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my skyrim follower, S'vala

i made her myself :)
my first creation kit project
the big warrior guy is my toon, Rajah.

 i gave her one of the apachiiskyhairs. shes like a khajiit cheerleader lol

 i think its cute, cause she has long pretty hair but you cna still see her cat ears. and shes got earrings too :)


so i moved the twins in. im not sure why i took the girl too, shes clearly not heir material.
but she is dating this guy
 and i thought it would be fun to keep them together. hes an alien imaginary friend.

 Here is Spooke's chosen heir and only son. Khalid. he remids me of daniel radclicff lol

hes got a bit of a diminutive chin, but hes a good looking boy.

more simmy nonsense

Spooke's best girl.

 he did meet a fellow mermaid. but they werent attracted to one another so i didnt bother trying to move her in

 who would burgle a house with THIS spectral guardian?

 Spooke went to each of his baby mommas houses and decided which child he liked best. this is his chosen heir, Khalid. he invited him to sleep over. daddy visitation weekend :P

 Spooke and Khalid had a great weekend. i am unable to invite him to live with me tho. perhaps when he is a teen. (i could just 'add to household' but i want to see if i can do it legit)

 Spooke's dog had puppies! papa dog was the red ghosty.

  and they had a ghosty puppy!his name is Boo ^_^

 and here are his litter mates, Ladybug and Floyd

Spooke seems to favor Floyd, i have no idea why. he might be the one he keeps. altho i am rather partial to Boo ^_^

Happy Holidays!

Have a very merry, whatever-you-celebrate this season. best wishes to you and yours :)

Spook stuff again

so, i got bored with my houseboat (as i often do) and wanted a real house with yard and stuff. but still by the water so he can mermaid around. so i built this house.
i got it from my floorplan book. its not exact, but its pretty close and im real proud of it.

 i just love this house! <3

 Spook went to his job, and one of his lady friends brought a baby with her. his baby. and left him there on the beach in the rain. THAT BITCH!

 Spook went to the alchemy shop after work, and 2 more of his kids were there lol. this one is Khalid (or somthing)

 and here is Jodie. they are both cutie pies.

went to work the next day and found this..... wtf?

take THAT storyprogression

since no single sims existed in my town, i put an 'all in one bathroom' at the beach where Spook works as a lifeguard, and he whoohoos every lady he saves LOL. he has 2 sets of twins now running around town. i have no idea who else he might have blessed with Spooklets. but im sure these arent the last. muaha. both sets of twins were born on the same day, Aiya
so, now when im ready to pass on my empire to an heir, i will have several in town to choose from. and i didnt have to raise em. XD

 spook ate some kelp he found in his pocket and a strange thing happend.

 he grew fins! and they match his eyes. how nice

 spook is a charming fellow. he knows how to woo all the ladies at the beach with his manly lifeguardiness

 the one on the left was his intended.. and then she went and got pregnant and married strait outta high school. little harlot. she was th prettiest girl in town :'(
so he romanced her mom.

 for my next trick. ,  turning water in wine.

 this girl is named…

bout ready to dump Nraas

i have used it a long time, i i do love it but its getting REALLY irritating trying to find any single sims in town to date/marry.
the dam mod pairs them all off before i can even call them! its pissing me off! every dam single lady (and gent, i figured why be picky) were all married or in relationships, so i had my sim scope out some teens. he found one he liked and befriended her, waiting till she aged up to YA so he could court her.
so ok she ages up and he calls her immediately, but shes says 'im busy call back later'
so he goes to bed. and while hes sleeping, SP mod tells me she is pregnant!! and getting married!! im like WTF!
its been 8 hours!!

im so tired of just making mates for my sims, i want to date the townsfolk ffs. i think i might just take this mod out for a while

Spook's adventures in Roaring Heights

crazy ol Spook. havent played with him in a while and needed a body to try out the new town he seemed as good as any. if you have ever played with Spook, you know he is crazy. wacky, wacky Spook

 he wanted to buy an elixir, so i thought it would be fun to buy a clone potion. he had floaty hearts for himself. at least he has self esteem

 he got 3 bags of money in a row from the claw machine. chaCHING! still need money tho. time for a jobjob

 Spook decided to get a job  as a lifeguard. cause he wanted to meet pretty girls and i havent played a lifeguard.

 and pretty girls a plenty! this tasty dish showed up at the beach the next day. and several others, but this one caught my eye. she looks like his type.

stinky Spook watching the waves. he saved a life his first day! a pretty blond girl was drowning and he (eventualy) saved her!
woohoo! way to go!

i tried out the rollar coaster too, but i seem to have forgotten to get pics -_-

whoopin some ass now

my little redguard archer is making a dent in her enemies now. i got me some arrows with paralyze on them, so i use them to knock my enemy down while i shoot them again lol.

made it all the way thru the arena last night. wasnt sure i could do it with an archer, but she hardly got touched at all. pow pow pow my stun arrows layed them out while Bob (my summoned dremora) finished them off

tee hee

wew that was fun

need more power! *insert tim allen grunting here*

so after beta testing ESO (not giving anything away here so im not violating NDA) it put me in the mood for some more elder scrolls goodness. ive already played skyrim TO DEATH so i decided to fire up oblivion. havent given that one a go in a few years.

took me a little while to get back into the swing of things (gah the menus are so different!) but its been tons of fun. especially since i dont remember half of it lol. its almost like im playing it new.

i sure remembered that item cloning trick tho ;)

well anyway, i rolled a thief/archer because i dont think i ever tried on of those on oblivion. i rocked archer on skyrim, that was one of my favorite toons. my khajiit archer could one hit sneak attack  just about anything but a dragon.

the bows in oblivion? nosogood.

my toon is 10 now and has pretty good marksman skill, but still i have to shoot somthing about 15 times before it dies. and i have ot use a summon or just whack it with a sword half the time.

what gives? sneak attack just…

let me be the first to say

that i dont give one flying fuck about a dead cartoon character. especially since i abhor that particular show and was happy when they canceled it the first time. they should kill the rest of them.
no offense to any of my friends who like that show, but i think its idiotic. and i just KNOW im going to hear about this retarded dog for WEEKS and weeks as people whine about it. im not going back to my mmo any time soon, thats for sure

dear game dvelopers

there is a growing trend in games these days, that  requires you to play either online or socially in almost every game. and its getting worse. i dont know where you got the idea that gamers hate playing games by themselves, because i for one (who has been gaming since 1985 btw) LOATHE gaming socially. i hate other people. i hate playing games with other people. i hate hearing them whine, and gloat, and bitch, and i hate hate HATE being dependent on OTHER people to be able to accomplish things in a game. i am a person who has spent my life relying on myself, and learning that if you want something done, you can ONLY rely on yourself. this goes against EVERYTHING in social gaming. forcing me to game with others, forces me to rely on people who are not reliable, to complete game objectives. people who i cannot control, or depend on, to be there.  and to talk to people.. that majority of which, are a-holes.
this is stupid.
whos idea was this anyway?
bring back the single player experienc…

derpy launcher

so i downloaded the new grimmy venue, and a few lots that gurus made from the exchange (so basicaly all LEGIT lots) and my launcher wont install them.
3 times now i have tried and they never appear in my game. MAN i hate when it does this crap! cause there really isnt any way  to fix it that im aware of. i tried updating to the patch (the last patch, not this one) and that didnt work. im not getting this one just yet, but i doubt the patch will help anyway.

sometimes i just wanna bash that stupid thing with a hammer

ive failed as a parent

i just realized last night that my children have never seen ghostbusters. or beetlejuice. OR the addamns family. wtf is wrong with me??

surgery and vendetta

well its been a busy weekend. so i tried to get my bf to play that in-game forsaken server i mentioned, and he got annoyed at the lack of leaves and left. i was still totaly willing to stay there. but he discovered that our old private server, forsaken world vendetta, is back online. they apparenty renovated the entire site and the game, and now its back in beta.

so i reluctantly went back there (not because i didnt like it there, but because i HATED leveling to 80 in an hour, there is nothing to do)

but they lowered the xp rate, so its not as crazy as before. not like in-game, but i might be able to live with it.

and my daughter just got back from the hospital. monday morning she had belly pain and a fever so we took her to the ER and it turned out she had appendicitis. so 5 years old and had to go thru surgery :(

she is doing ok tho and recovering nicely. its been an understandably very unpleasant experience for her. i dont think ill be able to get her anywhere near a hospital in th…

i need more people

and i have no idea where to find them! i wish i could just send some random 'ad' to google that would go to anyone who was interested in it. technology hasnt quite gotten there yet tho lol.

you may remember for a few years now i have playing an mmo called 'forsaken world' (on and off)

the official version of the game is blech and pay to win. i was on a private server for a while that i really enjoyed but it got deleted.

now ive found ANOTHER private server and its completely empty. its brand new!!
low drop rates too, you dont get to 80 in an hour (that always annoyed me)
but you do get free leaves.
im so excited to play again, but the server is empty. i cant do instances all my myself lol.

i wish there was some way to shout out to all the old Vendetta server gang and tell them about it.
not that most of them will care, since the drop rate is so low, but ive been LOOKING for a server just like this. PVE, not PVP, and decent drop/xp rates AND free leaves.

its perfect!!!

utorrent never seems to work anymore

i dunno what i might have done to break it :/
i keep getting some error popup whenever i try to download somthing. i thought utorrent was corrupted or something, do i deleted it and downloaded it again.

and it still doesnt work. :/. altho, i tried saving the url of the game to the thing in utorrent and that seemed to work fine.. just clicking on download links doesnt work i guess.. i dont understand this thing.

might have finaly found a skin thats a keeper.

ive gone off on tangents before about how i am REALLY picky about custom skins and not finding any that suit my taste perfectly.
well i think i may have finaly found one that makes me happy. its as perfect a skin as i am going to find, i think.

the last skins i was using were 2 different ones, because i couldnd fine a default replacement that was for male and female that i liked, so i had one for male and one for female.

the female ones were a little too shiny, but other wise very nice.  the male ones were almost perfect, but the cheeks had very dark 'blush' areas that kinda annoyed me.

so i came across this kurasoberina

it looks great on both male and female. the females have a slightly bright area on the face, but its not real noticeable.

the muscle tone is good, and suitable for all weights. (i dont like painted on abs)
the shading is very subtle without being puddingly.too dark shading just makes sims look dirty.

and the big thing for me (for some reason) the belly butto…

Harvest Moon- a new beginning

i finaly got this one!!


and it just might be my most favorite harvest moon yet!!
omg its so awesome! you can totaly customize your entire town. even your farm! i moved my barn, and my fields and even my house.
there are llamas and alpacas!

im not even into summer yet but i am already totaly hooked! 
i been playing grand bazarre for like a year or so and im still not into it -_-


well i wasnt really all that excited about it. but my boyfriend got it for 'me'. (he really got it for him)
but i been playing it and its pretty awesome. back to the old feel of the series when it was vice city and san andreas. the last one with nikko, i just couldnt get into that one. the controls, the look of the city, meh i just hated everything about it.

i been playing all day and i been having a blast :)
the cars drive real smooth. takes a little getting used to the new controls tho, i keep hitting the old buttons force of habit LOL.

i even got me a dog. my little cruisin buddy.. i put him in the car and roll the top down (you can actualy roll down convertibles now :D) and drive him out to the beach to chase a ball and shit.

plus i got attacked by a puma... SO unexpected... i blew up my jeep offroading and was trying to snag a new vehical when RAAWR!! outta nowhere a puma lol.


anybody seen HippieDippie lately?

some of us on facebook havent seen her in a while and were worried. at first i thought she just deleted me and thats why i didnt see her posting anymore. (i kinda wondered what i did to piss her off, but i do tend to have that effect on people) but others are looking for her too so maybe she is sick or something.. i hope she is ok.

please somebody tell me shes around somewhere.

a love story that is outta this world (or, my daughter the alien)

it started off innocent enough. crop circles, mutilated cattle, and strange green snowmen.

 then light appeared in the sky

 my farmer, Nick Wantanabe, was curious and went to investigate. he was captured.

 he was shortly let go, but started to feel a little strange. he put on weight, and sometimes his belly glowed

 one day after breakfast his stomach exploded in green light

 a beautiful green baby girl appeared in his arms! He named her Stardust.

 Nick was happy to be a father (eve if he was hijacked into it) and spent every spare moment with his little gift from above.

 a being showed up on the door step one evening. Her name was Shannan, and she claimed to be Stardust's mother.

 just in time for Stardust's birthday!

 His bouncing baby girl was bald as could be.

 Shannan stayed for a while but the atmosphere didnt agree with her, and she passed away. Nick had to raise Stardust alone again.

 She grew into a fine little girl. with hair even!

 Nick adored her

and now she is a…