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your silly horoscope

i used to do a daily gag horoscope on FC back in the day (till i ran out of ideas) and i apparently made this quiz on one of those quiz sites and forgot about it lol. ah looking up old posts is fun.

so take my quiz and enjoy!

some random sillyness

ok so..

even my daughter (who sometimes irritatingly reads over my shoulder) says my blog is lame. so, im really beginning to wonder if its worth bothering with anymore. i have posted a poll. all opinions are appreciated.

i feel an appology is in order

i know i have been a little harsh or snarky regarding teenagers and their online behavior in the past.
now there is a local pet group in my area that has an online bullitan board . now, this bullitan board is basicaly just about pets. buying, selling, giving away, advice, anything about pets. well recently, alot of the members have been really harassing other posters, and making threats, and being basicaly bossy know it alls. (you know the type, *ahem JARSIE cough cough*)
its really quite juvenile and sickening. no one can even post an ad for a pet now, without some self righteous jackass popping in to say 'your a jerk for doing that!!!, or you dont care about animals, bla bla"
and it occured to me, that the majority of these people, are less mature than MOST of the simming community.. which is comprised of primarily TEENS.

so let me say, i appologise, teens, for my previous remarks about your immaturity. adults are way worse!!! XD

just when i was thinking, "you know, my blog is really boring"

now the mares nest is doing a best poster of the year thing. boy does it really make it noticable that my blog has nothing interesting to offer! wow i used to be so talkative. lately it seems i dont have much to say.
 o well. i still want to spice up this blog some tho. but im not really sure how. should i do more 'sim' related topics? more personal life topics? or just controversial real life topics?
in the meantime, go check out TMN and vote!! (some of you are on there too!)

blarg, i hate zits

yes i am still plagued by acne at my decrepit age. foulness begone!!! its been pretty much the same my whole life. pretty much clear skin and then one day BLAM!. 5 zits all pop up. yeuk. this time i got on right on my lower lip. MAN is it painful. its one of those throbbing ones that feels like its alive. i cant stop fucking with it, but that just makes it bigger. i can wait till the dam thing erupts so i can tear out the core and just be done with it. GRR i hate it!!!!
i wouldnt mind getting zits in other place,s but why does it have to be on my face? (yes its been brought to my attention already that im vain and shallow)
im tired of getting zit scars cause i cant leave them alone.
maybe i should start a zit protest. 'down with pimples!!' lets storm city hall!! get the pitchforks!! ARRRRG!!!!!!

in dire need of your help

this is a subject that is very important to me. saving wildlife from extinction by MAN's hand. i just got an email today telling me about the african lion. apparently there is some kinda poison carbofuran which is being deliberately fed to them by local people, and they are dying horrible deaths.

Right now, carbofuran – a product that the Environmental Protection Agency says is too toxic to be used in America – is threatening the majestic African lion with extinction.

A quarter teaspoon of carbofuran can kill an individual lion. Less will paralyze this mighty beast for up to a week, leaving a lion or lioness to starve to death or be killed by other predators. A dollar’s worth can kill a whole pride – plus scores of other species that feed on toxic carcass.
Sadly, this awful poison is still sold in stores or used illegally in many African nations to intentionally poison lions and other predators.

This is a horrible way to die for such a noble beast. or anything for that matter…

i have stolen the elder scroll

wew hew! i managed to beat both the mage guild and thieves guild quest with my  kajiit character. and she is just so awesome as a vampire. in my last mission i had to sneak into the palace and steal one of the elder scrolls!! WOW was that quest hard!! i wont reveal any details cause their a huge spoiler, but that was the hardest dam quest i have had to do on this game. and i have the expansion where you get mehrunes razor, which is supposedly the hardest mission ever (cake)
and now im having some kinda horse glitch, which is annoying. ever since the unicorn died/disappeared, every horse i have purchased for her has vanished.  its really getting annoying cause being a vampire, it would be REALLY helpful if she could travel a little faster outside.. especialy if dawn is coming.
i swear, this game is glitchier than the sims. i NEVER thought id ever play a game with more bugs than the sims hahahaha.
so all you simmers out there, take heart. its not just us. this game freezes, crashes, twi…

more about oblivion

i know, arent you so interested? well, i finaly decided to un-vampire my warrior character, and vampify my thief character. it just makes more sense that way. now he can be the brave noble knight he wants to be, and she can continue to be the slippery sneak thief who prowls at night.. now with improved power!
i might go and try to get the unicorn with my knight character too.. since i lost him in my other game. (still mad about that) but im still deciding, because i did already buy him a horse so he doesnt really NEED a steed.

but at least i got my hot smexy warrior guy back. (man he was UGLY as a vampire) and my cat-person thief looks basicaly the same hehe. she actually looks cooler.

so hes really dead.......

i had given up looking for his body and bought another horse.. he wasnt nearly as cool as my unicorn, but a black horse is pretty dam cool. i went a few 'days', and altho i missed my unicorn, i had just accepted that he was gone.

untill i visited my wizards tower.. there he was, sprawled out on the ground.  i nearly screamed. what a horrible sight to see, especially when i had already moved on. now im sad AND pissed. the only fukin unicorn in the game DEAD! if i had know what (and when) it had happened, i could have just not saved and loaded up a previous game and saved him. but noooooooo. i had to run off and save like 4 times before i even noticed he was missing.

im so pissed at myself. i loved him.. now all i can do i guess, is find the unicorn with my vampire character.. but i dont really think a unicorn is an appropriate steed for a vampire. and he has a horse already (that i paid quite a bit for)


maybe ill vampire my theif character and have my warrior guy cured.

being a vampire sucks

i decided to make a second character in elder scrolls oblivion, just to do other things and take other paths my first character didnt do. shes a mage primarily, so i made a big burly muscle man. well, in his questing for fame honor and glory, he accidentally became a vampire. i hadnt played a vampire before, so i thought it would be fun. but now i think it may be ruining his character.
Nabanu was a just, righteous knight. standing up for the little guy, righting wrongs, fighting the good fight and all that. (my other character is a a thief so i wanted a change of pace) well now that hes got to suck blood all the time, he seems to be sinking further and further away from his true purpose.
and i HAVE to have him suck blood or he cant go out in the daylight... REALLY ANNOYING. since most shopkeepers are only available during the day, it really puts a damper on things.  he does get a huge boost to strength being a vampire, and as he progresses deeper into vampirism he gets stronger and ac…

what the hell is wrong with TV stations these days?

its been a very gradual process... so gradual many of us may not have even noticed. but many MANY cable channels that were started with a specific purpose or theme in mind, have completely wandered off track. take for instance, MTV. this happened years ago, as the music was quietly shifted off, and teen based reality and game shows moved in. but MTV isnt the only culprit in this crime, oh no. see this related artical.
i find myself turning to the TV guide channel to see what is on, and instead find old movies or reruns of ugly betty.. UHM,  WTH?? i came here to SEE whats on, not watch a friggin crappy show i wouldn't be caught dead watching anyway. how about telling me whats on??
discovery channel... TLC,, your guilty too. wheres all the cool science shows? about the only thing even remotely educational on discovery these days is myth busters.
what is WRONG with the execut…

woe is me

my beautiful beloved unicorn is gone. im not sure what happened, but im pretty sure he's dead.  i left town one day on a quest, and he got into a fight with my flame throwing familiar.  fearing for both their lives, i ran away from town as fast as possible, hoping the familiar would follow. i made my way thry the wilderness and toward my desitination waiting for my familiar to follow.
it took a really long time. i assumed she got lost. but after going thru my quest (and unfortunately, saving quite a few times) i realized that my faithful steed was no longer waiting outside town for me.  so now im franticaly going from town to town searching for him, but i fear the worst..
my prize is gone. and i cant go and capture him again because he was the ONLY unicorn in the game. a completely unique monster and mount.
woe is me...

he might have been a little 'high maintenance' but i loved that freekin unicorn