicorn i downloaded from the exchange. his 'father' was the cream colored wild unicorn.

 this is his brother, orion. i think he has a more beautiful coat.

 here are the brothers together.

 ok this, is my starter sim, Ariel Gravedigger. she was my first CAS sim on this pc. she is a witch. that handsome fella shes with is the potion store clerk, Larry.

 Larry is a werewolf.

Larry and Ariel had 2 daughters. this one is Damiana, the heiress.

 Damiana moved into an old Ovevil house i had on my page and this fella was floating around hauntin the place. she married him. his skin is broken and hes all grey looking.
 i seemed to forget to get any pics of their children. they had 2 boys, both ghost babies. But Son (the grey dude) already had max gardening and cooking so he made ambrosia for eveyone

oo heres is Damiana starting off in her career as a mime.…

update on my personal hell

well i got back from the hospital today. went to the emergency room a few days ago when the illness i have got so bad my lungs all but shut down. i have asthma, so this kinda thing does happen from time to time. and with such an aggressive cough, i suppose it was inevitable. still dont know what the cough illness is, but i guess it doesnt matter. just an severe chest cold i suppose. but i hacked myself to death and got a mass in my lung. i couldnt breathe, couldnt even stand up. but im lots better now, and lung function is better than ever :)
forced breathing treatments every 4 hours can do that for ya hahaha. they got my on steroids now too :/
i dont really care for those but i guess its necessary. gettin old i guess :(
cant just get by on my inhaler anymore

there is sick, and then there is whatever the hell i have

been balancing on the edge of my death bed for at least a week now. not literatly... at least as far as i know, im not dying, but that could change any day now i suppose. but whatever this is, is simply horrible.
and i dont even know what to call it. its certainly not a cold.. i suppose it might be the flu, but it doesnt really fit either. there are no nasal symptoms, just a horrific cough. and im asthmatic, so just regular coughs are a nightmare for me. whatever this is has me hacking so hard i dam near give myself a concussion. im weak, and wobbly, and have a mild headache... in short just plain miserable. i thought that it might be gone by now, but nooo it just lingers on and on.
i had my neighbor take my daughter to the doctor (im certainly in no shape to) and they only said she has an ear infection :/
so wtf is the REST of this misery? i havent even been able to play the sims.. it takes too much energy just to stand up. and i gotta wrangle 3 kids in this condition D:
all i can do…

ok.. so... im a big fat hypocrite. so what

i railed tooth and nail against showtime. 'rabble rabble rabble!!' i yelled.
well my daughter wanted showtime so i let her buy it. (saved up and got it with her own money)
and still i poo-pooed all over it. 'phooey, showtime is stinky, thats my story and im stickin to it. evil, i say, EVIL!'
and if my pc never broke i just may have never tried it. but it did... yes it did.
so my bf (kind and generous as he is) offered to let me play sims in his pc. its super fast and awesome. so i went thru the laborious task of installing all my sims game. and my daughter suggested i install showtime too. cause why not, its not like im staying on this pc. so i said ok.
and at first, i played with supernatural and ignored the showtime features.
but i must admit, the more i look around and explore, the more im enjoying it.
i had one sim roll the LTW to be an acrobat. so i have been playing that and its fun!
i even sent her out on a simport thingy. i never in a million years thought i wo…