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the purge

Karliah, being a fairy, was pretty self sufficiant once she was potty trained. put down a fairy house and she can feed herself and go to bed whenever she needed to

the triplets aged up, and were somewhat of a disappointment.  and still cant eat the ambrosia.

 so i think its time to clean house. the twin were vampires and the triplets were ghosts, so both sets were more or less immortal and cannot be let back into the world population, or they would be there forever. breeding and taking up valuable town space. i evicted and deleted them

 Karliah was quite a cutie, and shaping up to be a decent enough heir to be.

 she aged up alright, but the king and queen wanted to try again (curse you family oriented trait)

 Azura was born. for some reason she didnt get an occult even tho she was born on the full moon. and Angela will be aging up very soon, so she and Andreios tried one more time. to hell with the moon, lets do this

 after woohooing, he gave Azura a bath... dude thats kinda creepy

well this is what i was trying to avoid

i did get the notification that the triplets had been blessed with a supernatural state from being born on a full moon... but i couldnt see what it was. their portrait panels didn have a colored outline, their motive bars didnt look any different, and even in master controller, i couldnt find any hidden traits or altered life state. i thought at first, that the game just made an oopsie.

 but once they became toddlers, it was clear that they all were ghosts..i could see them in the flesh, but they made ghost sounds and had graves in their pockets... great. so, i sent Andreios out to collect ingredients for ambrosia.. again.

 i was lucky to even find a life plant. and good king Andreios is getting on in years.. he doesnt have much time left. and with him goes the only person with the ambrosia knowledge. my unicorn helped it grow, since the king is no longer a fairy

 Lucien took some candy from his baby sister. what a swell fella.

the twins aged up
 beavis and butthead....

and the trip…

let the games begin

the time has come! 3 day till the full moon, so Andreios and Angela wasted no time trying for baby.

 the game decided to screw up on me, so i had to birth the twins at least 3 times

 the grandparants and great grandparants came to see the new additions!

 2 little vampires. Lucien, and Vincente

 Lucien is a ginger, for some reason.

 and Vincente is a blond. even stranger

 they are best friends, and learned all their skills in no time at all. ahh vampire learning

 the day they aged up, Angela was expecting to give birth again

 and again the game gave me issues.but that evening she gave birth to triplets... Vilkas, Farkas, and Aela.

before the begining

Angela met her mother in law Araceli.

 Andreios had accomplished nearly all of his life goals, save one.. his life time wish. he needed to grant 12 sims inner beauty. so he started on his lovely new bride. and made her decidedly less lovely.

and Ahnmik

 and the maid.

 and his brother is laws!

 while he was out  uglying up the town, the grim reaper came for Ahnmik. Sebastian wasnt far behind, and now Andreios' entire family has perished. its time to begin his own.

luckily, Angela snapped back to normal after a while. phew!

 a new foal joined the household as well. Galarion.

 now that is is time to settle down and have children, Andreios cured himself of the Fae. now he and Angela can have at least a sort of normal lifespan together. otherwise, he would have outlived her 4fold.

 too bad nobody told him, humans are vulnerable to cold. one probably shouldn't ride their horse in the cold of fall wearing trunks in the freezing rain. oops

 'dont worry, dear, ill save you!'

a long road

Andreios got to work gaining the skills he needed to bring his love back from the world of the dead. he cooked whenever he could

 and read many many skill books.

he took to the water and fished for weeks

 and months

 Nepeta was always there for support and a hug

 finally, his gardening was high enough to plant the special seeds he had found. and huzzah, one of them is a life plant!

 that very night was a full moon, and the zombies came... luckily they didnt destroy the life plant

 Andreios read and read and read. and finally, his cooking was high enough to read the ambrosia recipe. this is it... at last.. now. how to i get Angela to eat it?

 Angela is a roommate, so i dont control her. i waited until Ahnmik and Sebastian had both already eaten. i took all the other prepared food out of the refrigerator, and placed only the ambrosia inside. then i waited till she was hungry..
success! she grabbed it!

 shock! Angela cant believe her eyes! is she really here? is she alive again! she mu…