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the MOOvement

could it be? the sims store is going to offer cows finaly? o i cant wait!
this will go great with the harvest moon world im working on :D

with cows my game will REALLY be complete.

i plan to start off a guy on an empty lot, with nothing at all to his name. no house, no horse, maybe a dog.

harvest moon guy will have to raise money gathering, fishing and farming to make ends meet. eventualy he will buy chickens and horses and soon he will have an empire!

and now cows!! TEEHEE

i used to love summer

i just love when its over.
and its not just that the kids go back to school (altho that is a big plus lol)
summer used to be fun. i used to spend all my days out in the woods, catching critters, and splashing in creeks and climbing rocks.
now all there is to do is sit on my porch and listen to the crackheads argue.
ill be glad when i have to stay inside and just play sims or mmos all day... the less i have to see/hear people the better.
i really wish my kids cold have more of an outside life tho. i LIVED outside when i was a kid. i can even let mine out without fear of some pedo running off with them.
not to mention there is only so much fun you can have on a sidewalk. i miss the woods.
i wish i could go back

tired of my white trash neighbors

there is a time for shouting profanities at your significant other in a public street. while i am trying to sleep is not one of them.
please STFU you fucktards, this isnt a goddam disco, its a residential street where some of us dont live in a reality show.
why cant any of you fight inside your dam house? im so glad im not offended by the F word, cause its usualy getting shouted thru the street at all times of the day! oh and while we are at it, can we try to make our drug deals at least a LITTLE more discreet? i have fucking kids.

i hate this fucking neighborhood

how fast a year goes by these days

seems like it was just my birthday, and now its rolling around again. tuesday ill be... gee i dont even remember anymore. ive been 29 for so many years now LOL
*sigh* time to give up on youth its long since passed by  in the rear view mirror. my daughter is starting high school in the fall. i cant even believe it.
what happened to that chubby cherub i used to know?

birthdays depress me

an amazing site for CC

i dunno if i have ever mentioned it before, probably not on this blog. i know i used to have a link to it on SIMians. but there is a site i go to now and then that has the most AMAZING cc you have ever seen. its in spanish, but nothing a little google translate cant fix

its worth a look just to SEE, even if you dont download anything. some of this stuff is just fantastic. no, all of it is.
i have downloaded from here before and most of it works fine and hasnt caused any issues. i have deleted a couple things just because they were large and i was unable to use them in every day building situations. but, i still do have a large number of build/buy items from here.
its worth a looksie, check it out when you get a chance

Dear Men,

i think i can safely speak for all of us women when i say, stop sending chicks pictures of your junk online. this is NOT sexy, or cute, its creepy and gross. does this ever work out for you? do you flash your nasty member and some girl goes 'ooh baby i gotta get me someothat!'
no. it does not happen. and chances are, if you flash your junk in a chat room and some girl DOES respond positively? its probably a guy.
so please find a better way to flirt with potential mates on the internet. ty.

sincerely, all women.

Kingdom of Stonewall- both versions

ok so the first upload of Stonewall was completely CC free. This second version should have the rabbitholes and the castle (hopefully)
since they are pirated store content they count as CC. there is no actual CC in this world that im aware of. only store stuff. Choose whichever version of the town you prefer.

Kingdom of Stonewall CC edition

Kingdom of Stonewall CC free

Here are some pics in case you havent seen it already

Ruffnut meets Rapunzel

ok i didnt write or draw this. my daughter found it somewhere and showed it to me and i loved it! and im not really sure if its rapunzel or just another village girl, it does kinda look like her tho. Ruffnut is of course, from 'how to train your dragon'.  i dont have a tumblr so i couldnt just 'reblog' (whatever that is)

Artwork by Hubidehubbe

hehehehee man i love that XD

well i dunno whether to be dissapointed or happy

i finaly got someone to test play my world for me (my bf) to find out once and for all if removing the dcbackup folder really  prevents cc from piggybacking in your world or not.
since i have all the cc, there is no way for ME to actualy test that.
so low and behold it apparently DID work... not only did his game not get any of the cc, but all of the community lots are gone too -_-.
so basicaly half the town is empty... so all that work for nothing. the castle, gone. the only reason this town IS this town is because of THAT CASTLE. i saw it and had to build a kingdom. FUCK! i was kinda expecting the stuff to be there, but not travel into the game to reuse.. but i guess i should have known.
i can only imagine how empty the dive lots are or the other side of town. i have no idea what EPS some of that decor came from. well it truly is CC free i suppose..

so now should i reupload the town again without removing the bcbackup? im not sure if i even care anymore


well i finaly figured out why my science center wasnt routing properly.. it was set to no visitors allowed LOL.

*sigh* i spent SO much time going back and forth from in game and CAW trying to fix that shit.. never even THOUGHT to check that.
ah well.
so anyone who has downloaded the town, just set your science lab to visitors allowed and it should work fine!

ok i think im done messing with this town (or Stonewall is finished)

its been tweaked and edited and tweaked so often that im just tired of looking at it now. *sigh* i loved this town so much too.
ok since no one actualy play tested it, i went in and ran a few tests myself and i think i smoothed out all the issues that came up.
there is only one thing left that isnt a huge deal, but im too aggrivated (lazy) to back in and change it.
the science lab gives a blocked routing bubble when you tell a sim to go there. but you CAN go in, you just need to make them go in manualy. its a slight pain but i cant think of how to fix it.
the only thing i can think of is its because the science lab is not right on the road. but that never stopped sims before, and certainly didnt stop thme in the previous version of the town, so i have no idea. im not ripping up the town center and redoing it AGAIN. im done. i want to move on to other projects.

so as far as i can see, that is the only issue. the dive lots work, the lot clipping problem isnt showing its face atm, so it…