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*ding dong* religeon salesman!

so the pamplet tossers were at my door again. i dont know whether to loathe or pity these people. they wait for things to pop up in the new that they think will sway people, and then they go around, trying to 'discuss' it, and hang out their fliers. cause believing in the invisible man will make EVERYTHING better, right?
isnt it nice how christians can just go around and bother people about religion all day and dont get stoned for it? if I went door to door, asking people to consider wicca as a faith, id be dragged behind a pickup truck.
but you know what, i find it just as offensive. yes i am offended by christians, barfing their opinions all over me. SHUT UP. i dont care. i dont go bothering YOU with MY beliefs, now do i? i have the decency to think that faith is a PRIVATE and PERSONAL thing. no one is going to change my mind, and i dont expect my opinion to change anyone elses. what do these people really think they are DOING?
and who is so feeble minded, to actualy change …

stupid sims, i hate you so much!

ok i really dont, but wow do they make me mad! lol. so i have this gold digger sim and im trying to seduce thorton wolff. so she got him to leave his wife, and they got all smoochy woochy and became romantic interests. but NOW i cant get the 'go steady' option for nothing. i got move in, but no go steady. and if i just move him in, i dont get the gold digger ltw to activate properly.
so alll weekend shes loving him up, and i never get the 'go steady'
it doesnt help that in between romantic interactions, he throws in somthing stupid like 'answer question' and it rests the dam interaction wheel -_-.
so weekend is over and they go back to work, and before he even comes home, i get the nraas popup that hes got a new girlfriend!!! FU##KKKK!!!!


i chopped all my hair off

well, not all of it, about half i guess. its shoulder length now. it FEELS really short lol. its been so long do a long time. so i guess now i have to update my simself again.. or, anyone who has my simself already, just put shorter hair on her lol. i dont even know if i have a sim hair that fits.
stupid sims hair. i finaly found a good one and now i have to change it again XD

wth is this shit?

i had been accidentally using the shortcut to play my game, and havent used the launcher in a while. well, i loaded up the ol launcher because i had uploaded something,  and i get this shit.

first of all, no, i am no interested in your shitty patches. and 2, I CANT EVEN CLICK ON ANYTHING. the launcher essentially seizes up and i had to control alt delete just to shut it off.
what is this, some kinda of new terrorist tactic? install our patch or your not playing? FUCK YOU EA.
well guess im not uploading anymore. sorry to anyone to might be a fan of my creations. its not happening apparently.

proof that it works!

havent played the sims in a few days, but since its mothers day and i wanted to relax and enjoy gaming (for once) i decided to fire up the ol sims.

the color change mouse DOES work, and here is a horse with a yellow plumbob. she was hungry and needed exercise but she was asleep. the mouse was yellow too ^_^

its just so neat!

hack and slash fun

anyone like a hack and slash, collect shit tons of loot, and just kill everything that moves kinda game?
i like those every now and then, and i found a new one (still in beta phazes) that has real potential.
Path OF Exile

you like killing stuff and collecting loot, this game is worth looking at.

another good  point to this game, YOU CAN TURN OFF WORLD CHAT.  no more distracting, annoying whiney morons, who dont seem to know which game they are playing, because they are always talking about different ones.

i finaly got one!

my sims 3 light up mouse is finaly here!! teeheeee! installing the drivers now <3
its already so awesome! its kinda wide so it will take some adjusting to (my hands are small) but i love it love it love it!!!

i wanna play sims

but im just not excited about any of my current families right now... not really into doin a challenge... dont feel like dealing with sim kids either.. so im really not sure WHAT i wanna do.
maybe ill just fuck around in CAS for a while. or make a crazy cat lady... havent done that yet.


so many of the same poses

there never seems to be just the right sort of poses that im looking for. seems like everyone makes the same common poses over and over. 'im cute, im flirty, lets hold hands'
i want something like super villian poses. something i can put my vamps in so they loo menacing. there are NO poses like that... at least, none that ive seen. i have found horror types ones, but usualy they are in the position of fear, not power.
i wish i could just make my own.

dear mmo developers

can we PLEASE look into an 'ignore world chat' button for pretty much every game out there?
its extremely tiresome to have to listen to every 17 year old 'professional gamer expert' bitch and moan and troll all day long.
if we cant shut them up, we will more than likely just stop playing your game. try to have at least an iota of control over what happens in your chat box, mkay?
i cant even stomach the thought of goin back to Tera. i play games to relax and have fun, its a hobby. and these a-holes are ruining it for me (and most decent ppl who arent no life perverts)
these people really nauseate me. it would be like every single time you watch tv, you have an annoying row of teenagers in front of you, screaming at the screen, insulting every single person who talks, throwing popcorn and making boob/dick jokes.
omg make it stop!