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i love these bunnyhero dohickeys

i dont remember when it was i first discovered these things.. i know i have had them on my forum for years now. they are always fun to play with. i have searched and searched, and havent found any other virtual pet that was even half as entertaining or interactive. if you havent seen one yet, check out patrick over there. or click the bunnyhero link and get your own. they have tons to choose from too.

Where did spring go???

it was so nice and warm and sunny for a week or two, and now its cold again. yeah i know it has to rain in the spring for flowers to grow but waa..
i was enjoying the outside time.

yeah im behind the times

i just saw Avatar last night ans all i can say is WOW. i dont get to theaters much with 3 kids in tow, so its rare i even get to see new movies. Nate  brought home Avatar on dvd and i couldnt WAIT.
i wasnt dissapointed..

a great little game you may not know about

i have been away from my simmies for the last week or so, because i have been deeply entangled in the puzzles of the island if Isola.. that is, playing virtual villagers lol.

for anyone who has NOT heard of this game, lemme sum it up.  you get a small group of random villagers, stranded on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs. you need to teach them how to live off the land, and keep them alive and healthy, and breed new generations to thrive and discover the secrets of the island.
sound like fun? well it is!  unlike the sims, virtual villagers does not need your constant attention. it runs in real time, and will continue to 'play' even when your computer is off (unless you pause your village) things can sometimes progress very slowly, so its good to check on them, do a few things, then go do something else while you wait. of course, you can always stay around for hours helping the children collect the rare collectibles (something villagers cannot do without y…

germaphobe much?

i noticed recently ads on tv about the hand pumps of liquid soap. how they claimed all your 'dirty germyness' was getting all over the hand pump and you just get it on yourself the next time you use the soap.

ok maybe its just the way i wash my hands, but dont you wash OFF everything AFTER you touch the hand pump? so who really gives a rats ass whats on it? it could be covered with the ebola virus, if your immediately washing your hands, it doesnt really matter.

people are really TOO dam paranoid about germs these days. got news for you. a few germs are good for you. they help your body get stronger and learn to fend off the really bad stuff. thats what our immune system is designed to do.
as long as you wash your hands regularly, you dont have anytthing to worry about.

sheesh...  what is the damn obsession with everything being sterile? is it just me who sees how ridiculous this is?


i grew up in a haunted house, so ghosts has always been an interest to me.. there are plenty of unexplained things in the world. there has even been sightings of ghost dogs, cats, horses, etc.
but i got to wondering last night..
why dont you ever see dinosaur ghosts? they ARE dead am i right?

makes ya wonder

ever get a LOLcat stuck in your head all day?

ok so its not exactly a lolCAT but for some reason this cute little guy was running thru my mind all day lol.... geez i hope he didnt leave cheesy macaroni prints all in my brains


i dunno how to delete a post, so instead of having a blank one here, i guess i should write something.
well i heard last night while i was playing perfect world that china was hit with a huge quake.
how awful. these quakes are really scary. of course, the spoiled little shits playing couldnt have cared less.. when someone announced on the chat that china had a quake, some 'witty' person said, 'i hope they secured all the egg rolls'
what a fucked up thing to say, when someone just announces that 67 people died!!
some teenagers really piss me off. bunch of self important, arrogant little shits.
its getting so that i hardly even want to play my favorite games or even go on the internet anymore, these twats are everywhere. dont their mothers know wtf they are doing all day?
my mother sure as hell kept tabs on me. and i sure as HELL dont let my daughter on the internet. shes only 10, but i have still seen plenty of 10 year old trolls on the EA forum.
there is a serious lac…

well i just had a terrible scare

my cat is a bit crazy, its one of the reasons i love him. and its not uncommon for him to suddenly jump up and run thru the house. so when i saw him jump out of his box and run up the stairs this morning, i thought nothing of it. in fact i believe i called him a nutcase on his way up.

but a few seconds later my daughter started screaming that something was wrong with the cat, so i ran upstairs to see. he seemed to be having some kind of seizure. his legs were running but he was hitting the wall. his tail was puffed up and he just seemed to not know where he was. it was terrifying.

after a few minutes he calmed down and now he seems ok.. altho breathing heavy.. but what an odd thing. 30 years i have had cats and neve3r seen anything like this. i hope hes gonna be ok..

my little girl loves killswitch engage

man she makes me so dam proud! she loves trivium too. i see her dancing and headbanging when its on hehe. they seem to be her favorites. maybe because i put my headphones up to her 'ears' when i was preggy?

my little metal head

is it just me?

or does it bug anybody else when you open a blog or a webpage and get assaulted by audio ads or music?

i usualy have music playing on my pc anyway, so going to a site that suddenly starts playing its own is like musical terrorism.. it offends my ears lol. its fine to have a playlist or i-pod thingy on your page, but make it so you have to activate it manualy or something. i always do that with my playlists, i just think its rude to blast my music at someone who may not like my style or music choice.

if i hear one more rap or lady gaga song i might have to shoot myself.
ok and whats with lady gaga anyway? all the kids on the sims sites are 'lady gaga this and lady gaga that' i dont get it. i havent heard any of her music for more than a sec, but i already know its not my thing. but shes not really that differnt from any other pap star... so WHY is everyone 'gaga' over her?
shes ugly, for one. her style is stupid, for two. shes just an attention whore in my opinion. she…

The Chicken and the Egg time

So, today is Easter and there isnt much else to do. my kids are gorging themselves on candy, and im looking at 2 dozen hardboiled eggs and it makes you wonder.. what came first?

well actualy i dont wonder, because i know. i KNOW what came first. do you? there is actualy scientific evidence as to what came first. its true!

so before i reveal the answer, i will leave it up to the comments, can you tell me what came first? and why?
cmon people i know you know this one!