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annnnnd my favorite GIF ever


happy zombie jesus/goddess eostre day

today we celebrate the coming of spring with fertility symbols. and some guy died and came back from the dead to eat brains or something.
blessed be to all my friends! and happy easter too


im out of coffeee :(

took in a new 'stray'

but this one isnt your typical stray lol.
this is Lady Tarantula. (named after my vampire character with the spider tattoo) my boyfriend's friend was talking about a friend of his that was trying to get rid of their tarantula. i never really wanted one in the past, but my boyfriend has one and shes really cool. (very low maintenance pet)
so i said why not, ill take her. isnt she beautiful? shes a Chilean rose hair as far as i can tell. just like our other one. shes a little small, but i will stuff her real good ^_^

i just love her shes my new lil friend XD

well that is unexpected

island paradise actualy seems pretty cool to me. i dont usually like the vacation eps. but im kinda excited for this one. scuba diving? houseboats? jet skis? shark attacks?! ok maybe not shark attacks (i sure hope so tho)

this looks like tons o fun! i will have to drag myself out of the haunted mansion and into the water! lol. houseboat werewolves? it could work

dis mah sexy face



every now and then she glows gently

 shroom girl in her natural habitat lol

its a man's world

know how i know?
my spam box (on just about every email account) is filled with penis enlargment ads, naked web cam girls who want to talk to ME, dating sites with sexy local singles, and viagra viagra viagra.

know what i never see? boob enlargement ads. not one. no feminine ads of any kind i might ad. not even shoes.
so does EVERYTHING revolve around men, or am i just on some kinda sick mailing list?


there is a little something about me many probably dont know. i love mushrooms. i dont mean tripping balls mushrooms, i mean just mushrooms in general. they are so cute! i dunno there is just something about em. some people have their own thing, you know? some will have dogs, or cows, or something. they decorate their house with cow  figurines or whatever. my thing is mushrooms.

so, when i was in the new character select thing for guild wars 2, i was really delighted to see this

mushroom people!

well, they are a race of plant people, but one of the hairdoos is a mushroom cap. so i HAD to make one lol. here she is, Venusa Stropharia.
ah im just so syked to have a walking talking mushroom! lolol
shes adorable XD

that awkward moment when..

your running thru the jungle/forest/dungeon with your npc pet/follower trailing behind you. you noticed a difficult path ahead, with many monsters too tough to kill alone. so you skirt around the outside, ducking just out of site, climbing over trees and ruins to avoid them, and land safely on the other side.

only to have your follower blunder right thru the middle after you, dragging all the mobs behind him.

attention cc makers!

i have a request, and no idea where to put it. so ill put it here in the hopes that someone who makes cc will stumble across it one day.
i would like a default replacement skin for the grim reaper, if possible. i LOVED the look of grimmy from the sims 2, so if somebody could just take the old skin and tape over the new skin, that would be awesome. i dont like new grimmy, hes too 'cartoony'

new pope


so new myspace? wtf?

i always liked myspace. it was fun, it was a great way to meet ppl and really get an idea of who they are BEFORE adding them. and it was a great way to keep tabs on, and find new bands.
but then facebook came out and all the sheep flocked there, and my favorite place became a ghostyard.

so now myspace has made a new site. and its mostly about music again (the site was originally ABOUT music, not douchebags hitting on women) and its got a whole new format and everything. i had been playing with it, and making a playlist and it was pretty cool. but for likw. gees like 3 weeks now you cant even log in! they fucking broke it, ALREADY. now, when i go to the login screen, its goes black.

way to go myspace. you had like one little thing to do and couldnt do it right.
you might want to make sure a site WORKS before you go live with it, ijs

soo simcity, i heard the news


i think i might dye my hair

im just so dam BORED. need to spice up my life somehow. usualy, i go black, but lately my hair hasnt been holding black like it used to. its nearly grown out so i might try a lighter color. im thinking blond streaks lol. just for lulz. luckily if it looks terrible it probably wont last long

im sorry but i just dont get it

these people who insist evolution is just some idea and not a real thing.. i mean you can SEE evolution working in the world around us every day!
consider dogs for instance. do you think dogs just popped out of nowhere? or god dropped them into our living rooms? no, we MADE THEM. by forced evolution. we took wolves, and bred them with the qualitys we wanted. and after so many thousands of years we have so many thousands of breeds. We wanted small dogs, we bree the smallest of the litter, so each generation got smaller and and smaller. we wanted spotted dogs, so we bred the ones with spots togtether until theere were hundreds of em.
not good enough for you? how about the common cold? you know why you cant get the same cold twice? once you have a cold, you cant catch it anymore. your body has antibodys to fight it off. so, viruses mutate. this is evolving. ever hear of pests that are resistant to pesticide? guess why?
there are SO many examples of evolution in our world, it boggles my m…

my life is so empty

maybe its just being anxious for spring, but i doubt it. im just so unhappy with pretty much everything. i cant keep hiding in videogames but what else can i do really?
i need to make changes in my life i just dont know where to start. or if i really WANT to open that can of worms. im just so tired of waking up everyday in THIS. this life i ended up with.

whats up with MTS?

anybody else notice they havent updated in like a month or so now? i go back every so often and i see the same thing there. has it shut down or something? technical difficulties? am i just retarded and missing something obvious??