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A princess on Mars

i just finished reading this novel.  its the book that John Carter was based on.
i have stated previously that i enjoyed John Carter. the book was SOOO much better. except the end.. the end sucked.
after reading this, i went back and watched the movie again. and now, looking at it with fresh eyes, i can see how they watered it down and 'disney-afied' it. they also added scenes that never happend, and omitted one that did (but almost every book-to-movie does that)

i was extremely disappointed that the drama between Tar Tarkas, Sola, and Sarkoja was really only hinted at in the movie. there was ALOT of history between these characters that took up a good portion of the book. im also kinda disappointed how they turned John Carter into a sort of hooligan. the John Carter in the book was an honorable man who wasnt exactly interested in wealth. the one in the movie, just seems to be a bum, who only fought for his own self preservation, and search of gold. 
obviously, thin…

what a hypocritical holiday

i dislike thanksgiving. and not because my family sucks and i hate cooking.
(my extended family sucks, my children are awesome)
was watching the peanuts thanksgiving special with my kids and it was made painfully clear what ive always subconsciously hated about thanksgiving.
so the settlers spent a year dying and suffering in the new land before the indians came and gave them food, and showed them how to grow crops and basicaly saved their sorry asses.
they extended the arms of friendship and brotherly love to these strangers in their land. and in return, we spend the next 100 years murdering them and stealing their home and heritage.
"hey thanx for the turkey and saving our lives and shit! now GET THE FUCK OFF OUR LAND BEFORE WE BLOW YOU AWAY, YOU GODLESS INJUNS"
. and to make it even more insulting, we continue to celebrate the day. that. is. seriously. fucked. up.
yeah i looooove thanksgiving ...-_-

last pic spam post

probalby. ill start posting to the forum from now on probably. its just easier to post pics here without having to use photobucket as a go between. ahhh lazyness.

oh well on with the show

all the other gnomes worship the evil one, Pazuzu. i have since gotten another one, and figured out theat when you have an enemy, you get one in the mail.

 gotta love those random outfits kids age up into

 saw an alien walking around in my yard for some reason

 she poitned a doohickey at my lawn furniture and then wandered off

 Juanita the couch potato, decided to upgrade the family tv. you can see this thing from space

 Tariq is turning into quite the little bad boy. so much for the mild mannered nerdy type! he stole his dad's motercycl and skips school pretty much every day.

 he got arrested egging his aunts house. oops

 grounded again! seems like this kid is always in trouble. spoiled little rich kid whos mom is a special agent. no wonder he thinks he can do no wrong

 he got a new hairdo to f…

what an adorable foal

this foal was born on love day!! i named him Valentine

 Valentine and his proud papa

and this... disturbing little fellow appered in the mail one day. someone sent my sin hatemail in gnome form! haha i cant wait to see what trouble this guy gets into.

(altho, since genrations, the gnomes are extreamly boring. all they do is zap all around the lot in a large group. it was way more fun when they each did their own thing. and i hate how they age)

meet Tariq - more seasons pic spam

hello ladies, im harry potter. in town for the winter festival

 building a snowman with dad.

 and then for some reason he smashed it.... who smashes their kids snowman?

and of course, no trip to town would be complete without a visit from grimmy.

 and a grimmy snowman!

Tariq got some cocoa but it didnt fill up his hunger AT ALL. luckily he a genie so a perfect meal is only a nose wiggle away.

why o why do all my sims play in the snow practically naked?

 Juanita went to the beach and skipped a few stones. it was beautiful.

 she ran into her brother in law.. and invited him for a bite

ok this was hilarious. Kyle has been having tons of funzies blowing crap up all over town. (hes not in the inventor career, he just likes blowing crap up) well, the master bedroom bed went wonky again. (seems to happen every time i have a baby AND a butler, dunno why.) so i said, hey, i know. since i have to replace it anyway, lets blow it up.
 he managed to completely total his own house. the …