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regarding Moray Lake

i was wondering why my house never got robbed even tho i have some delightful goodies to steal. then i realized i never added a criminal hideout. whoops!! haha. if you have downloaded this town from me, youll need to add this lot. sorry for the inconvenience!

R.I.P. Lucky

its a sad day. my sister in law's cat Lucky was hit by a car. he was such an old cat.. like 20 years old. and made it thru this harsh winter alive and well ,only to be mowed down by some ghetto jackass speeding down this road like his own personal racing strip.

20 year old fucking cat. he was here when we moved in. he was like our guardian sprirt

i saw this cat every day. petted him, fed him. he was a sweet old thing. he will be missed

such hotness

so i was feeling meh about the marriable bachelors in my town, so i was going to make a whole family of hot dudes for my sims to eventually meet. the first one i got in cas randomly is this

like holy hell. DAAAM. he had a weird mohawk on that made his face look weird , bad cc or something. so i put this hair on him and omg.. those eyes. hes got no name so i dont know who he is or who made him, but he CANT be a random EA bin sim.. theres no way. this guy is too fucking perfect.

all i changed on him was his hair, gave him a personality, and i made him a tad taller. everything else is as i found him.

i dont think i need to make any more bachelors. hes THE ONE

an unexpected turn of events.

so my fish tank filter broke and we needed crickets for the tarantulas, so we planned a trip to the pet store this weekend.

after perusing the filters they had available (and hating all of them) i decided to just try to find one online. on my trip thru the store tho, i encounter the most adorable little king snake i have ever seen.

i have been hunting for a california kingsnake morph for a LONG time. you dont usualy see them in pet stores around here very often, and usualy when you do, they are just ordinary cali kings.

well this little guy (and he is LITTLE) was just perfect. black with white spots, all down his back, a dark tummy and a little V on his head. i couldnt stop staring at him.

my bf tried to convince me to just buy him. but i just loaned my snake terrarium to a friend, i argued. i dont think its in my budget i added. i dont know if this is a good idea at all...

all the while staring at this adorable little creature. well, he eventually convinced me.. its not often i get …

modern consols suck nuts

hey remember when you could play a video game with someone right there in the room with you? i sure do! cant do THAT anymore... cant play 2 player with anything unless you want to play with faceless strangers over the internet who will probalby just insult you. wo that sure is fun great improvement.

i always wondered what valenwood looked like

this game is so fucking pretty omg. i cant wait to see elswere.