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Happy Halloween from Zeri

have a safe and fun halloween, kiddies :P

dancing on a table

wooo! you go, girl. Get a few drinks in her, and she just goes wild! can you believe shes a bookworm???
(yes i am thoroughly enjoying late night)

im so bored

and full of anxiety waiting for late night lol. i can hardly wait, and even tho the release is tomorrow, i may not be getting it right away.  (i dont drive) the nearest walmart is too far to walk to.

so, im bored and lonely in the meantime.  my bf is at work. just me and the 2 year old. and we all know what kinda stimulating conversation you get outta one of THOSE things.
maybe ill go play EQ2 or somthing...
just dont feel like doing anything ..

you dont have to agree with war. but its our duty to support our boys. BRING THEM HOME

  He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.
  He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.

You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.
He patrols the streets, searching
for insurgents and terrorists.
He's told he will be held over an
extra 2 months. 
You call your girlfriend and set a date for tonight.
He waits for the mail to see if there
 is a letter from home. 
You hug and kiss your girlfriend, like you do everyday.
He holds his letter close and smells
 his love's perfume. 
You roll your eyes as a baby cries.
He gets a letter with pictures of his
new child, and wonders if they'll ever meet. 
You criticize your government, and say that war never solves anything.
He sees the innocent tortured and
killed by their own people and remembers why he is fighting. 
You hear the jokes about the war, and make fun of men like him.
He hears the gunfire, bombs and

screams of the wounded.

You cant do that on television

i was partaking in a VERY off topic thread on the EA forum, i was reminded of the show that put Nickelodeon on the map. (and where all that green slime CAME from just so you know) Thats right,  You Cant Do That On Television

what a great show that was. it was like the first an only show that was for kids. not talking cartoons, this was real live comedy for and by kids. it was the first of its kind, and a really entertaining show. i recommend checking it out if you can find a clip somewhere.

the worlds strangest goldfish

a few weeks back i got some fat little calico fan tailed goldfish for one of my tanks. they are my favorite kind of goldfish ^_^
anyway, the first week or so went by normaly. then one evening, i noticed one of the goldfish was swimming on his side.. like death was imminent. i said 'awww' and pretty much expected him to be dead by morning.
but, the next morning when it came time to feed them, he was swimming normally and happily gobbled up his food.
curious... i figured maybe he was just..not feeling well or something and didnt think about it again.
well it has happened again.. and again.. and AGAIN. almost every day now, we see this poor thing upside down or on its side like its on death's door. then later on hes swimming fine again!

WTH is up with this goldfish? strangest dam thing i ever saw

the plot sickens

So SimGuruHydra announces today that the recent forum disaster was the result of a 'hacker' going around maliciously deleting things.
sound fishy to you? your not the only one. many are speculating that this is just the gurus way of covering their asses and passing the blame. after all, how stupid do they think we are?
BUT the other train of thought is, maybe the forum really IS just that shitty and easy to hack. i believe it. look how many people abused that free simpoints glitch.
interesting turn of events in any case...


gosh, i dunno how you guys do it. maintain such a level of awesomeness on daily basis. what with the glitches, liam the nerd, the bannings and the spam. but youve really outdone yourselves this time. deleted half the dam forum!! way to go!! what will you think of next??

i cant IMAGINE why most of the loyal forum regulars have abandoned ship. surely, this little incident will prove to everyone how competent you are. you sure know how to run the show, doncha??

applause all around!

came across my old sims 2 band, CrotchRot.

There one and only video.. (boring, but i was proud of it)


Zeri♥ | Myspace Video

they all had cool names too. i think one of the guitarists was Nikki Gunn, the female bassist was Jett.. somthing.. i wish i could remember the other 2. maybe i have it written down somewhere... i should really remake them ^^

stupid blogger

wont let me post pics or videos anymore. fix it, dammit

oh please, spare me

been seeing various news headlines lately about voting on the gay marriage thing..
ok WHY is this still an issue in this country? gay people are friggin PEOPLE and is PEOPLE want to get married, who gives a shit? you try to go one about the 'sanctity of marriage' thats a huge crock of shit right there.
marriage is sacred? since when? since parent arranged for children to marry people they didnt love, or even KNOW? since, husbands beat up wives because their eggs were runny? because spouces kill spouces because they are tired of being spouces??

oh YEAH marriage is sacred.. if marriage is sacred, tear down las vegas. because 2 drunk idiots getting married after a night of debauchery and gambling is NOT sacred.
if marriage is sacred, lets see less of these stories of lonely women marrying their cat/donkey/blowup doll to make a point to their mother. if marriage is sacred, lets just make divorce illegal! well see more murders, but hey were protecting the 'sanctitiy' of ma…
one year ago today i lost my little brother to a gunshot wound. This is he and i at my wedding. As kids we werent always close, but we had been thru hell and back. as adults we bonded and we had an almost best friend kinda relationship.

tonight, i light a candle in memory of you, little brother. i wish my children could have known you. you will always be with me, in my heart and soul forever.

creepy human clock

i cant stop looking at it


pee-wee squarepants

i was just watching this video from the jimmy fallon show where he had pee-wee herman on as a guest, promoting his new show.
now, for those of you who are not a hundred years old like me and have NO idea who pee-wee herman is, let me explain.

Pee-Wee Herman Show

pee wee had a ridiculous kid show that was on when i was a kid, with talking furniture and a magic genie who lived in his wall and alot of other really strange things. it was actualy based on his 'mock' kids show skits, which were aimed at adults.

the show was ..cute. but at the time i found it terribly lame. (and it was)

well, after seeing him again on that video clip i realized how much pee wee reminded me of another squeeky voiced cartoon character. spongebob squarepants.

so.. pee wee is what spongebob squarepants would be if he was real.

the humble bat.. on the brink of extinction

An 'Unprecedented' Bat Die-Off Could Devastate U.S. AgricultureBy BRUCE KENNEDYPosted 9:45 AM 10/12/10, CommentsPrintText Size AAA| Most people don't love bats, but like good health, you'll realize that you miss them after they're gone. Experts believe many species of bats may vanish pretty soon, and their disappearance could bring profound and long-term changes not only to the environment but also to agriculture, landscaping and gardening across North America.

For several years now, scientists have been sounding alarms about a devastating fungus, White-Nose Syndrome (WNS), that has literally decimated bat populations in the Northeastern U.S. The fungus leaves a white substance on the bat's nose, wings and body, and disrupts the bat's hibernation patterns, forcing it to burn through its fat reserves, which quickly leads to starvation. Earlier this …


prepare to laugh quite loudly  CLICK HERE

ok wtf

somebody DEFINITELY hacked my google account. now my igoogle page is all screwed up. first of all, WHY would anyone want to bother hacking someone's google account? wee wasnt it fun to delete all my widgets and change my layout. get a life you moron

reinventing the mouse trap

i saw this article on AOL news and LOLd

just play some vanilla ice, and your home with be rodent free!! HAHHAHAHAHA!!!

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Its a great day for calling in sick from work. Even if you are not actually sick, who needs to know? Just make sure you dont happen to go to the same restaurant for lunch that your boss is going to. Could prove to be a tad awkward.

 You have got a burning desire today, Aries... You know that feeling... The sparkle of the match as it ignites, the smell of smoke, the thrill of fleeing the scene...

You're likely to gravitate toward those who can put on a show and carry your imagination to a far-off land today, Cancer. With fairies and rainbows and unicorn forests. Wow, what are YOU smoking?

Nourish the organic things in your life to help remind you of your own roots, which are extremely important for you right now. Sink deep into the earth in order to understand the environment around you. Just dont sink too far, or the neighborhood cats might accidentally bury your head.

People around you may be feeling cranky today. Did you forget about yesterday already? Really, no one likes to …

the Alexurt/Kirby banning fiasco

ok so, anyone who knows me even a little bit around here, know that im no lover of EA's bullshit. i have flipped my lip over SEVERAL bans and tried my best to make some kinda difference in promoting change in the company (moot)

but something about this situation bothers me.  this is NOT the first time some decent simmer, minding their own buisness has gotten banned for pretty much no reason. NO its not. not even CLOSE. But you know what the response of most people was to our protests before? "shut up and stop whining, EA can do whatever they want"
so why all of a sudden NOW do these very same people cry and whine about THIS ban?
ill tell you why. Because Alexurt GIFTED people. People are SO horrified to see someone go who MIGHT have yet to give them something.  Its kinda self serving and pathetic. its sick.

Alexurt did NOT deserve this ban. but neither did the hundred of OTHER people who have been banned by those stupid ass EA gurus.. but no body gave a shit when it was …

still in shock i guess

i got news tonight that my father has cancer. a massive tumor in his lung, and cancerous stuff has spread all around his body. They caught it early, but its extremely aggressive, and spreading fast.
i can only hope that the chemo and radiation will help stop it. if it doesnt..  i dont think he has much time.
i havent seen him in so long. we keep saying, 'we need to get down to florida and see everybody' but it just never happens.  cant get together that kinda money, cant find transportation, cant find the time off work/school... always something.
now it may to be too late to ever see him again. my 2 youngest children dont even know him, and my oldest barely remembers when we used to visit..
my brother died last year this month.... soon i wont have any family left..

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Be aggressive and forceful when it comes to exerting your will, Aquarius. It wont really matter tho, People will still laugh at you. Lets face it, your conversational skills are lackluster at best. i dont think 'you know what would look good on you? ME" is an appropriate pick up line.

People would be foolish to challenge your thinking now, Aries. The power behind your words is volatile, and so is your temper. Resist the urge to punch your boss in the face. Sure, we all know hes got it coming. But is 5 minutes of sweet sweet retribution worth the jail time?

It could be that you feel a bit of pressure today, Cancer. Are your pants a little too tight? Have a little too many donuts yesterday?

 You think nobody knows what your up too, Capricorn? Well I know.. and plenty of others do too. Cause i told them.. Wait, why are you looking at me like that? Stay back! Dont come any closer!! AHH!

One quick phone call to a friend may turn into a long discussion about the meaning of life, …