skin im in

well it was really hard to find what im looking for. but ive almost got something i can be happy with.
i couldnt find 1 skin that fit male and female that i liked. so i ended up having to get 2 separate skins for each gender. i got this one for female

im pretty happy with that one so far, its very nice. soft, realistic, and no 'dirt'. round bottom and decent cleavage, and the belly looks soft when she isnt fit (AND fat) the only beef i have with this one, is the ass crack seems to be too low (a very common problem with alot of skins, no ass whatsoever) but its an ignorable problem since my sims dont go bareassed anyway.

i went with this one for males -skin-by-gelydh and altho i pretty much love the way it looks on the body, i hate the way it looks on the face. it gives them a sort of dark blushy look which bugs me. i was abel to cover it up on Morty with facial hair, but its gonna get on my nerves after a while.
so close.. i dont think i can get a special face replacement either, since this one includes face. it would probably mess things up. so i will have to find a new male skin eventually.

i also got this you-are-real-skin
which i originally thought was a replacement skin, but its kinda not.  it is, but it isnt. its a realistic overlay, that adds detail to the body to make them look more human. also give the male an Adams apple and everything! im VERY happy with this one. its make toes and fingers loos so real. not really super noticeable unless you zoom in alot, but i do. this isnt a skin! it is an overlay that will work with whatever skin you are already using. i didnt realize that when i first downloaded it, and i removed my old skin. so it was using the EA texture.
when i installed the new skins it still works over them, its so cool

so thats what im running now. if anyone can recommend a male skin that has the same sort of body textures but doesnt have the blushy face, just lemme know!

and i definitely recommend that you are real skin. try it out, its amazing


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