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gave the site a makeover and added the meebo bar i have been trying to get to work for ages now. so instead of the stupid xat that i loathe, you can chat right in the bar at the bottom of EVERY page. cool huh?

im at a loss tho as what other feature to add, since i stripped the site down to nearly nothing. maybe ill find some cool widgets or somthing.. well itll do for now

my simself is a most epic artist

here she is crafting her latest masterpiece.. i have goosebumps just guessing what wonderously brilliant thing she could be painting. im sure it will put all otrher paintings ever painted ever to shame. They will need to burn the mona lisa, because this work will be so astounding, so magnificent, that no other art before it could ever hope to compare.

 it is complete!! my most astounding work ever!!!! i shall hang it in the crapper, and it shall bring me to tears each time i behold its truly epic... goodness.. im at a loss for words

o yeah, and  uh.... whats with the naked guy?

what wrong with hair meshes?

this is what is wrong with the majority of hair meshes out there.

whose head is this big? seriously? do we need THIS much extra junk sittin on top of our sims head? look at the mans head, and look at the womans... honestly her head is TWICE as big in the back.. NOT NESSESARY. and it looked ridiculous... man it drives me crazy looking at this enormous helmet when i use a hair like this.

its looks amazing from the front. its a very nice hair. but why o WHY does it have to have the big head syndrome???

SO many hairs do this too... they are just too dam big. please creators, if your listening, try to make meshes a teeny bit smaller. real heads are NOT this big

Another big problem i find with alot of meshes, is the floating hair thing.

you see how the hair just defys gravity in the back? MAN that annoys me! id rather have hair that cut a little bit into the sim, than flying around in space like that.

and this concludes my hair pet peeves. it is SO hard to find just the right hair for my sim…

Medieval Madness

A few of my heros all in one room. The doctor Chimera (the lady with the plumbob) , the Bard, Robin hood, and the Wizard Merlin. (such original names)

 This is one of the evil guards that took over the realm when my Queen went bonkers

 Chimera took it upon herself to save the kingdom by assassinating the evil queen... have some 'inoculations' your majesty

 oops she died.. did i do that?

 the evil Queen Salmithra was immediately succeeded by her son, Thorin. he grew up kinda pudgy, but overall not too bad looking

 i dunno why this random picture of Horatio the blacksmith is in here. I like playing the blacksmith, its alot of fun.

 ah King Thorin was trying to make allies with the distant elf lands of Effenmont, so agreed to marry its princess. she wasnt thrilled about it

 but eventualy he managed to charm her

 and ask for her hand

 and the magical wedding guy fell out of the sky and they were wed. Long live King Thorin and Queen Ellianne!

 Then Thorin got bored and wanted to the the jest…

well SIMians has been reactivated..

not really sure why i bothered. thinking about just revamping the whole thing. dunno if i have the energy tho. but i decided at least not to delete it.. at least for now. i still dunno wth im gonna do with it tho...

feelin better finaly

the cold, and the pinced nerve, have waned and im almost back to tip top. still a little achy in my arm. i dont understand why this happens. there really isnt any rhyme or reason to it. usualy when it happens, its in my lower back. makes it extremely difficult to move, as every bend or turn causes pain. this time it was in my neck/shoulder. i think that might have actualy been worse. i couldnt even move my head. it was excruciating.
this has been effecting me since i was about 11 years old, and i have NO idea what it is. and since it doesnt show up on any xrays, its impossible to prove to any doctor thats it really there. you cant just go to a doctor and say 'i have back pain'
if its not on an xray, they simply dont believe you.. and think your just trying to get pain meds or something. i tried to get on dissability for this for years. how can i effectively do ANY job when i can suddenly (at any time) have my back/neck go out and be laid up for at least a week?

but anyway i ha…


still really stiff and achy... but loads better than i was yesterday morning. i guess some medication and rest does a body good.
im usualy a 'no drugs for me thanx' kinda person. (when it comes to pharmaceuticals anyway) but i was in SO much pain i just gave in and took some.
i guess everyone has their breaking point lol.
altho now my head is floaty and i cant seem to talk right. im typoing more than usual and halfthe things im saying on simpletons dont even make sence when i go back and read it lol

i heart codine

so last night i get a pinched nerve or somthing in my neck. this kinda thing happens to me now and then.. its extreamly painful. i could barely move all night and today. so my sister in law gave me some codine.. and im finaly able to move around a little.  yay codine


so wtf is with a grown man, who routinely gets drunk and starts whining and bitching at his guild because 'no one appreciates' him?
this same 'unnapreciated' person, who was made a vice for all his hard work and effort. this same person who, gets invited to instances daily and talked to every day. so, we are all just suposed to sit back and take his abuse because he gets drunk and wants to take out his bad day on all of us, well, i dont think so pal, FUCK YOU.

get out of my guild. i dont need you. the empty place you left in the roster was filled immediately. dont come crawling back either like you did LAST time you pulled this whiny emo crap, cause it aint gonna fly this time. im done with your pathetic attention whoring, and i dont want your stupid drama in my guild. take a long walk off a short pier, fuckface.


my name is zeri and im an addict...

ok so 1130 and i finaly drag myself away from the Sims Medieval, only because my butt hurts from sitting here so long. was i really here all day? dam i needed to do stuff... but its too late now cause the day is over.. i think maybe i have a problem