Monday, September 29, 2014

adventures in Nuia

 things in archeage are going well. weve got a nice little guild established, and most of the serer issues have been ironed out. now if only they did something constructive about that bot problem...

 one of the guild's trade runs across the sea. they are rarely successful with all the damn pirates. i swear, all you need to know about a person in archeage is whether or not they are a pirate.. sooo many douchebags

 was swimming in the ocean and saw some fishies! they were under this flock of seagulls. 'tis a fishing spot

 that back there is the house i want. i have one, actually, but i cant place it anywhere. all the available land was snatched up in like the first 2 days. so i just have to wait now for people to not pay taxes

 well theres something you dont see everyday

 i 'bought' a little cottage from my boyfriend. (he had 2 houses and felt bad that i still didnt have one) ive got it fixed up pretty decent but it still needs something more.

 i like my little shitshack :) here is my pet owl. i have a fishtank too.

even Ginger likes the house. thats gonna ruin my hardwood floors. i placed everything in here, the houses are totally customizable. the only thing that comes with a house is the fireplace.

nap time ^_^

Sunday, September 21, 2014

arche age officially launched

and it is awesome. i got a sub so i can own land. first game sub i ever got (wel i subbed for EQ for a little while but i didnt really like it)

this game is amazing. you can do anything! and it really heavy into crafting, so it could take months to gather all the resources and materials you need to make a thing.

it will certainly keep me busy lol. and when not crafting or farming, there is questing and adventuring! who doesnt want to brave the open sea and see whats out there?

last night me and some guildys took rowboats out on the ocean headed for the other continent.

(the continents are different countries/factions, and you cant speak the language of the other side either)

so we got halfway there and encounterd a few higher lev foreigners on a clipper. they tried to harpoon one of our rowboats. so we all swan to their ship and slaughtered them lol. we might have been lower lev but we outnumbered them.

it was glorious!! we were all lev 10-20 and we murdered some lev 30- 50 dumbasses who tried to pick on our guy. thatll show him. then we stole their boat and took it for a joyride hahaha

shoulda took some pics, dam.

 mt clipper from beta. i miss that ship

 standing by my boyfriend's farm. we have a nice view from up here

 sailing alone in a rowboat... dangerous

 checking out my ass

 my new little wolf puppy, d'awww

 just admiring the view

 the sky isnt as nice as say, skyrim, but its still pretty nice

Thursday, September 4, 2014

man i hate TSR so much

been goin there every now and then when i see something nice on the sims 3 blog thingy. (now that its free) but every time i download something its simpack simpack simpack. I HATE THOSE FUCKING THINGS.

so if it not just made badly its in an unpreferred format. bleh. sucky ass place.

i did find some awesome custom planters tho, that will spice up my garden room nicely. need to convert these to package files first. waaay too many issues with simpacks

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

whoa open beta is sooner than i thought!

archeage open beta starts tomorrow! i thought it was the 6th for some reason. one week and them official launch. it may be a long time before i get back on my sims lol. i was really enjoying it too. too bad it crashed on me like 3 times today. i guess it doesnt want me anymore :'(