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sooo hooooot

im melting... melting MELTING!!!
and my butt is stuck to this leather chair. 0_o
aicarumba its hot

pleco update

well the clown pleco does not seem to be attacking the dark one. he IS still alot more active tho, and attaching to surfaces all over the tank like he never did before. so far so good, i dont think he intends to be aggressive. but we will see i spose

plecos are weird

so a while back i got this pleco for my tank. its a 75+ gallon. (not sure what it is exactly) my first real big tank so i was excited to fill it with fish :) there was a nice pleco at the pet store that was very colorful. i think the lady said he was a clown pleco. hes black with orange tiger stripes sorta. heres a shitty pic i got with my phone. the battery is dead on my camera well, hes an awesome pleco, but ive noticed that he doesnt really clean algea very well. he just kinda hangs out under a bush and never moves much. so needless to say, the tank has been getting funky lol. so i figured we needed another pleco. one with a little more of an appetite. we got a regular one this time, mostly black, no coloring at all. tiny little guy. well Janitor Ned (the orangey pleco) went fucking berzerk when we added a new pleco to the tank. all of a sudden hes zipping around, sucking on the walls, filter, (like in the pic) and swimming after the other pleco, bumping it off the walls. …

wise words from my ancesters


uhg.. im such a nervous wreck today

didnt really get much sleep, tossed and turned all night. kept having dreams that i overslept and missed my appointment. so i figured i might as well wake up since i was hardly sleeping anyway. im so drag-ass tired im not sure i can even move today. too much anxiety piled on top of anxiety, piled on top of no sleep. wee today is gonna be fun. and i have to go to social services (not my favorite place) and tell them they send me my forms in spanish so i cant even fill them out. i dont know if they will even GIVE me new forms, and if not im totaly screwed. i think i might just drown myself in hot coffee and put myself outta my misery

lets all cheer up

the sims community has been a bit tense lately. lets take a nice break and laugh at some funny shit, shall we?
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Pimp out your MySpace 2.0 Profile with a new layout
Pimp out your MySpace 2.0 Profile with a new layout
Grab a new layout for your profile!
Looking for more funny pictures? lol that last one always cracks me up

dont look now....

but that bunny has yer cookie

Looking for more funny pictures?

is it just me?

or does Rajesh from 'the big bang theory' kinda remind you of Fez from 'that 70's show'?

its been bugging me who he reminded me of, and i think thats it right there

computers are weird

last few days i have bee noticing that the sims 3 site looks kinda.. smeared. i figured it was just the site (since its always fucked up anyway) and paid no attention.

last night, however, i noticed that all my desktop icons were ALSO smeared... and quite severely. i thought my monitor was 'tired' so i shut the pc down.

this morning the smears were not only still there but worse. so i start fiddling with the settings, thinking maybe somthing got out of wack.
nothing helped. so i begin to think aw fuck now i gotta buy a new friggin monitor, i cant afford that shit right now!!!!!

well i decided to google it... and to my surprise there was OTHER people with the same problem. and you will never guess what the solution was.. no go ahead, guess.
youll NEVER guess.
update the drivers? adjust the settings, contact the maufacturer? nope nope nope

it was somthing as simple as WIGGLING THE POWER PLUG

thats it. that actualy fixed it lol

i dont think i will EVER really understand computers…

at last

ill be able to recreate the characters from my favorite show!

sure i could have made Sally (a ghost) and Aiden (a vampire) but what about poor Josh? i couldn't in good conscience just PRETEND he was a werewolf now could i?

well that out of the way, i have a little something ot say to ALL the supernatural haters everywhere.

shut up. i had to suffer thru your kay perry bullshit. i had to not update my game (and avoid the forum) for your showtime garbage. now they are finaly releasing something I LIKE that will excite me about this series again.

so take your pissing and moaning and cram it. you dont like it? you dont have to! DONT FUCKING BUY IT
 keep your whiney complaining (wah its not seasons!!) shit to yourself, you spoiled little asshats!!!!

a mother knows

i have had issues with my son his entire life. it didnt take very long to notice that he wasnt 'normal'. but years and years in therapy, the brilliant thereapists could come up with nothing better than 'adhd', 'odd' and bad parenting. -_-
i suggested several times that i thought he may has aspergers. they pretty much scoffed at me. 'you are not a doctor, therefore you know nothing. your son is just hyper'
no... its goes WAY beyond that. they ignore me when i described the odd movements he makes when enjoying somthing, or watching tv. just brushed it off. theyu ignored me when i described how ocd he was about certain objects or activitys.. what do I know, right? im not a doctor. meds will fix everything. (they didnt)
well the school actualy DID listen to me, and gave me a questionair to fill out. (since other than myself, the school was the only other one to see him daily and KNOW what hes like)
the school called today and said he definitely DOES…

Supernatural has been unofficialy, officialy leaked

Here are some screenies take form a Russian facbook


these are just a few, there are also zombies and fortune tellers and other things. this EP is looking really great so far, i cant wait!!!

a wee bit tipsy

kids are at their dads so i said why not. gosh it doesnt take much, ive had like.. a beer and a half. weee


so they added a bot..

normaly im against botters. because is essentially cheating. (not to mention its dumb to have the game just play itself)
but forsaken world just added a bot IN GAME. as in, not an illegal bot that you download, its part of the game so its not cheating at all.
i have been trying it out and all i can say is i cant believe i have been against botting all these years lol.

i freekin LOVE it. i still do my normal quests manualy as i would, but hard bosses, hit the bot button and away he goes! it controls him better than i would, so my survivability is alot higher. plus, i have alot LESS stress now, that  i can leave my screen during instances or boss fights to do things for my kids, and not have to worry about standing there afk.

alot of ppl are complaining (because thats what people like to do) but i love this bot and i think its one of the best things to come to this game in a while.

now that the guild base is gone and there is the bot, i have 0 stress. i can focus on fun :D

bot bot bot. …