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i would like to be a vampire

or a werewolf, but preferably a vampire. so if there are any supernaturaly types out there and you happen across my blog, please come and bite me. kthnx

undah the sea

ive had that stupid little mermaid song stuck in my head all day lol

 underwater fun-ness!

 doesnt the water look inviting?

i found a little underwater village in a cave! ^_^ and i have a pet shark for underwater adventuring, aint he cute?

Grumpy Cat

i caught a lynx! i have been wanting one SO bad. (lynx was my nickname in high school)
and i finaly found one! she looks so grouchy i named her Grumpy Cat teeehee


just a few pics of my charr. i love this toon so much. shes alot of fun

 and shes really cool looking too

 tried to get a pic of her tossing her axe.

shooting the hell out of a minotaur. some classes can use guns. she is a warrior, and can use a rifle but not a pistol. i LOVE the rifle on her (different classes have different skills for the same weapon) its her main weapon now. i use my axe when enemies come in close. you can switch equipped weapons on the fly. you can have 2 different ones equipped.
i like to use one close range and one long rage weapon.

ill have to get some screens of underwater fighting too. you have 2 weapons for underwater battles as wel. a spear and a spear-gun


was strolling along, loking for silver to mine, when i come across this GIANT FREEKIN MONSTER. it was fun killing it

 and just some more fun screens of my adventure

 floating rocks?

guildwarsy goodness

just some random screens from my adventures.. but mostly just me admiring my toon.

 this is my necromancer, Lady Tarantula. (i use that name in almost every mmo)

 this pic was funny lol. i found some goggles on the ground and when i put them on, i was in a bikini

you can dye your armor whatevr color you like, so thats cool.

 this is my main Ryndari. shes a ranger. i love goin around and taming pets ^_^ once i caught a fish THIS BIG (thats not taming tho i just found it)

this is the only picture i seem to have of my Charr, Kashri. i sat her on the throne lol. wow i need more pics of her shes so awesome.

i dunno why i take so many more pics of Lady shes not even my main lol. o well. im really hooked on this game right now, if you cant tell. its just so awesome. its got so many things other mmos just dont do for me

its actualy quite a bit like skyrim. (in a dungeon crawler kind of way) adventure, find secret places, do quests, find loot
its alot like Sacred. but unlike sacred or skyrim,…

ever feel like giving the whole world the finger?

its just one of those days.

fuck you, world

there i said it


ive decided, good riddance. so long forsaken world. i was tired of slaving away for a guild base anyway. what a stupid system. mandatory daily guild quests. what did they all sit around and say 'hmm how can we make a game less fun, and more like work? oo i know!'
no more worrying about the base, no more babysitting whiny guild members, no more stupid bullshit. im FREE.
and guildwars is SO FREEKIN AWESOME!!!!. im gonna be here for a while lol

if any of my friends out there play guildwars on darkhaven server, lets partay XD


this might be my cutest heir yet!! (and it only took ALL freekin day to have him thanx to stop an go)
nevermind the goofy ass outfit ea put him in lol. oo hes so delightful! i could just eat him up ^_^
i might not even make my legacy couple have another one. there is no need. he has all the hidden traits he supposed to have (i think) and he gorgeous. looks like he got the best of both parents :)

who look like this

well aint this just a slap in the fucking face

so  i find out today, that the private server i was playing forsaken world on, has basicaly just been deleted. poof gone. i always knew private servers were nothing to get invested in, but wow just outta the blue like that? no explanation, nothing? so all that time and effort, all my beloved characters, gone. just as well i suppose, they hadnt fixed the dam job system in months, and getting to top level in an hour is just boring as hell. PAH good riddance.
i got gw2 now so i guess that should hold me over.
i always said forsaken world was just a part time thing untill gw2 came out anyway...

but i DID really like FW. i guess when im done being mad ill have to go back to official.... buncha money grubbing whores.. nevermind, FUCK THEM

i hate you

dam you to hell, crash to desktop!!! may you burn in a fiery pit of molten ass forever!! I HATE YUUUUUUUUUUUUU


bored bored bored

Happy Valentines day and bla bla

just another day imo. seems like every man ive ever been with doesnt know how to celebrate this day properly, so i dont care anymore. but i wish everyone else out there a romantic lovely day. enjoy your chochys and flowers :)

Guild Wars 2

is mine, muahahaha. installing now >:)

this just might be the last straw for story progression

its beyond irritating to play for 10 minutes and then the game freezes up more or less indefinitely. i havent been able to play my freekin game in over a week and its getting on my nerves big time. i regret to admit i will be removing nraas mod. as much as i love it, i think its crippling my machine. i guess ill know for sure when i do remove it and load the game up again. but its unplayable as is, and i dont know what else to do

SP mod gettign on my nerves today

its got its moods.. today my game seemed to want to freeze up for like 10 minutes at a clip. REALLY irritating. most of the time i dont have any issue with sp mod. but certain towns (legacy towns, many generations) end up laggy and choppy.
i need some more ram like wicked bad.
i JUST moved my legacy family to this town too so its not overpopulation problems. the mod is just being.. jerky i guess. WELL QUIT IT CAUSE I WANNA PLAY!!!

a little blog fiddling

well i noticed that i had a HUGE long list of blogs i follow over there, and well alot of them havent even been updated in like a year. i was goin to go thru and prune them all, but discovered i could just show the least 10 recently updated ones, so i did that instead. now the blog is a little less messy and i didnt have to delete anyone :)

i also added a page tab (is this new? never noticed it before) for some of the uploads i have posted here and there to make them easier to find. there is one tattoo i made that i cant NOT find anyplace in the blog altho im almost sure i posted it. was kind of a fun little journey tho, revisiting old blog posts. i cant believe ive been blogging for like 4 years now!

i think its great. ive kept a neat little personal history here for myself to look back on. and im glad i could share so many moment, jokes, and other odd quirky crapola that comes to mind, with you good people :)