i found her!

back when i was playing my kahjiit thief/warrior, Mandu (katmandu, get it?) i used the follower Jenassa from whiterun. i liked her very much. shes a theif type, and she duel wields which is nice. when i had to accept Serana for the dawnguard quest it automaticaly dismised Jenassa. When Mandu finished doing those and ready to use Jenassa again, she wasnt in the drunken huntsman anymore. she wasnt anywhere in whiterun. it had been a considerable amount of game time, so she had plenty of time to get back. but i kept goin back and checking anyway (in case she was really slow)
but Mandu never found her again. i assumed she got killed along the way and she was just gone.

my current character, a bosmer theif named Zeri (original, eh?) is also using Jenassa. i have been avoiding the Serana quests on purpose because i dont want to lose her, but had accidently dismissed her anyway when i hired a steward for my Falkreath stead.
i was kinda mad, i had NOT dismissed my follower, i dont know why she left simply because i hired a steward.

i dont remember what i was doing at the time, but i couldnt run after her, so it was a while before i went back to whiterun to try to retrieve her.

once again, SHE WAS NOT THERE.
so now im getting annoyed since ive more or less decided shes my favorite follower.

so i waited, checked again, nothing. than i googled it. one time can be chalked up to accidental death, but not 2 times in a row. something is going on here.

didnt find any specific bug about jenassa dissapearing. there WAS however, one story about a fella who dismissed her to do the companion quests, and she vanished, similar to my situation.

he had discovered that jenassa had fallen into the moat around dragonsreach. she was just stuck in there. he said he had to push her out, and then she began her return to the druken huntsman once more.

so it got me thinking.. she must just have shitty routing and is probably stuck somewhere.
so i went back to my house in falkreath, to try to trace her steps from my homestead to whiterun.

luckily i didnt have too far to go, because just down a road a pace from pinewatch, there she was. just standing there. shes lucky i didnt shoot first and ask questions later cause i thougth she was a bandit at first lol

so anyway YAY i  found Jenassa!!


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