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i may be in trouble now

so it was just day 56.. the 8th week. and i think it might be getting a little too rough for me.

i was running thru town looting when i noticed a small herd. i climbed on top of the pop n pills. there was an enormous amount for a random daytime spawn. luckily none of them spotted the ladder so i was ok (they CAN climb ladders)

but on red night i was nearly overwhelmed. first of all, the hord began before the sun even went down. i had a giant mutant bee, and 3 puking cops before the sky even turned red! and they came at my house so furiously and from all direction, they managed to munch a hole in my fence.

i kept most of them out, but that was certainly scary. its only going to get worse! how can i handle NEXT red night?
i might have to start over from the beginning again. (or turn the difficulty down) i hope i dont have to move again, i just got this place fixed up nice.

well i finally figured out how to take screenshots in 7 days to die haha

i spend so much time here, i might as well share some of my adventures. this is the forest across the street from my house

 my house. this is a prefab house that i adopted. its pretty neat, got a cool basement and everything. you can also build your own things. i have another game where i built a castle. but im lazy so if i can just take over another structure, thats what ill do haha. besides, in this game im somewhat of a nomad. when i get tired of a place, i pack up my shit and move on

 the back of my house. i planted all those trees too. gives it a nice atmosphere :)

 crafting is a large portion of this game, and probably the only reason i still play it. survival horror isnt really my genre. but let me build houses and hoard materials  and shit and im ALL over that

 just a nice view over the mountain near my home

 ahh the dreaded red night. every 7 days the sky goes red and the zombies swarm in mass numbers. you had BETTER have yourself a decent fort by the 7th day

 stupid pukin…


snow snow and more snow! its everywhere! and its still freeking snowing haha

 this was yesterday

 last night

this morning.

id show a pic of my porch steps withotu snow for comparison but i cant seem to find one.
there is about 4 steps, all are buried including most of the banister.

later i might try to go out there with a tape measure and see exactly how deep it is. but i dont want to get all snowy and wet lol

its a nor easter!

man is it coming down out there! woke up to like 14 inches of snow. there is probably more out there in the grass, but hell if im going out there to check.

the governor has issued a mandatory travel ban for like the entire area. schools were closed a day in advance haha.

this is fun

ha my lingo is funny

i just realise while talking to myself, i almost always refer to any male as 'dude' and any female as 'bitch'

like 'look what this bitch over here is doing'
'wtf is that dudes problem'

haha just an odd little quirk i guess. i only just noticed it did that :P


real life is so fucking depressing. my country is falling apart, the government has collectively lost its mind. and every fucking thing i see is just a constant reminder of how fucked we all are.

and people wonder why i play video games all day. if i didnt need the internet to play said video games, id just shut the whole thing off and forget the rest of the worlds exists for a while

fucking moods are all over the place lately

im not quite sure why. i think maybe my mirena is running out of hormones or something. cause this is like.. well like i used to be.
as one therapist put it 'emotionally insane'
i should probably call somebody but well the old anxiety thing prevents me from doing THAT.
its not so bad tho. at least i havent freaked out on anyone yet. im just rapid cycling. for a few years now ive been more or less stable, with regular high/low cycles.
lets just hope the rage stays far away

i sure dont need to deal with that shit ever again