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this has gotten BEYOND ridiculous

i cant even go to the stupid EA forum anymore without getting Liam or white screen or OOOOPS.. WTF?? im SO aggravated at that shitty forum i could scream. im mean, it was tolerable when it was a week.. a month.. 3 months... but its been HOW long now?? WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU JACKASSES GONNA FIX IT???? FFS!!!

best christmas song i ever heard


Countess took to vampirism well

So did the count.

this is their castle.. i dont download lots often. im VERY picky. but this one is exceptional. not only is it frakin AMAZING to look at, its actualy very livable and i havent had to alter it much at all. if i can remember where i got it, ill post a link. i highly recommend it to anyone who likes castles.

here it is, Swamp Castle


another family i tend to remake alot... my vampire couple, Count and Countess Vacuul this before they have been turned  the lovely Countess, with eyes like ice

dark mysterious Count.

stay tuned tomorrow for the after

man am i bored

weekends are so boring. especially when the kids are here. they just stare at the tv (or fight with each other) and the day just drags on and on..
not in the mood for sims today.. or villagers.. bleh..
well i TRIED loading up the sims, i figured id build or something. but it froze up. -_-.. so i guess those mirrors i downloaded from modthesims earlier are bad. dont feel like removing right now. the launcher has been crap al day too.. couldnt even download anything form the site. (needed Metalz patterns again, hes got some really cool ones) but nooo launcher PPTH.

and that t-mobile,ea promotion thing where you get the free stuff when you put in a code? well the stupid site glitches screwed me out of the car and the stereo.. cause i cant claim them again, i already did.. but they dont show up in my purchase history.


aw well.. the kids are fighting again.. guess thats all i have to do today lol

all uglyness aside

just getting rid of the unpleasantness from the top posts. as the days pass, the anxiety fades and im returning to normal. (normal for me that is :P) went to the DMV today for the first time in like... 15 years.. wow am i that old already?
it actualy went pretty smoothly. they were really nice, and there wasnt much of a line. i got in and out of there pretty quick. now i just have to wait 2 weeks to get my ID in the mail to get my bank card back lol.

in the meantime im updating my NRaas mods and gettting ready for a nice long session of simming. with the townie flavors.. i miss those. the first version of story mod had those already in it, and they were a RIOT. its been kinda quiet and dull without them :P i miss my crazies, and bullies and town bikes lol

but i lost my entire village in virtual villagers, nooooooooooooooooooo. well i beat it already a few days ago, i lost my new village. left it running over night.. oops.  they all starved :P. so i started again with a tribe full of …

dear mare's

thank you so much for your gifts. you have really made my day in more ways than one. its easy to feel all alone and kicked in this world. you have helped remind me that sometimes people do care. i am literaly crying right now, you dont know how touched i am.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. *hugs*

and thank you vid, yaz, Le, and Pk for your kind words. it means alot to me

i hate my life

its been a really really shitty day. my bf lost my bank card, and i had an important appointment this morning with my sins's therepist. i dont drive, so getting to these appointments are a hassle. he missed the last one and they are thretening to cut him off of services for 'no show'
so i call a cab at 9 oclock, giving the cab plenty of time to arrive so i can be there by 10. meanwhile my bf is tearing the house up looking for my card.
so 9 30 rolls by... then 10.. then 10 30.. and my appointment had already started a half hour ago and STILL no cab.
so obviously by now i was pretty tweeked off, cause my son is gonna be kicked off services and im not going to make the appointment. AGAIN. so i call the cab company and say, i called at 9 and my cab STILL isnt here.. is it going to be coming? at all?
so he goes.. 'are you gonna lose the attitude?'

uh.. what? im the FUCKING CUSTOMER you dipshit. so im ready to break down and im goin on a mile a minute about how im missi…

to Yazzie, Vidkid, and LE

this is easier than pming the same thing 3 times. ive giving this alot of thought, and i think im going to need to drop out of the various comps and activities im involved in.

its just too much, and i cant handle it all. i knew i was biting off more than i could chew, but i thought i could handle it. i guess i was wrong. i find myself not even wanting to open my game up anymore because im no longer having fun.. half my towns are tied up in comps and i just dont have the energy right now to put into them. i find myself just rushing thru them, and churning out so-so pics just to get it over with. and thats not fair to me, or anyone else in the comp.
and when i signed up for the waiting list for the editing thing, i wasnt expecting an opening this soon. i seriously panicked.

this is all on me. there is nothing wrong with the comps, nor do i have any problem with any of you. this is my problem. im a very high stress/anxiety person.. and when i start to feel overwhelmed i panic and 'fi…

Ike's Ink -N- Drink is fail

so the first few play tests went fine, but the town i was using was suffering from the clock glitch problem, so i didnt spend very much time anywhere before i got too annoyed..

i put Ike's Ink -N- Drink in another town to further play test it. and it didnt really turn out quite like i had hoped. the way the bar is shaped in a V pattern, looks cool an all, but the sims wont sit at it to order drinks.. its like they dont see it. so you end up with a big endless line of sims waiting to get served. annoying. i tried re arranging the bar to be a more 'normal' shape, and i really dont care for it. it takes up half the dsam room and now the mixologist is a mile away from the bottle display behind her which doesnt make alot of sense.

and the other fail is the tattoo parlor/salon in the basement. because i had to set the place as a dive to get the bar to work properly, now no stylist or tattoo artist ever shows up. you can do it yourself, but theres no NPC.

so, all in all, it was a…

my moms a bitch

so someone on my facebook posted some funny thing, and i resposted it, cause i thought it was funny.. well a few house later i get 3 messages from my mom nagging at me for 'using potty language in public' and 'acting like trailer trash'

ok first of all, nobody fucking asked you. im not 9, i can curse if i fuckin want to. 2nd of all, i dont really appreciate being scolded. fuck you. if you dont like my personality, get off my fucking facebook.

and third of all. FUCK YOU. when have you EVER said anything nice to me, you crusty old bat? FUCK YOU!!!

Ike's Ink -N- Drink

well since the launcher NEVER works anymore, i guess i have to upload this here. I built a dive bar/tattoo parlor. the perfect place for all your drunken debauchery.

the pics i have dont really seem to do it justice.. but them pics of lots never do, do they? lol. its certainly nothing fancy, i dont have that kinda building skill. plus, i like my builds to be kinda roomy, and livable, so sims actually have room to walk around, and interact with things.

 a Foosball table and dart board for your happy fun game time.

 a salon station for your horrible makeover-ing.

 plenty of room at the bar for hitting on those biker babes or perhaps getting into a brawl.

 a large roomy tattoo station. no waiting! may or may not come with the decorative  CC. hopefully it does, cause its badass. there is actualy a waiting room, but i seem to have forgotten to get a pic of it

 the outside. not very snazzy.. but hey, who goes to a bar to look at the outside? i am using the 'place motercycles on community lot…

Do you own a small pet? Are you putting him in danger?

i own several small pets, from birds, to rodents, to reptiles. having so many different kinds of animals, i try to minimize the variety of products i purchase for each one, and try to use the same food/bedding for all. saves time, saves money.

luckily the rodents and the bird all pretty much eat the same thing. the bedding however... well being the hypocondriac sort that i am, i made sure i did some research before i bought any specific bedding for my pets. i was tired of buying a subscription to the local newspaper just to use as bedding. (besides newspaper  smells bad is hard to clean, and needs changing OFTEN)

so i went to see what sorts of bedding would be safe for birds, mice AND snakes. you wont believe the information is DID find, it kinda made my sick.

Cedar- one of the most widely used pet beddings available in most pet and supermarket stores. i already knew this was dangerous for snake,s having been a snake handler most of my life. i was EXTREMELY surprised to find out. this…

i dont beleive it

i dont know whats goin on 'behind the scenes' here, but i dont really believe Yazzie is suffering from Munchhausens. she has been nothing but sweet to me, and she is probably the only friend i have in the simmerverse who talks to me outside sims sites. she has never once acted in a way as to seek attention or try to garner sympathy from me, EVER. this whole thing just doesnt fly.

i have known some seriously whiny attention seeking people online in my many pathetic years. she isnt even close to being like them.
now unless i see some kinda evidence to prove to me that she is either lying or has a slip personality, i refuse to believe ANYTHING negative about someone i consider a close friend, without any kind of proof or evidence.. i dont do gossip, i dont do hear-say, and i DONT believe everything i hear. 2 people gossiping about her, is not evidence.

if the day comes when i am proven wrong, well then i will just accept that. but unless that day comes, im standing by my freind

what the hell is that?

ok so i have been breeding mice for my pet snake. shes kinda in hibernation mode, and hasnt eaten much lately, so i had a population explosion. but i noticed something strange a week or two ago while feeding the mice.
one of the recent litters of babies, dont really seem to be growing. they are obviously weaned, and eating on their own, and walking around, but they are still.. fuzzy sized. like they are little mouse midgets. its the strangest thing i have ever seen. and 2 of the 3 of them, are bald.

what is this thing? a mutant? a new breed of naked dwarf mouse? is it diseased?? i have NO idea.

here it is next to a full grown mouse for comparison. at first i just thought they were just still babies. but its been like 2 weeks now and they havent grown AT ALL.

i think their kinda cool, actually. this one is completely bald, but one other one has fur and the third one has like thin fur, almost bald. maybe i should breed them together and get mutant midget mice lol


bout ready to kick a hole in the wall. friggin kids all day long, dont touch tha,t no its mine, wa wa wa, thump thump thump, bla bla bla


and on top of THAt the stupid ahole Ea site is buggier than ever so im in a REAL great mood!

the zodiac is changing??

my boyfriend read sopmething about this last night, and AE posted me a link today.. im still in disbelief

A Minnesota astronomer confirms what many have suspected: Your horoscope is quite possibly wrong.
Earth's shifts on its axis over the past 3,000 years have changed the 12 zodiac signs. For example, think your sign is Aquarius? You may be a Pisces. (There's also a 13th sign, Ophiuchus, that's based on a constellation the ancient Babylonians threw out for symmetry thousands of years ago.)
So who's to blame for this scam on zodiac devotees?
The ancient Babylonians based the zodiac on which constellation the sun appeared to be in when a person was born. Since then, the moon's has exerted a gravitation pull on Earth, causing a "wobble" on its axis that has shifted the stars' alignment by about a month, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

"Because of this change in the tilt, the Earth is over here and the sun is in a dif…

a little hero's life ends in tragedy

Jordan Rice was only 13, but when he realized not all of his family could be saved, he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice.

As floodwaters rushed up around him and his family, the Toowoomba, Australia, boy -- who was afraid of the water -- made a decision that would cost him his life: His little brother should be rescued first. Rice and his mother were swept away and drowned in the country's massive floods this week.

"Jordan can't swim and is terrified of water," his father, John Tyson, told the Toowoomba Chronicle. "But when the man went to rescue him, he said 'save my brother first.'"

Tyson said he was heartbroken but proud of his son. "I can only imagine what was going on inside to give up his life to save his brother, even though he was petrified of water. He is our little hero."

Rice is being hailed as a hero today after he gave up his life for his younger brother Blake, 10, when his family's car got caught in the floodwa…

anybody out there make CC?

i have 2 pictures id like to share.

would anyone be able to recreate these Egyptian type outfits? incuding the male's hat. i would need one for a pharaoh.

if anyone knows where i can get things like this, please let me know

wondering if i should download CAW

i been tossing around an idea for a sim story, an EPIC sim story, since sims 2. i dunno tho if i have the time or the energy to pull it off, so i havent even attempted it.

so basicaly, i have always been a big fan of ancient Egypt and the culture and mythology. i wanted to do a story about pharaohs and princesses, and fiendish court members and backstabbery. but, in sims 2, there wasnt really any egyptian stuff.

now there IS Egyptian stuff, so it will be alot easier to do what i envision. but there is still the problem of well,  the  royal outfits the pharoahs and the court wore, and of course, the nile river delta region.

i dont think the WA town would really do for this type of story. id need to build my own Egypt. but ive never used CAW and im not sure i even CAN. plus id need to do alot of research.. what did the houses look like? how were the towns and residential areas set up? i really dont know if its worth all the bother, honestly.

im a lazy person, and i already have alot on …

i just thought it was neat i could actualy post this someplace

anybody know anything about printers?

ive got an almost brandnew HP deskjet and the dam thing isnt printing properly. i posted a question on HPs website, but apparently they get back to you about as speedy as EA does.
i only bought the thying about 6 months ago, and i used it maybe twice. its acting like there is no ink in it, but there sure as HELL better be ink in it cause ive only used it twice. plus, i checked the ink levels on the trouble shooting dohickey and it said the ink levels are fine.

so wtf is wrong with this thing? i click print, and it goes thru the motions, but the page either comes out very faint and hard to see, or the page is blank :/

it worked fine on my old computer

in other news..

this is some kinda of crazy world we live in.. filled with sycos and demented loons with their paranoid agendas..  But as long as we can have guns! cuz.. we need em! .... for some reason..

PHOENIX – A 22-year-old man described as a social outcast with wild beliefs steeped in mistrust faces a federal court hearing Monday on charges he tried to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead.
A military official in Washington said Jared Loughner was rejected from the Army in 2008 because he failed a drug test. The official spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because privacy laws prevent the military from disclosing such information about an individual's application.
The official did not know what type of drug was detected in the screening.
Public defenders are asking that the attorney who defended Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Timothy McVeigh and "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski defend Loughner, who makes his first court …

ok, wtf?

so somebody is trying to hack my google account AGAIN. seriously, WHY? what do i have on here, that anyone could POSSIBLY want? 2 blogs and an email account WHOOPDEEDOO.
yeah google sent me the email saying someone was trying to reset my info, so i know someone is fucking with my shit.
get a freekin hobby asshole

ho hum

i want to play sims but i cant cause the wrong disk is in the drive and dayana is asleep on me so i cant get up.


im bored
got a new puter desk today. its HUGE! srill gettin aquainted. everything is wierd now. im a very OCDish creature of habit. change bothers me.. but my old desk was crap. i like this one alot ^^. so im just soyyin here trying to get used to thing... moniter is at a different level.. my feet are closer to the floor..  my stuff is all in different places.. and i cant read the letters on the keybord from the monitor glare..

its like being at someone elses house lol


nothing to say. just wanted to get that last post off the top. hello everyone :P

congrats to all the winners!

of TMN's simmer of the year awards!

get those votes in!

anyone who hasnt seen or hasent voted on TMN simmer of year award, gets yer butts in gear!!! lol

doncha love cats?

so my daughter FINALY fell asleep at a decent hour tonight, so i decided to take advantage of it and join her in sleepytown.
well apparently, a whole house full of people sleeping peacefully annoys my cat. every ten minutes the little shit comes into my room, and starts digging at the closet door. after the first few warning noises, i began squiring him, and even THAT didnt deter him from his night time hobby of being an asshole.
well he finaly woke the baby up, so now im sitting here awake in the middle of the night and pretty pissed off at my cat.
that little moron is LUCKY i love him lol

angry ranting and potty mouth-ing

im so goddam tired of laim i could kick a puppy!!! every fuckin time i post something i get white screen/liam/oops page like 5 sonovabitching times in a rown for weeks now and im about up to my frackin limit as to how much stupid crap i can take from a website i FUCKING PAID TO BE ON!!!!
WTF is wrong with those people in charge over there? are they completely ignorant to the issues, or just dont fuckin give a shit???
writing emails to customer service doesnt fucking help either cause ive tried that and THAT gets you NOWHERE


Best Post Ever


Jamesc93 has made a blog

in retaliation to The Mare's Nest's recent attacks upon his character, Jamesc93 has made his own blog in rebuttal. He invites all reader to leave comments, good or bad. he ALSO demands an unmasking of the mares..
see his blog here

like nobodys done THAT before lol

i just figured id pass this info along in case anyone missed his post last night on EA saying he made a blog. i figured it was worth following. i know ill be following, if only for curiositys sake